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 Ridgetop History

The topography and climate of Ridgetop Tennessee have defined its history. Located at the edge of Highland Rim, Ridgetop is more than 800 feet above sea level. In the 1800's, Sebert Warren and Dave Smiley settled in the area. Smiley was a farmer, a schoolmaster and is believed to have constructed the first house in Ridgetop. One of the town's most prominent men was Theodore Chancy Woodruff. Woodruff owned a store, served as railroad ticket agent and was the town's postmaster. Ridgetop, originally known as Nunley and then as Chancy, took its name from the train stop which was known as Ridgetop Station.

Construction of the L&N Railroad tunnel began in 1902. The tunnel took four years to complete. In 1905 it was hailed as one of the longest self-supporting tunnels in the world. It was approximately 4700 feet long and 22 1/2 feet high. The advent of the tunnel attracted wealth. Nashville residents to Ridgetop. They came during the summer months to escape the summer heat.

In 1891, a wealthy Nashville dentist purchased land in Ridgetop. Soon expensive homes were being built in an exclusive area known as The Enclosure. In 1913, Dr. Charles A. Robertson founded a 25-bed sanitarium in Ridgetop. Known as the Watauga Sanitarium, this private hospital treated patients suffering from tuberculosis. During the time Ridgetop was known as a summer haven for Nashville's elite, there were no churches in the area. These summer visitors founded an interdenominational church in 1899. The church was known as the Oak Dell Church. After the church was destroyed by fire, Highland Chapel Independent Union Church was erected.

Ridgetop continues to thrive today. It is often referred to as a bedroom community of Nashville. Ridgetop continues to be the small community that its founding fathers had envisioned and although easily assessable by the interstate, Ridgetop continues to hold the charm of a relaxed lifestyle.


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Ridgetop wrote:
05-Feb-2014 - 17:51

February 22, 2014
Annual Fire Department Chili Supper
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
$5.00 per person

adanault wrote:
06-Dec-2013 - 18:34

My name is Ashley Danault and I work under a VA funded grant called Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). I am looking for Veterans who are currently homeless or in imminent danger of becoming homless due to hardships. It is important to remember that homeless does not mean simply living on the streets. Homeless by definition is "lacking stable nighttime residence" this can mean sleeping on someone elses couch or living in transitional housing. Our grant covers 27 counties including Robertson, Davidson and Cheatham to name a few in TN and also several KY counties. If you know someone who could use help with attaining permanent housing please have them call me Ashley Danault at 931-217-7497.

abbraalso wrote:
18-Aug-2013 - 2:31

We are trying to help the Ridgetop community by rounding up all the stray cats that have been breeding. We will be catching these cats (most young) this weekend and working with Pet Community Center.org we will have them all spayed/neutered on Monday. We would like to find them homes rather than release them back into the wild. If interested contact us at the AM Gas Station across from the fire/police station in Ridgetop (2 doors down from the post office and town hall). Ask for Dianne or Annette. It would be great if you want to come by and pick one out on Saturday/Sunday as they will be caged before being transported to the vet early Monday. They will be ready to go to a new home on Tuesday morning. Thanks for helping!

gpear79272 wrote:
24-Jul-2013 - 20:52

I would love to see some trees planted along the city sidewalk road passing through town. I would even be willing to donate for this type of project

Ridgetop wrote:
24-Jan-2013 - 18:00

There will be a class on "Care and Maintainance of Trees" given by Dwight Barnett, our State Forester, at the Wilson Home at Ridgetop Station Park on Wed., Jan. 30 at 8:30 Am. The Ridgetop Garden Club will provide coffee and donuts for all attending. The class will be about 2 hours followed by a walkaround the park afterward with practical application to the park trees. There will be no charge, all interested in the community are invited.


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