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Want to run your own charity shop or use 50 shops for charitable reasons?! VOLUNTEER Shop Managers needed in 50 UK Towns

Here is a list of guidance for setting up Trust Libraries. The aim is for anyone to set up a library anywhere so it is all about collaborating to help others (so hopefully we are being helpful to you:)...

Do not feel overwhelmed please. I find the best thing to do is take on one part at a time and complete that.

Please state which town you are in, your contact details and what you can give and what you need there. The locations we have access to are listed on the site. If you can not find your town please list your details anyway (and look for an unused space in which to create a Trust Library near you then set one up using the guidance sheet at
Please comment on facebook WITHOUT using the private messages (by commenting on walls) so that anyone else can add to your hard work by commenting on it:) When commenting please put this information in your comment so that anyone can find more details easily...
" give away FREE Books with you in 50+ uk locations? We need volunteers to manage each shop across the UK and waterproof boxes/shelves & transport to deliver & store the books (please post any ideas/suggestions on the website and join the group )
Please join & the Facebook group and comment about setting up your local Trust Library so we can set you up a personal page to manage and share your success. To find other volunteers to help do then comment on local volunteering charities facebook groups saying that "we are looking for volunteers to Manage shops where we are giving free books away" Add more information as you see fit.
Then you can find volunteers to work with you to set up the locations that we are going to have a library. The best way to do this is to call up volunteering charities and asking if they have regional representatives.
Then call up each charity shop in the town that we are going to open up a shop in and ask to speak to the manager then ask them...

1. Say that we are a charitable project working with two recycling charities and would like to offer them a free high street shop in which to raise awareness and give free books away in. Explain that this is to raise literacy levels and draw communities together while raising awareness about recycling.

2. Ask if we can take books that they recycle off their hands for free (tell them that we are raising literacy levels and ask them to register on for more details) in order to benefit the local youth and community.
If they are not able to donate the books then ask if we can buy the books off them at the same cost that they get when they recycle them.

3. Ask if they can deliver the books direct to the high street shop in their town. Also ask if they would like to get one of their volunteers to open up our shop and use it to raise awareness about their charitable cause while also giving books away. This is the big sell as we are GIVING them rent free access to a shop:)

4. Ask if they know of any other locations that we could install a TRUST Library that gives books away to the local community in order to encourage everyone to read more? (put any contacts [url/twitter] they give you on the 'New Locations' page at )

If/When they agree to give us books and/or volunteers get their contact details and put them on the page for that town AND on the Volunteers page.

Feel free to develop this line of questioning as you see fit.

Opening up your shop.
Print of the posters that are attached to the homepage. Get books from the local community and set up the library with signs says FREE BOOKS. I suggest putting the posters in the windows and working from in the shop (if you have a laptop and wireless connection?) on Saturday and Sunday. Do take pictures and video on your phone and then upload online to youtube to show your great work.

As you are a pioneer opening up our showcase shops it would be great if you could add information to this guidance below so the next person who opens a shop has the benefit of your experience from opening up your shop.

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