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Launch v1.0

 1 Comment- Add comment Written on 28-Oct-2006 by ym
As you have seen in the previous post, I had been eagerly expecting our first launch. Launching itself has been another story… First, as those who can read this today know, it was not our real launch, but our so-called private beta. A big milestone though as it meant giving access to people we don’t really know, like contributors and contractors recruited via our job postings, people we know well who won’t spare criticism, like the enlarged friends and family circles, and people who potentially will like it enough to put money in.

We said we would launch on Wednesday afternoon and Tuesday evening everything was ready. Wednesday morning, all hell broke lose : an unexpected bug made pages behave weirdly, our domain hosting company, one of the biggest in the world, suddenly lost control on the DNS of its clients making our site (like many other) only generate the dreaded “404-page not found error”, while our email company announced it was undergoing general maintenance, making email unavailable. Fortunately the only thing that usually separates us is left-over pizza and the occasional (bad) joke… and what brings us together is the unrelentless will to make it happen. So Thursday it was all back to normal and we made webjam available for the first time to its first community.

I don’t think you can be more “start-up” than this . I just love it … and in the meantime lose sleep on the right steps to take not to be a start-up anymore. The very paradox of the entrepreneur is to cherish the crazy moments you work day and night to avoid them happening again; then, well, you have “made it”.
I am working so that Webjam quickly reaches that point. The next step is our real launch...

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