Find where to get FREE BOOKS at TRUST Libraries and create your own. Click on the location tabs. Share & Recycle great books

What is Trust Library? (please list unanswered FAQ questions in the comments box)

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Trust Library is a 21st Century version of the Carnegie library (but 000's of them all over the place for free) ?


We have proven how giving free books has such a positive effect on a community at and would love to work with you to create TRUST Libraries everywhere. Can we work with you to provide free access to reading for all? After successfully giving free books away at the British Library we are hoping we can give free books away where you are. Do you want any free books or want to give free books away?

We have teamed up with a UK Charity and are looking to partner with individuals and organisations that want to collaborate so that we can give as many free books away to the public. The aim is to give free books away and see how many great people are interested in helping others by doing anything from running oneof the 50+ free Trust Libraries to distributing books or putting on a talk, performance or importantly helping hand out free books on the street. If you can help please list your contact details and what you can do in the comments part below this text (after logging in) or Tweet a message to @Trustlibrary

What are we looking for?

Message to Recycling organisations, Charitable orgs and Volunteering teams. Can we work with you to save books (and REUSE any other items that get recycled) from being pulped by purchasing/donating them and getting them from recycling companies & charity shops to local empty shops to give them away in TRUST Libraries so we can benefit local communities. Would it be possible to trial this with your organisation? We have funds to pay for the books (ideally looking for donations) and your teams can benefit your local community be creating your own Trust Library which will act as a great positive promotion for your organisation for free. If you process books your sorting process will be unchanged but the books are just stamped with a self inking book stamp we provide (saying 'free book take, read then give away' and then delivered to a location that you choose (using existing transport so no extra cost).

Interested in Volunteering?

We are looking for volunteers for these areas of work. If you are interested please comment here on this Volunteers page with contact details.

-Develop the social media and website.
-Volunteer managers to run individual shops across the country.
-People who can supply recycled/unwanted books (other items) to give away. (Ideally suppliers who can supply items AND deliver to a local/national shop)
-Logistics to deliver the goods to the shops.
-More empty locations to create free trust libraries.
-Funding to cover the cost of setting up Trust Libraries.
(of course we will give you free books to give away to friends/strangers

We are also looking to partner with others on so we can share FREE educational video for all AND create a collaboration microfinance platform?

@TRUSTlibrary Want to give FREE books away with a #charity by #volunteering #distributing or creating a space & donate books

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GET FREE BOOKS every month when you Donate to so we can build FREE Trust Libraries for all. That is 100% off.

Get FREE BOOKS when you Donate to help others read (inc p&p)
Delivery Address & Email
List Contacts Skill & Partners

If you are not happy with your books in any way (please take pictures/videos of yourself giving them away and share on and collect contact details for the people you gave them to) then we will be able to give you a replacement batch totally free. The books we supply are popular fact and fiction but we do also have a supply of childrens and youth books that we can supply to Schools/Hospitals. We also install artworks in public locations too. Contact us for details @TRUSTlibrary. Why not get a Trust Library installed in/outside your office, school, home, hospital, station or in an entrance foyet so that everyone can improve their day with a free book they can read then give away.

Join the Facebook Group and share your advice/contacts/opinion
Contact us directly at and re-tweet about @TRUSTlibrary so others can learn how to make their own Library. Why not watch the best free educational video's and share you favorites at is created by & and uses the business model. If you take a book please give it away after you have read it and bring more unwanted books to give away. Please share the love by donating online so we can buy more books to give away free.

TRUST Library has won an award from and are looking for other partners to collaborate with on helping others using recycled items.
We have partnered with to raise awareness of Reusing, Reducing and Recycling resources.

Get and Give FREE BOOKS and Make Your Own Trust Library in Minutes plus share the locations of Trust Libraries on our map so anyone can find and use them.

1. Want a FREE book to read, review then give away? Donate to (so we can recycle books from Charity Shops to give away for free to others) and we will give you free books. Join us in the Gift economy where everyone wins.

2. Have you ever seen a few books left for anyone to take in a bar or waiting room? Share the location on our map so that everyone can use that Trust Library. Search for your local Trust Library here and make your own.

3. Help hundreds of people in minutes by getting the DIY Trust Library pack and volunteering or building your own.

4. Enhance any building by requesting we install a FREE Trust Library. Every School, Hospital, Hall and Shop could have one. If you want a Trust Library in your community ask us to send your community leader free books by donating. Lets work together to create, record and share where to find free books so that anyone can FIND the Trust Libraries and then give and get FREE books.

Also review any books you find at Trust Libraries so others know which books to read/ignore. Ask us to set up a FREE Book sharing Trust Library or donate and get a book sent to a friend of your choice. Take, read then review your book at and importantly give it away. (Do tell Us if you enjoyed the book & donate online:). It is also important to record where the Trust Libraries are so that it is harder of them to be unintentionally disposed of by unaware individuals so we have created signs to label them.

The Gift Ecomony has arrived. Here are other ways to donate to innovative charitable causes and get given FREE things!

FREE Books at (Was £9 now Free)

FREE Art from (Was £99 now Free)

FREE Gifts & Lucky Dip at 

FREE Tea & Coffee at 

Donate to fund more free products and we will give you (or someone you choose) a FREE GIFT that you can choose (an individual piece of Art or a book) every month with! It was £9.99 BUT is now FREE as we want to give you free art/books!  1.Choose the person (that you want to get the free Art or book 2. Donate at least £2 (which covers the postage and packaging costs) every month 3.Suggest ideas (if you want) 4.Receive a the FREE piece of Art or Book every month. It is that easy plus If you are not happy with your piece of Art or Book, upload a picture of yourself giving it away to a stranger at with contact details and we will send you AND the stranger Twice as much free Art or Books! We are a Volunteer organisation created by and are looking to collaborate with Charities to make more Art and Libraries. We are looking for more locations to work with  and and so do get in touch @whymandesign.

FREE items we give you if you donate
Address to send to
Post comments to
Watch the most inspiring and BEST FREE Education talks at which uses the Business Model.




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