Help everyone improve their day with a free book they can read, review then give away.

Get and Give FREE BOOKS and Make Your Own Trust Library in Minutes plus share the locations of Trust Libraries on our map so anyone can find and use them.

1. Want a FREE book to read, review then give away? Donate to (so we can recycle books from Charity Shops to give away for free to others) and we will give you free books. Join us in the Gift economy where everyone wins. 2. Have you ever seen a few books left for anyone to take in a bar or waiting room? Share the location on our map so that everyone can use that Trust Library. Search for your local Trust Library here and make your own. 3. Help hundreds of people in minutes by getting the DIY Trust Library pack and volunteering or building your own. 4. Enhance any building by requesting we install a FREE Trust Library. Every School, Hospital, Hall and Shop could have one. If you want a Trust Library in your community ask us to send your community leader free books by donating. Lets work together to create, record and share where to find free books so that anyone can FIND the Trust Libraries and then give and get FREE books.

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Please take this free book, read then review it at and then give it to a stranger! (Do tell Us if you enjoyed the book & donate online:). created by & If you take a book please give it away after you have read it and bring more unwanted books here to give away. Please share the love by donating online so we can buy more books to give away free.

Photocopy this sheet and make into art and put up in your local area (share your work at We are always looking for more to give items away.

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