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This page contains general FAQs for using Webjam, and Search Engine Optimisation FAQs for your network.

In addition, you can navigate the Help section using the page navigation on the left hand side of the page. Visit the Webjammers Forum for help from fellow Webjammers & the team.

If you have questions about our Premium Services please visit the Premium FAQs page.

If you wish to become part of our business communtiy please visit the Webjam Connections.

To support the growing developers network within Webjam, we have a Webjam Developers Community channel where developers can discuss the more technical aspects of working with Webjam with other developers and the Webjam technical team.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?
You can register by clicking on the 'Sign in' link at the top of any page. You can join the network by clicking the 'Join' link which also appears in the top bar (note the 'Join' link only appears if the site owner allows people to join). All we need is a username, password and valid email address.

How do I create a site?
Once you are registered, you can create a new page by clicking the 'create new network' link in your networks page: (accessed by clicking the 'Dashboard' link in the top bar). Your page web address (URL) will be in the format:

How do I browse my pages?
When you register we automatically create a personal Profile page to share info about you. You can access this and any networks you create from your dashboard (accessed by clicking your username in the top bar) and then clicking the 'my networks' tab.

How do I replicate pages, modules, styles and content?
Webjam allows you to replicate the architecture, modules and styles of the networks you like to make site creation easy for you. You do this by clicking the 'create new network' link for a page, or the addw2button for a module. You can also replicate blog posts and other content you have created onto your other networks, or share these on other social media sites.

How do I add/edit modules?
As an editor or co-editor, click the 'edit site' tab, then the 'modules' tab to drag & drop modules on to your page. Once on a page you can drag a module into different position, as well as add or delete columns. At a module level the 'EDIT' button (in the module header) allows you to change the settings for that module.

How does Webjam manage feeds?
Webjam aggregates feeds by using RSS (Really Simple Syndication). As the name suggests, RSS is a really simple way to get hold of content published in the RSS format.

What is RSS?
RSS is mainly used to enable people to stay updated with things like news and blogs by using specialised news readers that consolidate RSS content. Webjam differs by helping you share RSS content on a web page, rather than leaving it confined on your computer. Now that more content publishers are getting on board with RSS, content such as photos, audio files and video clips are available, helping you create compelling sites for your community.

How do I add/edit feeds?
On a page you are an editor or co-editor, click 'edit site' tab and drag & drop Feed modules on your page from the 'modules' tab. You can select the feed through the 'New Feed' tab (under 'modules') either by tag/keyword or by entering the RSS address of the feed you want to add.

Where do I find feeds?
Webjam already contains a large database of RSS feeds which you can access by going into Edit mode and clicking on the 'News Feeds' tab, which lets you search for feeds by tag. If you want to add a feed for which you already know the URL, you can use the 'Add feed by URL' function in the 'News Feeds' tab. If you're browsing with Firefox or Flock, the Webjam Toolbar extension gives you the best and easiest way of adding a feed. When you're browsing a site which contains an RSS feed, the toolbar will show you a message saying it has a found a feed. Clicking that message will give you the option of adding the feed to your own sites without you having to browse to Webjam.

How do I add/edit styles?
On a page you are an editor or co-editor, click 'edit site' tab then the 'styles' tab. In the styles tab that appears, either choose one of the suggested styles or create your own. You are able to make your styles non-replicable if you wish.

How do I invite people to my community?
You can manage distinct communities on a per network basis, inviting people by using the 'Invite members' button in the 'members' tab within your network. Pending members are people who have not yet accepted your invitation. Only people who accept your invitation will be able to see the modules on your page which have been given a 'community' privacy setting.
You can see a list of all the people you have invited to your pages, and your friends, by going to your dashboard (accessed by clicking on your username in the top bar) then clicking on the 'my contacts' tab.

How do I edit my profile?
Once you're signed in click on your username in the top bar and then on the 'my account' tab to enter more information for your community to see, based on the privacy settings you choose. By volunteering information about your interests, presented as a 'Mood Cloud' of keywords, Webjam will make relevant content and advertising available to you.

How do I manage my privacy settings?
Webjam manages privacy on a per module basis which allows you to have on the same page modules seen by everybody, the community you've invited only, or you (and co-editors) only. You should also make sure you edit the privacy settings of the personal information you enter in the 'account' link (in the top bar).


If you need help setting up your site, then attend one of our Getting started with Webjam workshops, or read our How to guides.

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