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kiyoumins wrote:
09-Aug-2016 - 6:26

kissy wrote:
02-Jun-2015 - 11:17

can anyone tell me in English the fuse box under drivers side layout

20-Apr-2013 - 6:46

New to Bongoism! Just picked up ours - a '97 friendee with autofreetop, 2.5l diesel - yesterday. Stopped for our first cuppa at Stonehenge on the route back & thought 'this is the life'! Bit too nippy last night to sleep in it, so after the long drive back to Rye (from Warminster) we retreated to the comfort of the centrally heated homestead! I know I know!!

20-Sep-2012 - 11:02

Hi, my front drivers window goes down ok but usully not up until ignition key has been removed, reinserted and then often window goes up automatically. Sometimes it goes up when I lock the car on drivers side from outside Any tips? Thanks

13-Mar-2010 - 8:43

Hi all me and my hubby brought our first bongo in september and love it pieces. We have had a conversion fitted recently and have a lot of fun in her.


Hi welcome to our new web site south coast bongo club

Myself and my wife wish to start a bongo owners club from Portsmouth.

Be great to meet up with other owners.

Our first meeting will be held down on southsea front for a chat and maybe a short cruise not forgetting roofs up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please register your self on our site and on the forum

It is free to all. Free trade adds please contact us

If you wish to send pics of your bongo etc to us to add on the home page please send to

So untill we meet up ROOFS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin & Lesley.





Please register with the same 
user name as the web site


Join SouthcoastBongoClub

Once you have joined please remember to also reg on the forums using the same user name you have here




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