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PPMRA meeting with CPM re: Security
29 JANUARY 2014
Meetings with Comer Property Management
It is the intention of the committee of the Princess Park Manor Residents Association to develop a more professional relationship with the managing agent, Comer Property Management. 
As such, a meeting was held at the end of 2013 to discuss the provision of Security at Princess Park Manor. Key points are summarised in the meeting minutes below. 
A meeting to discuss budgets for 2013 will hopefully take place shortly and minutes will be posted here.

Princess Park Manor Residents Association

Minutes of Meeting

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Attendees: Caroline Bannon, Robert Shepherd & Andrew Denton

Meeting was held to discuss issues relating to the provision of security at Princess Park Manor.






Robert confirmed that all Security Guards employed at Princess Park Manor are fully licensed by SIA and are not required to show badges to that effect.



Discussions took place regarding the responsibilities of Security Guards when incidents occur in the development. In order to ensure there is no confusion on the part of residents, Comer Property Management will share a summary of the responsibilities of the security guards with PPMRA.



It was stated that cameras at the development were linked to a central facility operated out of North London Business Park and currently at no charge to Leaseholders.



The wide usage of the side gates by non-residents (onto Regal Drive) was raised. CPM agreed to change the combination locks for these gates.

This action has been carried out. It is the opinion of the PPMRA that when these are changed in future residents should be encouraged not to make these combinations widely known in the interests of improved security



Andrew requested that notices are attached to the two side gates to the effect that “Residents only. Visitors please use the main gates on Friern Barnet Road.” Comer Property Management agreed to investigate and feedback



Andrew requested that notices between the public parkland to the front of the development and the areas not leased to the council are reinstated and that the fence is repaired. Andrew shared a picture of the photograph of the old notice, wording of which read, “PRIVATE. RESIDENTS ONLY. No access for General public.”



The planned charity ball being organised was discussed. This event has now been cancelled. If and when the event is re-instated, it is requested, as a courtesy, that residents are made aware of the event and any security provisions being made.



PPMRA hopes further meetings will take place regularly in order to ensure better communications and understanding. It is hoped a meeting to discuss budgets will be the next meeting.


IMPORTANT: Identity Theft

An urgent announcement for all residents, identity theft has once again become an issue at PPM.  Please make sure you check that you aren't being targeted and to report all abnormal activity to the police.

Update from PWA

There is a new update from the Pinkham Way Alliance, it can be viewed here at this link

V&M Wines under new management

V&M Wine Store (formerly Noble Wines) on the corner of Beaconsfield road and Friern Barnet Road has recently gone through a process of restocking and revamping.
We now hold a large selection of wines - over 300 - and will be introducing many more in the coming weeks. We have a large selection of Chateau wines, Rioja's, Malbecs, and Chiantis in our red selection and Pinot Grigios, New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, fine French wines among others in our white selection.
We also hold a good range of Sparkling Wines and Champagne, Rose's, Spirits and Liqueurs, beers from around the world and a large selection of Real Ales (over 70).

Opening Times are 12 - 10.30pm
7 days a week
Tel. No. 020 8368 2755
Contact name Viresh

Message from the PPMRA

Princess Park Manor Residents Association


4th November 2013


Your new committee has now met a number of times since being elected in late Summer.

The committee continues to refine the strategy of the PPMRA as it continues to seek to deliver improved transparency, value and service levels to Leaseholders.

In the near future, we will be meeting with a number of experts who have volunteered to share their experiences and advice gained in similar situations. We will report back after these have taken place.

In the meantime, we seek to gain an improved dialogue with CPM and will be embarking on a series of initiatives to bring this about.

Please note, in order to minimise costs, we do not as a norm circulate notices to all apartments. Please encourage your neighbours to log on to this website regularly.

For further information or to raise any non personal issues, please contact

Message from the PPMRA
Princess Park Manor Residents Association
4th October 2013
Meeting of the new Committee
Following the summer holidays, your new committee met for the first time this week.
New members were warmly welcomed and thanked for giving their time so generously.
A statement of progress regarding the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal Application was given and various points discussed in detail.
The committee agreed to meet again within the next ten days in order to maximise the impact of the way forward.
Following this meeting, a more detailed update will be posted on the website.
Please note, in order to minimise costs, we do not as a norm circulate notices to all apartments. Please encourage your neighbours to log on to this website regularly.
For further information or to raise any non personal issues, please contact
Message from the PWA

The North London Waste Authority has scrapped plans to acquire Pinkham Way, read more courtesy of the PWA - 

Election Results

Princess Park Manor Residents Association

Results of Election (23rd August 2013)

Elections for the appointment of Officers and Committee of the Princess Park Manor Residents Association have been held. Voting took place on line from 8th to 21st August inclusive.

The current committee has been pleased to see such a large number of votes cast.

As a result of the voting, the following nominees are confirmed as Officers and Committee members and will each serve a three-year term.


* Ray Bristow

Honorary Treasurer

* Barry Turner

Honorary Secretary

* Andrew Denton


* Frankie Boltman

* Sarah Godfrey

* Christopher Kmita (Andrea Forbes Kmita)

* Sanjay Purswani

* John Tibble

* Ray Winter

The present Officers and Committee will in due course meet with the new Committee in order to facilitate a smooth continuation of activities.

Princess Park Manor Residents Association, August 2013

PPMRA Notice Of Elections

Princess Park Manor Residents Association

Notice of Election (06 August 2013)

Nominations for the appointment of Officers and Committee of the Princess Park Manor Residents Association closed at midnight on 31 July 2013.

The current committee has been pleased to see a number of new Leaseholders put themselves forward for election. The Officers of the Association comprise a Chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. In addition, up to seven additional members can be elected. The Officers and Committee shall serve for three years.

The following nominations have been received from Leaseholders who had joined the Association and paid the relevant subscriptions as at 31 July 2013:


  • Ray Bristow

Honorary Treasurer

  • Barry Turner

Honorary Secretary

  • Andrew Denton

  • Sarah Godfrey


  • Frankie Boltman

  • Ray Bristow

  • Andrew Denton

  • Sarah Godfrey

  • Christopher Kmita (Andrea Forbes Kmita)

  • Sanjay Purswani

  • John Tibble

  • Barry Turner

  • Ray Winter

Only members of the Association are entitled to vote in this election. If you are not a member, please complete the application form online at You must have completed an application form and submitted a cheque to cover your membership before close of voting for your vote to count. Note: There is only one vote per apartment.

Below are profiles of each of the nominees. In order to facilitate maximum participation and in accordance with Rules 5.2 and 7.1 of the PPMRA Constitution, voting will take place on line via the PPMRA website. Voting will take place from 08 August to 21 August 2013.

To vote, please click the link below and follow the instructions:

This notice is not being circulated by hand. Please encourage your neighbours to log on regularly to keep up to date!

Princess Park Manor Residents Association, August 2013

Nominee Profiles

Frankie Boltman:

As a committed member of the committee for many years, I am eager to follow up on the good works of the PPMRA, and see all of our efforts to make PPM a better, safer and more well run place to live. Ensuring that Service Charges are fair, transparent and are not abused.

Ray Bristow:

As the first resident to move into Princess Park Manor in August 1998, I have a broad understanding of the history and development of the estate over the last fifteen years. This includes issues such as planning; security and relationships with the Police and London Borough of Barnet with are particularly pertinent at present.

Concerned at an early stage with the quality of services provided, I was a founder member of the Residents Association and subsequently was elected as a member of the Committee and later as Chairman. In this time, I have worked tirelessly with the various managing agents and the Freeholder in order to improve matters for all Leaseholders.

I intend remaining resident for the long-term and as such, like you, am motivated to ensure my investment here appreciates ahead of the market as should be expected from a development of this nature. I believe the actions that we are taking are essential to deliver the original vision that we all bought into. I will strive to deliver a vibrant and inclusive Residents Association that seeks to encourage a prestigious, safe and well-managed development with a strong sense of community. 

I bring to the role, significant relevant experience in business; having being managing director of a major international logistics company and latterly a Senior Fraud Investigator for a billion pound mortgage book held by a UK Retail bank.

Andrew Denton:

As a Leaseholder, I have a significant amount of capital invested at Princess Park Manor. In 1998, I believed this was a sound investment and my money would be safe and appreciate due to the nature of the sales materials and promises I was made. Thirteen years on, the building is falling into a state of disrepair, the grounds are devastated and security is almost non-existent. My Capital and that of every Leaseholder is at risk! We do not receive fair value for the service charge we pay. I believe every penny of our money must be invested to provide high quality services and begin to turnaround the decay in the fabric of the building and grounds. I support the strategy of the current Committee to seek a review of the service charge by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and longer-term to move towards “right to manage”.

I believe, that the situation is recoverable. To achieve this, we must work together and through the Residents Association demonstrate a united, reinvigorated and persuasive voice to Comer Group, London Borough of Barnet and the Police.

I have over fifteen years experience at Director level in Marketing and Communications in FTSE100 companies. I will bring this experience to bear to ensure that communication between the committee and Leaseholders is more effective and that our case is robustly made.

Sarah Godfrey:

I have lived in PPM for nearly 5 years. We have a lovely environment here and I am very keen to help maintain it. I have been helping with reviews of the gardens over the last couple of years. I am very interested in keeping out gardens as we all would wish. We have a bit of an oasis here. I am sure that many of you will have been fascinated by the cloud of bees on our lavender displays.

Christopher Kmita and Andrea Forbes Kmita:

We bought our apartment here in 2008 and thoroughly enjoyed the community and local area. However, since Comer took over all the subsidiary management we have seen a dramatic decline in services and responsibility towards residents. Therefore, we would like to get more involved and influence / support the Residents Association and restore the services to a professional and responsible level.

Sanjay Purswani:

I want to secure my investment and ensure best value for money in services provided to us.

John Tibble:

I moved to Princess Park Manor a year ago motivated by the beauty of the building and the grounds and knowing that there was a management company in place to handle both day-to-day and long-term needs. What I have found is a management approach that appears to be content for the grounds to be hacked at rather than properly tended; that takes no proactive responsibility for the level and kind of security expected by residents and still suggested by the freeholder’s promotional material; a deterioration in the maintenance of the fabric of the building; and a contemptuous attitude towards residents when they voice their concerns.

Having moved here for a quieter life, I am offering to do my bit to prevent further deterioration in the quality of our lives as residents and in the value of our properties. I support the application by the current committee to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and the intention to seek Right to Manage as the only way residents can be assured that they receive value for money for their service charges and have a management company that always puts our interests first. I have worked for the past thirty years in higher education, most recently at director level, and offer expertise in customer service, budget management and planning

Barry Turner:

I have lived in Princess Park Manor for eleven years and have served as an officer on the PPMRA committee for the last eight years. Over this period of time I have seen three different management company’s overseeing our development. The PPMRA had a very workable relationship with the first two companies; they would listen to the concerns of the residents and would carry out the necessary work to keep the buildings and grounds up to an exceptional standard within the constraints of the budget.

Since Comer Property Management Ltd have taken over the dialogue with them has become very strained and services have gone dramatically downhill. We are certainly not getting value for money for the service charges we are paying. The PPMRA feel it is time for a change and we have agreed to apply to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal for a ruling to appoint a manager. The second option is to set up a Right to Manage Company which would allow us to appoint a new management company of our choice and see that we get value from the service charges that we pay. This I strongly believe is the way forward.

I am putting myself up for re-election and if re-elected I will fight vigorously to see this course of action takes place ensuring that our development is properly managed, maintained and restored for which a beautiful development like our deserves.

Ray Winter:

Maintaining my investment in my apartment at Princess Park Manor is my primary priority. The Annual Service Charge is one of the key means by which the fabric of the building and quality of life for all leaseholders is maintained at optimum levels, providing the estate management company and its managers professionally perform their tasks.

Over the past few years we have seen a lowering of standards covering virtually all apects of maintenance at PPM and the attitude of the current estate management team leaves a lot to be desired, putting it mildly. Additionally, they have consistently not delivered the information, which we have requested and to which we, as leaseholders, are legally entitled. This is a totally unsatisfactory and unacceptable state of affairs so I believe it is now time for a change of estate management. We all need to protect our investment and it is my intention, if elected, to assist the committee to bring about the necessary changes and to support the selection of a new estate management company that can meet our goals for improvements at Princess Park Manor year on year.

I have over thirty years operational experience at Director level within major PLC's on both sides of the Atlantic which I am happy to use to ensure all Leasholders receive a better deal than we currently receive for our service charge payments.

PPMRA Election Update
Nominations for election to the Committee of Princess Park Manor Residents Association have now closed. 
A full list of those standing will be published on this website on or before 05 August.
As previously publicised, in order to facilitate maximum participation and in accordance with Rules 5.2 and 7.1 of the PPMRA Constitution, voting will take place on line via the PPMRA website. Voting will take place from 08 August to 21 August 2013.
Princess Park Manor Residents Association, 02 August 2013
PPMRA Elections

Nomination form available online via the safe/tested Google docs link below 

Princess Park Manor Residents Association

Notice of Election

17 July 2013

In accordance with the constitution of the Princess Park Manor Residents Association, elections for Officers and Committee members will take place shortly.

The Officers and Committee shall serve for three years.

The Officers of the Association comprise a Chairperson, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. In addition, up to seven additional members can be elected.

Only members of the Association are entitled to vote in this election. If you are not a member, please complete the application form online at Note: There is only one vote per apartment.

Nominations close at midnight on 31 July 2013. Nominees will be required to submit a short paragraph explaining their motivation for standing and any relevant qualifications. These will be publicised on the PPMRA website from 02 August through to the close of voting.

Nominations for the appointment of Officers and for membership of the Committee shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the Association and lodged via email with the Honorary Secretary at

In order to facilitate maximum participation and in accordance with Rules 5.2 and 7.1 of the PPMRA Constitution, voting will take place on line via the PPMRA website. Voting will take place from 08 August to 21 August 2013.

This notice is not being circulated by hand. Please encourage your neighbours to log on regularly to keep up to date!

Princess Park Manor Residents Association, June 2013

Please sign the latest PWA petition now

You can view the details and sign below 

PWA Update

The fight for Pinkham Way continues...

View the latest message and show support by clicking the link below

Message from the PPMRA

Princess Park Manor Residents Association

Update No.2, June 2013

Dear Resident,

Since we published the results of the recent online poll, we have been pleased to receive continued strong support from Leaseholders and Tenants alike.

Update on Application to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal:

During June, your committee has been hard at work developing the case to support (i) a submission to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) to seek a independent assessment on the value being delivered in return for the service charge and (ii) a submission to the LVT to appoint an independent manager to oversee the day to day activities of Comer property Management (CPM)

In the next few days, we will be writing personally to those Leaseholders who have offered their support and inviting them to join a small number of working teams responsible for specific elements of the submission to the LVT. It is not too late to offer your time, please contact us direct at

We will also be writing personally to those Leaseholders who are unable to offer time, but are willing to formally support the submission to the LVT with details of how to do this. Again, if you would like to support this element of the submission, please contact us direct at the above email address.

Update on Elections to the Committee:

In accordance with the constitution of the Princess Park Manor Residents Association, elections for Officers and Committee members will take place shortly. The Officers/Committee shall serve for three years. A nomination form will be posted on the PPMRA website on or before 17 July, with nominations closing 31 July.

Please note only members of the Association are entitled to vote in this election. If you are not a member, please complete the application form online at

This update is not being circulated by hand. Please encourage your neighbours to log on regularly to keep up to date!

Finally, we would once again like to thank the many people who take the time to support the continuing work of the PPMRA.

Princess Park Manor Residents Association, June 2013

Message from the PPMRA

Princess Park Manor Residents Association

Update, June 2013

Results of the recent survey of Leaseholders and Tenants

& Next Steps

Dear Resident,

Thank you for your continued support. We were pleased to see 47 Leaseholders and 3 Tenants complete the online survey posted on this website. The survey closed on 31 May.

The survey was conducted to ensure Leaseholders and Tenants continue to support the objectives of the Residents' Association and to seek support for the following tactics:

  1. To submit an application to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to seek a independent assessment on the value being delivered in return for the service charge

  2. To request that the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal appoint an independent manager to oversee the day to day activities of Comer property Management (CPM)

The results of the survey demonstrate that Leaseholders and Tenants wholeheartedly support both the overall objectives of the PPMRA and the specific tactics recommended. Detailed survey results are included later in this update.

With support levels averaging 90%, it is the intention of the PPMRA to submit an application to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to seek an independent assessment of the service charges at Princess Park Manor and potentially to appoint an independent manager to oversee the day-to-day activities of CPM.

A number of additional comments were made in response to the survey, these split evenly between the following:

  1. Statements of support for the PPMRA

  2. Concerns regarding deteriorating service levels, particularly security

  3. Specific issues pertaining to individuals

  4. Requests to meet the PPMRA

In parallel to preparing a submission to Leasehold Valuation Tribunal, the PPMRA intends to hold elections for a refreshed committee. Details of the timings, process and meetings leading up to and post these elections will be published here on or before 28 June.

If you have an interest in supporting the PPMRA to develop the application to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and are willing to give your time, please email the PPMRA direct at In particular we would be interested to hear from you if you have expertise in legal, accounting, gardening, property management, security or areas of general maintenance.

Please note, this update will not be circulated by hand. Please encourage your neighbours to log on regularly to keep up to date!

Finally, we would once again like to thank the many people who take the time to support the continuing work of the PPMRA.

Princess Park Manor Residents Association, June 2013

Survey Results

Q1. Do you support the objectives of the PPMRA to ensure (i) Princess Park Manor is run by a professional third party management company; (ii) Budgets are transparent, freely available and audited; and (iii) Leaseholders and tenants receive improved value for money?

Total 49

Q2. Do you support the PPMRA in pursuing an application to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to seek an independent assessment on the value being delivered in return for the service charge?

Total 49

Q3. Do you support the PPMRA in requesting that the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal appoint an independent manager to oversee the day-to-day activities of CPM?

Total 49

Princess Park Manor Residents Association, June 2013

Vote in the PPMRA survey now! (Deadline 31st May 2013)
The PPMRA survey has now closed. Thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the survey and share your opinions. The results will be published here on or before June 15 2013. 
CommunityBarnet message for us in the wake of the recent Woolwich incident

Dear Members and Colleagues,

You will be aware that yesterday's horrific incident is being overseen at the highest level. We're sure more facts will emerge over the course of the day via press briefings as a result of ongoing COBRA meetings.

Clearly, Barnet has 2 Territorial Army bases, the RAF Museum and significant Muslim and Jewish communities and premises. Barnet Borough Police have immediately put a plan into place to protect and reassure. Community teams have and will continue to link in with mosques and the other vulnerable premises during today and beyond. There will be regular visits by police who have amended their shift patterns so that they can undertake this and continue with business as normal.

There is no current intelligence to suggest that Barnet will be a target.  If there are developiong issues that have a direct impact upon Barnet, we will be informed.

What we can do

It is communities that hold intelligence, so please in your day to day business and contact encourage people to report any suspicions.

The anti terrorist hotline is 0800 789 321. If people don't feel confident to call the police direct, it can be doneanonymously via CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

Message from the PPMRA

Princess Park Manor Residents Association

Update, May 2013

Dear Resident,

Since we wrote to you last month, we have received tremendous support from both Leaseholders and Tenants who share our objective to ensure that Princess Park Manor reaches its potential. We would like to thank those who took the time to contact us for your unanimous support. We will now share your comments directly with Comer Property Management (“CPM”) and communicate any feedback.

We would like to express our disappointment at the response to our letter from CPM. It is not our intention to enter into a “tit for tat” discussion with CPM via leaflet, as this is neither a good use of time or money.

Our objectives as a Residents Association have always been to ensure that:

  1. Princess Park Manor is run by a professional third party management company

  2. Budgets are transparent, freely available and audited

  3. Leaseholders and tenants receive improved value for money

Like you, we do not believe these are being delivered at present. The reduction of weekday security cover and the associated hidden cost increase is a case in point.

As such, we are asking for you to signal your support for the following next steps:

  1. To submit an application to the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to seek a independent assessment on the value being delivered in return for the service charge

  2. To request that the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal appoint an independent manager to oversee the day to day activities of CPM

The objective of these proposed actions is to gain transparency over costs and ascertain independently whether value for money is being provided by CPM. In order to gauge both Leaseholder and Tenant support, please take the time to log on to to answer a few questions. The questionnaire will be open until 31st May. By requesting you do this, we are able to log electronically the wishes of both Leaseholders and Tenants and to demonstrate our alignment as a community to both the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal and CPM. We will share the results of this questionnaire on our website in June.

In order to reduce costs and improve the frequency of communication, this will be our last regular leaflet drop. Our intention is to publish a minimum of one update per month on our website Please log in regularly to see the next steps or alternatively, give us your email address on line and we will email you updates.

Finally, we would like to once again thank the many people who take the time to support the work of the PPMRA. Thanks to Ray Bristow, Barry Turner, Frankie Boltman, Ram Advani, Sarah Godfrey, Sanjay Purswani, Ray Winter, Andrew Denton and John Tibble. If you have the time or the skills to support (particularly legal) please write to us at

Princess Park Manor Residents Association (PPMRA), May 2013

Message from the PPMRA

Princess Park Manor Residents Association

Update, April 2013

Dear Resident,

Like you, we believe Princess Park Manor has the potential to be a beautiful and secure place to live. Our objective is to ensure this is delivered in a value for money way. As such, since we last wrote to you, we have been working tirelessly to ensure that you receive value for money from your service charge.

Comer Property Management has recently taken the decision to reduce security cover during the day to a single guard. Whilst we have raised our concerns, these have been ignored and the decision has been implemented. Residents and leaseholders have not been consulted.

In recent months two intruders allegedly attacked a resident in her own home. This is an extreme example, but it serves to demonstrate the requirement for a visible and active security presence at all times.

Comer Property Management cites cost as the driver of their decision. However, Comer Property Management will, at the same time, be increasing their internal charge for security by 10%, effectively cancelling out any savings. This service is provided by a sister company and has not been competitively tendered.

We believe a reduction to one guard during the day is a serious backward step. It will result in a serious service erosion and could mean the main gate being left unmanned on occasion.

You have recently received an Application for Payment of Service Charges and this change is not mentioned. As such, we felt the need to draw it to your attention and register our disagreement with this unilateral decision of Comer Property Management.

If you share our concerns, we would like to hear from you. We require your active support and involvement to ensure we have leverage with Comer Property Management. Please email your comments on this or any other issue to us at

Over the coming months, we will be writing to you regarding other ongoing issues in which we need your support as we take a more proactive stance towards Comer Property Management. If you have the skills or competencies to help (in particular legal skills), please email us at the address above.

Princess Park Manor Residents Association, April 2013

Letter from the PPM Residents' Association


Dear All

It has been a while since we last published an update so I wanted to bring you all up to date on a number of issues that we have been discussing with Comer Property Management over recent months.


Outstanding Service Charge

It has been brought to our attention that a number of residents are not to paying their service charge on time and in some cases not paying it at all!! The service charge is used by Comer Property Management (CPM) to maintain the PPM Estate, and provide the services that you all expect. Their ability to do this is significantly hindered by residents who do not pay or pay late. Please be aware that payment of service charge is an absolute requirement of your lease agreement. These arrears are currently preventing the establishment of a PPM reserve fund and as such, details of residents who are in arrears with their service charge are to be forwarded to solicitors for collection. Whilst it is unfortunate that these individuals will now be faced with the additional cost of any legal expenses incurred by way of collection of their outstanding debt, the action is necessary and is for the greater good of all other residents who pay their bills on time.


Important Change to Gas Safe Regulations in Jan 2013

I’m sure that by now most of you will have received a circular from “Gas Safe Register” advising you about a significant regulation change which governs the treatment of the internal flue systems like the ones that have been used throughout Princess Park Manor.


For those of you who don’t know, when a gas engineer is called to inspect or service your boiler, they are legally required to check the flue. Part of this check involves a visual inspection for the following:

·         The flue is continuous throughout its length;

·         All joints are correctly assembled and are appropriately sealed; and

·         The flue is adequately supported throughout its length.


Currently, where the flue to a boiler is concealed within a void and cannot be visually inspected it is assessed as "not to current standards" (NCS) in accordance with the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure. This is dependent on there being no other risks being present which may make the boiler unsafe….. however…… revised guidance takes effect on 1st January 2011 which means that should an engineer inspect a boiler and be unable to see the full length of the flue, the system can no longer be “assumed” to be safe, and is likely to be immediately shut off. 

We have been advised by Comer Property Management (CPM) that as a result of the actions taken by the Freeholder approximately 2 years ago to install inspection panels, that the development is now fully compliant with the new regulations…..however….. given that the development is split into separately owned flats, an engineer that inspects a boiler in a ground floor flat (for example), will also need access to all flats above in order to make use of their inspection panels to check the full length of your flue. If access cannot be made to just one flat in the chain because the occupants are out, or the flat is vacant, then it is likely that the engineer will have no choice but to shut off your boiler.

We are currently in discussions with Comer Property Management regarding the establishment of a centrally co-ordinated service whereby a single gas safe registered company will be appointed to carry out an annual service and inspection of all boilers at PPM. This would help alleviate the obvious difficulties associated with independent gas engineers not having access to flats above. Until measures are put in place I urge you all to be mindful of other residents, and if a resident in a flat below you needs their engineer to access your apartment to check the integrity of their flue, please do your upmost to accommodate them. We will keep you posted once we know more although if you have any queries please feel free to email us and we will do our best to answer them.



Following a number of resident complaints, the poor state of the PPM Grounds was raised as an issue with Comer Property Management (CPM). CPM confirmed that they were aware that the gardeners were not performing to the standard expected and would look at ways to improve the situation. It was agreed that the following actions were needed to improve the grounds:


-               Removal of large weeds from grass

-               Replacement of topsoil, properly seeded with grass seed, watered and treated with fertiliser to all              areas where the grass has been eroded and / or killed by weedkiller.

-               Proper weeding of borders by hand to tackle weeds and the bindweed problem

-               Sharpening of blades for lawn cutting equipment to avoid damage to grass

-               More regular trimming of bushes / plants / hedges

-               Replacement of dead plants

-               Regular watering of vulnerable plants


It should be noted that following a request from the PPMRA, CPM have arranged for additional pyracantha plants to be planted behind the front wall to improve security. These additional plants have however not taken and are symptomatic of the problem we face with the standard of gardening at PPM. Your support in making us aware of other areas of concern relating to the grounds would be appreciated. Lastly, If anyone enjoys gardening and would like to contribute to the maintenance of the grounds please join our gardening club by contacting us at 



A general lack of patrols and proactivity from the guards has been repeatedly raised with CPM over recent months with particular concern from residents about outsiders using the grounds and littering. Deliberate damage to the PPM gates has also been noted which is a serious concern and is being closely monitored. As the weather has cooled incidents have become less common and more regular patrols from Security have been noted by the PPMRA. It has been suggested that touch pads are added to each block entrance to ensure all corners of the site are covered by patrolling guards on a regular basis. In the meantime we ask that ALL residents remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to security using their direct number (02083628286)



By now you should all have received your new parking permits. These permits contain a uniquely coded chip that allows the security staff to determine which flat each vehicle belongs to and whether it is parked in the correct space. Please note that any vehicle parked on a curb or out of a bay will be stickered by security and / or clamped. Any car not displaying the new resident permit or a valid temporary visitor permit will also be stickered and / or clamped. Please note that old permits are no longer valid and will not be recognised by Security. The system will be rolled out for all Virgin Active members shortly.


Building Maintenance

The heavy rain we have experienced over the last few months has revealed a number of blocked gutters that, if left un-checked, will cause damage to the exterior of the building and the risk of damp in residents apartments. CPM have been extremely slow to respond to these issues so can I please ask you all to check for any brickwork that looks damp and report this, or any other area of concern to John Ward of Comer Property Management


Internal Decorations

The programme of internal decorations that was started in 2011/12 has been slow to resume. A schedule of block entrances and dates has been requested from CPM. For those of you who have been fortunate to have had your block redecorated, please ensure it is looked after and kept free from damage. Should you become aware of a resident or renter who has carelessly damaged the communal areas in any way, please inform us and John Ward of Comer Property Management so that the flat responsible can be billed for the repairs.


Carpet Cleaning

A number of residents have complained to us about the state of their communal carpets. Whilst the carpets are vacuumed regularly, some have been left stained by inconsiderate residents. This issue has been raised with CPM and a request has been made for them to seek quotes to have the carpets shampooed. Subject to available funds, we hope to be able to implement this shortly.


Amenity Areas

You should have by now received a note from CPM explaining that all items left in the communal grounds and internal communal areas will be removed and disposed of. Please report instances of items being left in communal areas to John Ward of CPM as soon as you become aware of them so that action can be taken.


Satellite Dishes

CPM have been reminded of a previous commitment to enforce the terms of the lease and arrange for the removal of all satellite dishes from the development. Residents themselves are again reminded that Satellite Dishes are not allowed under the terms of the lease. Satellite dishes are also forbidden by English Heritage owing to the fact that PPM is a listed building. Steps have already been taken to remove resident installed dishes and to recover any associated costs from the offending flats.


Mini Bus

In our last note we reported that the mini bus service was to be extended to cover Friday afternoons. Previously, residents who use the service during a normal working week have had to make their own arrangements to return home on a Friday. We still await a new timetable from CPM although to assist us in demonstrating a case, if you would benefit from using a mini bus service on Friday afternoons please contact us.


Other Items

If you would like us to raise any issue on your behalf, or if you would like to comment on the items above, please contact us at 


Below is a copy of the receipt received from the North London Hospice from the donation made after our Party in the park.


PPM Social Club


Enquiries about activities run by the PPM Social Club or any other queries can be directed to

The Knitting Club is already meeting regularly, please email for further info and we need many more able hands for the Gardening Club!

Party in the park


A great big thank you to all the lovely people that organised the event, all the local businesses that came down to offer food and drink, all the residents that contributed in any way and everyone that came down and made it a great event!


Special thanks to the organisers;

Jane Hirst, Sameerah Siddiqui, Tonia Page, Vandana Velani, Francesca Styles, Obe Ejikeme

Nicola Monahan, Jane Jarrard, Steve Emecz, Danielle Shannon and many more!


Look forward to our Winter party, details to come.

From your friends at the Residents Association.


Party in the park - A great success!

Dear all,

On behalf of the RA I'd like to thank everyone that turned up to our little party last Sunday and also a big thanks to all the good people that put it together!

Next party will be around Christmas time.

Pics of the party will be posted soon.

A thanks from the PWA to our Residents' Association


Dear Barry

I am writing to thank you for your very generous donation to the Pinkham Way Alliance, and also to apologise for the delay in acknowledging your kind gift.  We are a small group of volunteers and we are trying to thank people more quickly in future. But please know how much your support is appreciated.

Thanks to the support of many local people we will continue to confront the powerful vested interests we face with considerable energy. The next few months are critical, and as ever we will keep you informed of key developments through our regular e-newsletter.

With my thanks and warmest wishes

Kim Mason

Treasurer Pinkham Way Alliance

Updated Party In The Park poster

Party delayed until July


Due to rain being forecast for Sunday the RA has unfortunately had to postpone our party in the park, sorry!

Raffle prizes for Jubilee party


Below is a selection of the raffle prizes that will be available at the Jubilee party we're having so make sure you get your tickets and be in it to win it!


Updated poster for jubilee fair at PPM

Amendment to Jubilee party

The event that the PPMRA is holding to celebrate the Queens Jubilee on Sunday 3rd June 2012 is for residents, friends and family only and should be a great way for us to get to know each other, and have a chat over some food and drink. If you are interested in donating any raffle prizes , please contact Jane Hirst at Thank you.

2012/13 Budget message from the RA


Dear All

It has been a while since we last issued an update so I wanted to bring you all up to date on a number of issues that we have been discussing with Comer Property Management over recent months.


2012/2013 Budget

Prior to you all receiving your 2012/13 service charge requests a number of meetings took place with Comer Property Management to define and agree the new budget. Key Points to note are as follows: 

- Despite rising costs, your service charge has been reduced from what you were paying last year

- A reserve fund of £80k per year has been established to help protect us all from unforeseen events. It has been agreed that this reserve fund is to be kept separate from the main PPM account and we are currently in talks with Comer Property Management as how this fund shall be managed and evidenced to residents.

- A small surplus from our 2011/12 financial year has been carried over to this years service charge fund and will be used to improve the estate. We would welcome any suggestions from you all for how this money should be spent such as, additional planting, restoring the Royal Drive fountains, or repairing damaged stonework etc.



We have received a number of complaints from residents recently about the state of the gardens at PPM such as un-cut, or poorly cut grass, dead plants, litter, dog mess, uncollected leaves, and un-swept paths. We continue to raise this as an issue with Comer Property Management who have promised us that improvements will be made. We have also requested a head groundskeeper who will be responsible for scheduling work throughout the year to ensure the grounds always look as they should. If anyone enjoys gardening and would like to get involved in a summer gardening club to do light weeding, or border tidying, please contact us at



As you may have heard our much loved head security guard “Laslow” has moved on from PPM and has been replaced by “Josef”. Security will be tightened across the site with particular attention paid to people who have no permission to be here sneaking into the grounds and using the private park. I would ask anyone who sees anything suspicious, or even residents miss-behaving in the grounds, to contact Security on 0208 3628286 immediately and report the issue to John Ward of Comer Property Management.



For too long now cars have been parking incorrectly, either in resident spaces, or on curbs. Not only does this cause annoyance to residents, but it damages paving slabs and the grass. During our last meeting with Comer Property Management, a new electronic parking system was introduced which will allow cars to be scanned by our security guards. All residents and current Virgin Gym members will shortly be issued with a new unique electronic parking permit. Once scanned this will inform the guard where a car has permission to be parked. If a car is found to be parked incorrectly it will be clamped.


Building Maintenance

The heavy rain we all experienced during April revealed a number of blocked gutters that, if left un-checked, will cause damage to the exterior of the building and the risk of damp in residents apartments. Can I ask you all to check for any brickwork that looks damp and report this, or any other area of concern to John Ward of Comer Property Management.


Internal Decorations

The programme of internal decorations that was started in 2011/12 will resume again shortly. For those of you who have been fortunate to have had your block redecorated, please ensure it is looked after and kept free from damage. Should you become aware of a resident or renter who has carelessly damaged the communal areas in any way, please inform us and John Ward of Comer Property Management so that the flat responsible can be billed for the repairs.


External Decorations

The next stage of window painting will recommence soon. Following complaints from residents during the previous repainting exercise, Comer Property Management have been asked to ensure that residents are properly notified prior to work commencing, and that any scaffolding is removed promptly once the work is complete.


Other Items

You will all be pleased to hear that the mini bus service will be extended to cover Friday afternoons. Previously, residents who use the service during a normal working week have had to make their own arrangements to return home on a Friday. A new timetable should become active shortly


Lastly, you may have noticed that the PPMRA is holding an event to celebrate the Queens Jubilee on Sunday 3rd June 2012. This event is for residents only and should be a great way for us to get to know each other, and have a chat over some food and drink. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jane Hirst at

For and on behalf of 
Princess Park Manor Residents Association 
Officers: Ray Bristow, Joy Halder, Barry Turner, Frankie Boltman. Ram Advani, Chris Ruffle

Party in the park at PPM

The event that the PPMRA is holding to celebrate the Queens Jubilee on Sunday 3rd June 2012 is for residents, friends and family only and should be a great way for us to get to know each other, and have a chat over some food and drink. If you are interested in donating any raffle prizes , please contact Jane Hirst at Thank you.


Condolences to the family of David Cohen

The PPMRA would like to extend its condolences to the family of David Cohen from PPM who sadly passed away, below is a personal message from Andy.


Dear all , 

It is with great regret that i'm writing to you to pass on the sad news of the passing of David Cohen (flat 164)
Some of you may remember David for walking his 2 wonderful dogs ,i think 2 king charles spaniels.
David was a wonderful man that took a great interest in Princess Park Manor ,and had a lot of pride in living here,
I myself spent a long time with David chatting about a lot of things to do with PPM , and he was always the first to let me know of any problems or little things like door closers or lightbulbs, he would even call me up if he saw people he didnt recognise around around the estate.i remember frequent calls from him "Hello Andy , so sorry to trouble you ,i've just seen a chap on the estate ..etc etc etc ...and he would go into great detail and a description of whoever it was he had seen , which was normaly followed by me phoning him back saying "oh yes David thats such and such "  " ah thats good Andy thank you so much " 
i have to laugh because it was always a pleasure to listen to his concerns when he didnt know people and it was nice to put his mind at rest .
he was always so polite and cheery . 
A sad loss to the community . 
i cant confirm Davids age i understand he was only 65 and was sadly taken by cancer that he had been battling for around a year or so , but he soldiered on regardless .
My thoughts are with his Family especialy his wife Bernice .
There are prayers at flat 164 from 8pm til Monday , but not on Saturday. 
Security has been notified as obviously there will be many cars over the next few days.
David i shall miss you my old friend ..
Andy (PPM . bus driver)

Party in the park for the Queen's diamond jubilee

Below is a message from Jane Hirst who's gauging interest for a party in the park to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee.


We haven’t had a good knees-up for quite a while and as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee draws closer over the weekend of 2-5 June, we thought we could use the Bank Holiday as the perfect excuse! But before we go any further we’d like to gauge your interest.

Would you like to come along to an event in the park?

Would you be willing to help organise or be involved?

Would you be willing to offer a donation/prize?

If you can answer yes to any of the above, please get in touch with me by Friday 20th April 2012. If we have your support, I’ll organise a meeting to get the show on the road, so to speak!

You can either email me at or give me a call on 020 8361 0021.

Feedback needed from residents re: managing agents.

Dear residents,

The residents' association will be in negotiation with our managing agents soon regarding the upcoming 2012/13 budget.  We would love to hear from you regarding any feedback or thoughts you may have about the work of the management and the budget.

Please email and do consider joining the residents' association if you haven't done so already.

Summary of latest meeting with managing agents.

Before the Christmas Break, the PPMRA met with representatives from both Comer Group and Comer Property Management to discuss the ongoing management of Princess Park Manor. The following is a brief summary of what was discussed and agreed.



Unfortunately the re-seeding of the grass bank adjacent to the New Southgate Station gate path has not taken due to a prolonged period of cold weather. It was agreed that the bank would be weeded, turned over with new topsoil, and re-seeded in the spring when the weather is warmer. Comer Property Management confirmed that they intend to replace many of the dead plants across the development. This exercise will include additional pyracantha plants inside the front wall to strengthen security around the perimeter of the site.



As I’m sure you will have noticed, the PPM gate codes have been changed to prevent unauthorised access to the development. We would like to remind all residents not to advertise these codes to anyone else and to be vigilant of any non-residents entering PPM. Please report any suspicious activity to security.



It is hoped that a new electronic parking system will be introduced in the New Year. This system will allow better management of all vehicles that enter PPM and will cover both residents and Esporta members. It has been noted that certain visitors and residents are becoming a nuisance by parking out of designated spaces and on curbs. Comer Property Management confirmed that any vehicle that is not parked in an appropriate space will be clamped. This includes commercial vehicles parked overnight.


Building Maintenance

Many of you may have noticed that your internal block entrance and external windows have been painted this year. This is part of a vital maintenance programme that will be rolled out across the development. Feedback on the quality of this work would be very welcome. Please email us using the address at the bottom of this message.


PPM is a listed building and without proper maintenance will fall into a state of disrepair leading to significant future expense. At this time of year blocked gutters are of a particular concern. Residents are therefore urged to check for any signs of damp / moss on the outside of walls and report any concerns to us or the management company so that any necessary remedial action can be taken.



During December an exercise was undertaken to refresh the internal emergency lighting and replace external light bulbs. Unfortunately a number of the replacement bulbs have already failed and the external lights appear to be miss-timed and are not turning on / off when they are supposed to. If you are affected by this issue, please email us or Comer Property Management so that the faulty bulbs can be replaced.


2012/2013 Budget and Service Charge

The PPMRA are due to meet with Comer Property Management at the end of January to discuss the forthcoming PPM budget. Please email us with your suggestions for how the service charge should be best spent and what items are important to you.

Wishing you all the best for 2012.


Happy Holidays!

A Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holiday to everyone from all of us!

Notes from meeting with Comer Homes 27th Sept

Thank you all for your suggestions on how we can improve Princess Park Manor. On the 27th September 2011, the PPMRA met with representatives from both Comer Homes and Comer Property Management to discuss a number of issues that residents have asked us to raise.  It was agreed that the following would be actioned.


Additional planting will be undertaken behind the low level wall that runs parallel with Friern Barnet Road.  This will further enhance site security.  The area adjacent to the New Southgate gate path will be re-seeded and restored to a grass bank.  This is due to take place by mid October.


The PPM North and East gate codes are to be changed to prevent unauthorised access to the site.  All residents will be issued with a new code shortly.


New electronic parking permit system will be introduced as a means to control vehicular access to the site.  This system will cover both Esporta members and PPM residents.  Cars that are not parked in their allocated space will be clamped.  In the meantime the security staff will be reporting any parking violations to the management company.

Building maintenance

A number of condition surveys are to be undertaken across PPM in preparation for the roll out of a phased maintenance plan.  This will ensure PPM is being properly looked after and that the building remains in a good state of repair.  Building maintenance is being viewed as a top priority.  Cleaning of the main gutters and bin store butters is due to commence shortly to remove any blockages and fallen leaves.

Service charge

A zero tolerance policy is being adopted with residents who have not paid their service charge.  Should residents choose not to pay their service charge on time legal action will be taken against them.

Should you have any further suggestions please contact email us at 

Condolences for Dennis Blairman's family

Dennis Blairman did a lot of work to help the residents and the RA here at PPM particularly in the early days and has very sadly passed away at home on the 15th Sept.

Our deepest and most sincere condolences go out to his family and loved ones at this most difficult of times.

London riots

Everyone should remain extra vigilant at this time in order to protect ourselves from any potential violence or damage to life or property.  Don't hesitate in contacting Police should you see anything suspicious or suspect something is about to happen.

Emergency - Dial 999

Non-emergency - Dial 101

Emergency from mobile phone and you need your location to be tracked - Dial 112

Images of the people involved in these crimes will begin to emerge over the coming days and weeks, please do your part in helping identify criminals and prevent crime.

Important information regarding Comer Homes becoming our managing agents at PPM

In light of the recent change over from Hathaways to Comer Homes Property Management, the Princess Park Manor Residents Association (PPMRA) took the opportunity to meet with representatives from Comer Homes (John Ward, and Rob Sheppard) to discuss how Princess Park Manor will be managed moving forward and how services can be improved.

The full post can be read here$news_and_announcements~ViewTopic?id=9d8abc7f-3d50-4613-b23d-24ec28a6e1b7

Change to minibus timetable

The minibus service will no longer run on Friday afternoon/evening, the timetable on this site has been changed to reflect this change and please contact Andy should you have any further questions.

Some suggested alternatives are the Oyster sevice at New Southgate, the 382 bus from Arnos Grove and also the 221 bus from Bounds Green.

PPMRA Surgeries 17th June 2010

The PPMRA are introducing a number of surgeries to keep abreast of the ongoing concerns of our members. In our first session on the evening of the 17th of June we will be facilitating a meeting with HML Hathaways, our managing agents.  Please follow the link for further info, deadline for questions by 10th June.$news_and_announcements~ViewTopic?id=d3cd0876-ce1f-48e4-90b3-4d2ba95fba4c

Please note this is for members of the residents' association only, info on joining found in the link or on the top menu bar.

Welcome booklet now available online

The PPMRA welcome booklet is now available to view and download online, it will be kept as current as possible.  You can follow this link or just click on it in the menu bar above,

2010 Budget Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions about our 2010 budget are answered here$news_and_announcements~ViewTopic?id=f9068eae-6257-4168-a0aa-187e440ca7a1

More to come soon.

Upcoming surgeries.

The PPMRA are currently arranging surgery type meetings. These surgeries are intended to be a forum to address questions from  the residents of Princess Park Manor.

-The time and venue for these meetings are yet to be decided and will be posted on this site.
-The first of these meetings will be with the managing agents HML Hathaways.
-This will be followed by a meeting with the Security Company.
More info to come.
Parking regulations update.

Dear resident,

Please ensure that if you are parking your vehicle at Princess Park Manor that you familiarise yourself with parking regulations here.  From the 1st April 2010 clamping will be strictly enforced.  More information here

PPM 2010 budget, FURTHER INFO.

Dear resident,

Some further info regarding recent budgetary issues is available here$news_and_announcements~ViewTopic?id=8a634c8e-7dcf-4cfb-ac3a-bdfe1632b8b1

PPM 2010 budget, important information.

Dear resident,

Please follow this link to view an important letter from the PPMRA to all residents regarding our 2010 budget.$news_and_announcements~ViewTopic?id=1639ebfa-4e78-40a4-9d3a-733b26dba48a

New Mini-Bus timetable.

New Mini-Bus timetable has now been distributed throughout PPM and is listed here on our website as well.

For more information please click on the link on the bar above or here$news_and_announcements~ViewTopic?id=db05b295-3925-47f4-b544-206d5cacb2ba

Calling all residents with legal experience

Residents Association Calls for Law Experience.

The PPMRA is asking for any residents that have any experience with Residential and/or Commercial Law to get in touch. The PPMRA have several projects where some legal advice would be very welcome. Residents with legal experience can contact the committe using

Link to forum post$news_and_announcements~ViewTopic?id=f474b966-5fea-4ac8-8791-a9bab2bd84d0

Identity theft

Identity Theft

The identity theft gang that was operating on PPM has now been dealt with by the police, thanks to the residents association and all residents that helped us bring a happy conclusion to this unfortunate incident.  Residents should continue to be careful.

Link to forum post here$news_and_announcements~ViewTopic?id=9146af23-7621-4a74-8def-8520464d1475


Village Green hearings begin Mon 4th March

As you may remember, an application has been made to Haringey Council ( to designate the Pinkham Way site as a Village Green. Although the PWA is supporting the application, our name is not attached to it.

It was made by Chris Faulkner, the Chair of the Freehold Community Association in Barnet. Since the sewage works closed in 1963, residents there have for decades used the site - known locally as 'The Dump' - as their open space.

Public hearings into the application will start on Monday, 4th March and are scheduled to last all week. Hearings will be held from 10am - 5pm. They will be held at:
Cypriot Community Centre
Earlham Grove
Wood Green
N22 5HJ

View Map in Google (,-0.110322&sspn=0.009929,0.016115&hq=cypriot+centre&hnear=London+N22+5HJ,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A)
Chris will be represented at the hearings by a lay expert, Christopher Maile, of the Campaign for Planning Sanity ( , who has appeared as advocate in numerous VG hearings over the last 20-30 years.

A huge amount of work has gone into preparing for these hearings, gathering evidence, preparing witness statements and dealing with evidence from objectors (NLWA, Barnet and Haringey Councils).

The objectors will be represented by counsel, including a leading QC for the NLWA, so we need to show the Assessor, Mr Philip Petchey, the depth of public interest in the future of the site and the amount of support there is for the application. Remember that when Haringey asked for comments about the application last year, there were around a thousand responses, many of those from PWA supporters.

If you have any spare time, especially on the first couple of days, to attend the hearings, please do come along, as I know your support will be hugely appreciated by Chris Faulkner, and by us.

The day is divided into morning and afternoon sessions and each session has a halfway break, so it is easy to stay for an hour or so; a session; or, if possible, the whole day.
PWA - Haringey Council Meeting Update

The discussion on the Haringey Local Plan (formerly Core Strategy), which was originally scheduled for next Wednesday, 27th February, has been deferred, and will now take place on Monday, 18th March.

Since the Feb 27th meeting is mainly about the Budget, there is not going to be sufficient time to cover the Local Plan as well. This deferral is positive for us.

We will need you to support us in the public gallery if you are able to. We are trying to arrange for a deputation to attend and for PWA to participate in the debate. We'll keep you updated about this.

In the meantime, please continue to contact the Haringey Councillors, especially the controlling Labour group. In particular we need to target the Council Leader, Claire Kober ( ; and Haringey cabinet members: Alan Strickland ( (responsible for the North London Waste Plan), and Nilgun Canver ( (responsible for environment).

We know that a lot of you have been busy sending letters, but every extra one sent reinforces our argument.

You can find the letters in full, and further information on our website ( .
PWA Update


Many thanks to all of you who were there giving such tremendous support. It was hugely appreciated by those of us downstairs in the chamber.

We felt that the councillors listened very seriously, and we repeat our welcome for the statement agreed between the PWA and Haringey Council.

Watch straight from the relevant part of the meeting in this video on the Haringey website

As part of the recently adopted Local Plan for the borough, there now follow two important consultations.

The Development Management Policies DPD is just starting, and the Site Allocations Document DPD will be in early summer.

This Site Allocation was recommended by the planning inspector as the sensible time for Haringey to conduct a comprehensive site review of Pinkham Way. And, importantly, as a “further opportunity to engage appropriately with all relevant parties.” This includes us!

Please be ready to respond to these consultations in the coming months; we’ll let you let know exactly when.

Meanwhile, the PWA are waiting for the owners’ permission to access Pinkham Way, so that a suitable ecological consultant we’ve hired can conduct a site assessment on our behalf. His findings will inform our response to the consultation.

We’re both fortunate and thrilled to be welcoming back our friends the Galitzin Chamber Ensemble, who have already given us two exceptional concerts.

Galitzin Chamber Ensemble, 4pm, Sunday 14 April, St Andrew’s Church, Alexandra Park Road. Full details here

The recital will end with Mozart’s famous Piano Quartet No.1 in G minor. In the first half, the Five Pieces for String Quartet by Erwin Schulhoff reflect the popular music of the 1920s when they were written. And the Duo for Violin and Cello by Zoltan Kodaly is a crowd-pleasing staple of the repertoire.

This concert will raise much-needed funds for the ecological assessment of the Pinkham Way site, and for other campaign expenses. We hope to see you there. Advance ticket information can be found on our events website or you can email and, as before, you can purchase a ticket on the door before the concert starts.
PWA Update

Our letters to councillors have got results. Join us on 18th March at Haringey Council meeting.
Our community letters have been a success. Join us at the Haringey Council meeting this Monday, 18th March, to see the results for yourself.

Thank you to all who, on our request, have written to Haringey councillors. We've had many meetings with the Council - including with Cllr Alan Strickland - to explain the concerns contained in those letters.

The result of this extensive contact has been that a form of words has now been negotiated with Haringey Council. The PWA are happy to endorse this, and it'll be the subject of our brief presentation at the council meeting this Monday, 18th March.

You can read it, below. Haringey will publish it on their website shortly.

This is good news; thank you very much for your essential part in making it happen. We also welcome the actions of our councillors in listening to your representations and responding positively.

However, there is still much to do before Pinkham Way's future is settled, and safe from the inappropriate plans of the North London Waste Authority. Please keep following the campaign closely, and we'll do all we can to keep you informed and represent your views to the authorities.

We'll be speaking in support of a PWA deposition ( (a particular subject for discussion, requested by us) at the council meeting this Monday.

Please join us at this meeting, and see the results of the pressure you've helped to build.

Watch from the gallery at 7.30pm on Monday 18 March, Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8ZW.
Kind regards,

Stephen Brice
Pinkham Way Alliance
Clarification statement (form of words negotiated with Haringey)

Haringey Council is committed to making decisions on the North London Waste Plan and future use of the Pinkham Way site in an open and transparent way.

In 2013, the Council will begin work on a new Site Allocations Development Plan (SADPD) and an updated Open Space Study. Both of these processes will involve looking at the current planning designation of sites in the borough, including the site at Pinkham Way.

The planning designation for the Pinkham Way site will be reviewed in the first instance as part of the first consultation draft of the Site Allocations Development Plan Document. A decision on this document will be made in public by Haringey Council’s Cabinet.

Decisions taken on the planning designation for the Pinkham Way site will take into account the findings and recommendations of the Haringey Local Plan: Strategic Policies Inspector’s Report.

The Pinkham Way site will not be offered by Haringey for inclusion for assessment as a potential waste site in the next iteration of the North London Waste Plan until after the publication of the first stage of the SADPD. Decisions on which sites Haringey will put forward for inclusion in the Waste Plan will be made by Haringey’s Cabinet.
PWA Update

Galitzin Chamber Ensemble 14th April 2013

The fantastic Galitzins return to support us, with another offering of beautiful chamber music. If you came to one of their previous concerts for us, you know how good they are and won't want to miss out. If you've not seen them before, do try to come this time. Further details including ticket information can be found on our events website .
PWA Update

Please support us on 18th March at the Haringey council meeting
We're in the middle of a very busy time. Here are our latest updates to keep you informed:

Whatever Haringey's intentions, it's still very important that we show strength at the next full council meeting. Councillors will vote on adopting the borough's Local Plan, which includes designations that will define the future of Pinkham Way.

Please join us in the gallery at 7.30pm on Monday 18 March, Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8ZW.

Many of us have written to Haringey councillors asking them to assess the Pinkham Way site fairly before deciding what to do with it.

You may have seen the recent reply from Cllr Alan Strickland ( . It sounds superficially positive, but is too difficult to interpret. We've met with Haringey to ask for clarification. As soon as we get it, you will too.

Thanks to all of you who've already written. There's no need to continue doing so for now.

However, please watch carefully for further updates; we may need a surge of activity just before the full council meeting on 18 March.

The hearing for the application to make Pinkham Way a Town or Village Green (TVG) took place last week. Thank you to anyone who made it along during the five days of sessions.

The independent assessor will now submit a report to Haringey. A council committee will then make a final decision, likely to be at least three months away.

Good news for music lovers - the exciting Galitzin Ensemble have kindly agreed to perform for us again, at 4pm on Sunday 14th April, in St Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road. Their programme will include Mozart's Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, K. 478.

Please put the date in your diary; more details to follow soon.
Message from PWA

It has become urgent for us all to put immediate pressure on the Haringey councillors, especially the controlling Labour group. These issues affect many outside Haringey, so please do this even if you don't live in the borough.

Please take a little time to email or post two letters that we have prepared, please don't just send them to one councillor, but to many. The details are laid out below, and on our website, where you will also find all recipient email addresses ( .

Aside from your ward councillors (if you live in Haringey), the prime recipients must be the Council Leader Claire Kober ; Alan Strickland , the Cabinet member with responsibility for the NLWP; and the Cabinet member for the environment, Nilgun Canver .

Because they are the controlling majority, Haringey Labour councillors must also be a priority.

Our recent contact with planning officers at Haringey Council suggests that they'll continue to spare no effort to make the Pinkham Way site available for waste usage, and offer it up as suitable in the new version of the North London Waste Plan (NLWP).

The facts are all against them, but this hasn’t stopped them from ploughing on relentlessly. We must ensure that our councillors are made fully aware of this situation – and press them to act on behalf of the people they represent.

On Wednesday 27 February, at the next full Haringey Council meeting, a vote is scheduled on whether to accept the overall Local Plan for the borough. This is our opportunity to write to members before that and ask them to put on record, at that meeting, their agreement not to offer the Pinkham Way site to the next North London Waste Plan unless and until a full assessment of the site is carried out; and Members consider that it would be compatible with the Council’s overall Local Plan to do so. Also they need to consider if it would be of benefit to the Borough of Haringey to do so, having examined any advantages and disadvantages for the Borough.

We say there is no onus on Haringey Council to look after the interests of other boroughs over their own.

We will also very likely need to attend in strength so that the public gallery is filled; We will confirm this date as soon as possible within the next few days.

Please send both letters.

The two letters summarised:
1. The inspector who examined the Local Plan stated that a full assessment of the PW site is required, taking into account its value for nature conservation; open space; biodiversity and its specific site features such as the culverted water course. We demand that this review be carried out publicly, and that, as directed by the inspector, the council “engage appropriately with all relevant parties”.
Download this letter (

2. Now that the waste plan (NLWP) has fallen apart, we want assurance from the Council that no sites will be put forward for the next NLWP unless and until a full assessment of each site is carried out and the pros and cons of putting each site forward for waste use is reported to Members. This will ensure that Members, not officers, make the decision about whether Haringey Council is prepared to offer up a site in its borough for other boroughs to use for their waste disposal/management/refuse vehicle depots. Download this letter (

You can also find the letters in full, and details of who to send them to, on our website ( .

The more individuals (from any household) to send separate letters, the better.

We are also attaching a list of councillors' surgeries ( . If you’re able, please visit your local surgery to speak to your councillors in person. We have created a list of key points ( to bring up.

Another restaurant, the lovely La Vita ( in Southgate Green, has kindly offered to give us 15% of the food takings. This will take place on the evening of Tuesday 26th February, from 7pm onwards. They have a reasonably priced set menu.

Please book directly with them. We look forward to seeing you there.
The Looters Play Barnet L.T.C.


Don't miss your chance to see The Looters, one of the top bands on the pub and club circuit in London and Hertfordshire.

This much in-demand, four-piece band play rock, pop and soul hits from the sixties and seventies plus some rock ‘n roll and blues and they are great for dancing or just listening to. The Looters are all highly accomplished musicians. They use various drummers but these include guys who have worked with Sir Paul McCartney, Lonnie Donegan, Joe Brown, Manfred Mann and Sir Bob Geldof.

Expect to hear classics like It’s All Over Now, You Really Got Me, Signed Sealed Delivered, Stuck In The Middle and Proud Mary. They are coming to Barnet Tennis Club on Saturday, March 2nd (8pm) and we hope as many members as possible will put the date in their diaries. Tickets are just £7 and, with all the expense for recent clubhouse repairs, we are hoping the event will raise plenty of money. Feel free to invite friends, family and neighbours.

A sign-up sheet will go up in the Clubhouse soon and we would ask if you could give your name and how many tickets you’d like. Tickets will be available from Colin Fenn (07990 796604).



After 90 minutes of today’s opening session for the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) hearing, the inspector suspended proceedings until further notice.

If you were planning to attend any of the sessions this fortnight (particularly those next week on 19th and 20th of June) please do not turn up – the hearing is not happening yet.

Briefly put, the problem involves a possible failure of the seven north London councils involved in the NLWP to co-operate with their neighbouring planning authorities to the north and east of London as they are legally required to do.

The inspector will now receive further submissions on this, and decide what happens next. We will, of course, keep you updated.

In the meantime, the NLWP hearing is suspended until further notice  –  please do not try to attend!


Just a quick mention for another fundraising concert, which will be happening on Sunday 8 July, at St Andrew's Church on Alexandra Park Road at 4pm.

The Galitzin Quartet, who gave us a fabulous performance in February, will be joined by friends to perform as the Galitzin Chamber Ensemblefor one of the highpoints of the repertoire - Schubert's Trout Quintet.

Please try to keep the date free, and spread the word. Full details and ticket information will be available soon on our events website.

Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook Group.

To help us pay the considerable cost of retaining the experts who will appear at the NLWP hearing on all our behalf, please donate here .

Kind regards,
Bidesh Sarkar
Pinkham Way Alliance

New book released that might interest residents



The Friern Hospital Story by David Berguer, the Chairman of the Friern Barnet & District Local History Society, is an enthralling voyage into our local history. Most of us who have lived in the area for many years will surely have been affected at some time by the presence of the Hospital which not only dominated the landscape but touched the lives of many of us or our past relatives in one way or another.


The picture on the front of the book is an invitation in itself to pass down Europe’s longest corridor to discover an amazing story in its covers. This book covers every aspect of Friern Hospital’s life, and is a real eye-opener to those of us who only knew the place from the deck of a passing bus.


The book opens with a history of mental illness and poverty and the many ways of dealing with them over the ages and it describes the reasons for selecting the new hospital’s location and the choice of its design. Middlesex County Council already had an asylum at Hanwell and needed a second institution in the east of the county to cater for the growing population of so-called ‘pauper lunatics’ who were then being incarcerated in workhouses.


What is so fascinating is the development of the hospital after construction, such as the installation of utilities such as gas and water and the provision of a farm growing produce and producing livestock which made it a virtually self-sufficient community.


Over the years the care of patients developed significantly, not just medical care but recreational too: the hospital even had its own radio station. The high and low times are described, such as the difficulties for staff managing patients whose behaviour was often unpredictable. Reports of abuse in care homes is not a recent problem; as the book identifies, there were allegations of mistreatment against untrained or inexperienced nurses and Friern did not escape criticism in a scathing book published in 1967 that was highly critical of mental institutions.


David rounds off this excellent book by describing the gradual run-down of Friern Hospital with the move towards “care in the community” and its residual problems. It ends by illustrating the development of the new Princess Park Manor and the creation of thirty new roads and a retail park in the former grounds.


The book is in A4 format, runs to 180 pages and contains 140 photographs, illustrations and diagrams.


The book is can be ordered from Waterstones at North Finchley (ISBN number 9 780956-934444) at £14.99 or direct from the publishers Chaville Press, 148 Friern Park, London N12 9LU at £14.99 plus £3 postage and packing.

NLWA Withdraw Planning Application

Now this really is a Christmas gift for us all... The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) announced last Friday afternoon that it no longer intends to put an MBT waste plant on Pinkham Way. It has withdrawn its planning application. Excellent news.

Despite this, Pinkham Way remains under threat. The NLWA has now earmarked Pinkham Way for “delivering, sorting and transferring waste from local households”. As these waste uses have never before been proposed for the site, we can only assume that this is a hasty alternative proposal to justify the premature expenditure of £12million in buying it from Barnet.

There is still much to be done to prevent the allocation of the Pinkham Way site for any waste use in the new version of the North London Waste Plan (NLWP). If we fail to achieve this, the site will be vulnerable to these new options announced by the NLWA, or, further down the line, even to the same MBT plans that have just been withdrawn.

Haringey Council must now be persuaded to withdraw Pinkham Way from inclusion in the new North London Waste Plan, and to fully protect its strong conservation status. The council must carry out a full assessment of the site ASAP; until this is complete, they should protect it from all development.

The NLWA attribute their change of plans to falling waste figures. The PWA has long been pointing out these figures. However, the change must also be because of the recently published planning inspector’s report on Haringey Council’s Strategic Plan, in which the council’s attempt to redesignate the site as ‘industrial’ is refused.

This refusal is a significant success for the PWA, who created and presented successful planning arguments to the inspector and urged the site’s proper protection as a Grade 1 Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).

To read more detail on all of this, please take look at the latest page on our new website ( .

You can also read the press release on the NLWA website ( .

Together, we have achieved so much. But this could easily be lost if we don’t press on and ensure that Pinkham Way is not included as a site suitable for waste use in any future NLWP. We’ll send out information about how this can be achieved early next year. Please keep reading these letters!

In the meantime, we warmly thank all MPs and councillors who have genuinely supported their communities. By contrast, do not be lulled by opportunist councillors hastily claiming the NLWA announcement as “their” victory, while failing to alert the public about the ongoing threat to Pinkham Way, as they have failed to do all along. This sharply displays their continuing sloppiness and lack of authentic engagement with waste issues in north London.

Happy holidays!
New PWA Website

The Pinkham Way Alliance's latest website has recently gone live. Very different to the last one in design, it also has new contents. However, it is still a work in progress, and there will be more to follow.

It’s worth taking a bit of time to have a read. Key members of the PWA have accumulated a deep understanding of this very complex situation over nearly two years. They have now worked hard to put together the most lucid and up-to-date explanation so far.

You can find our new home at the same web address as the old one: (
Thank you very much to the small number of people who have given so much time to build this new site and prepare the information on it.

And thank you very much, once more, to all of you who have worked with us this year, and – just as importantly – generously donated the money without which this campaign would not be able to go on.
PWA Update Meeting

WEDS 13th FEBRUARY - 7.30pm

With the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and Haringey both now referring to future planning applications at Pinkham Way, it is essential that we continue to be fully engaged with this issue.

Please also note that, although the NLWA say they are withdrawing their first application, this has not yet happened.

With all this and more to assess, the PWA are holding a public meeting, this coming Wednesday, at Alexandra Park school ( .

Some of your local councillors will be there. To hear what they have to say, to better understand the new dangers for Pinkham Way, and to find out what you can do to help, please come along.

PWA Update Meeting
7.30pm on Wednesday 13 February
Alexandra Park School
NB: Please use the entrance on Rhodes Avenue (N22)
[next to front gate of Muswell Hill Golf Course]

Also, I'd like you to know that I will be stepping down as chair of Pinkham Way Alliance after nearly two years in the role. It has been a real privilege.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with such committed and talented people from across our areas, and have been so inspired by what communities can achieve when they have to act.

Together, we - the communities around Pinkham Way - have achieved so much. We’ve stopped the planning application from proceeding without an approved waste plan; we've stopped the redesignation of this ecologically important land as industrial; we've forced a rethink of the North London Waste Plan itself; and we've won the argument on how much waste treatment capacity is in fact required.

However, real and imminent dangers persist. I am therefore very pleased to announce that Stephen Brice will be taking over from me as Chair, with immediate effect. Stephen has been at the heart of the campaign since the outset and is a driving force behind our successes to date.

The campaign still has a long way to run, so it’s vital that Stephen can rely on your continuing support for Pinkham Way Alliance to achieve the right outcomes for our communities.

Please come along this Wednesday and meet him for yourself. Many of you will recognise him from his tireless work on our information stalls.

Stephen will be in touch very soon; we'd like you to help us deliver a letter to Haringey Council at their full meeting on 25 February. This is the date they'll vote to adopt their Local Plan, and we must ensure that they don't ignore the inspector's recommendations about Pinkham Way.
Thanks to everyone that attended the Christmas party!

Important news update from the PWA
As the holidays approach, there’s some recent news that everyone should know about. It looks to be positive for our campaign (Merry Christmas... ), although still very far from decisive.
1. The current North London Waste Plan (NLWP) has been scrapped
2. The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) have postponed their decision on who will build the waste plant at Pinkham Way until 2013

We'll be making every effort to take advantage of these delays, and asking you to get involved where necessary, so please keep as up to date as you can. You can find more detail below.

Although there are other factors hampering these plans, our increasingly wide community action is undoubtedly key. If you’ve been involved in any way at all then successes in 2012 are partly down to you.

Thank you very much indeed - your support is vital and inspiring. Without it, there would be no way of sustaining this community-wide campaign.

Although it would be nice to think otherwise, there will be plenty to keep us all busy in the new year.


Over five years in the making, the NLWP was made by the seven north London councils to set the planning guidelines for managing their waste for the next 15 years. They will now start drafting it again, from January, with 2015 a provisional date for adopting it.

We had many criticisms of the old plan - not least, the extremely dubious way the Pinkham Way site is selected. As it’s rewritten, the stakeholders may try to select the site again; we'll have to watch them closely, and make our case against this right from the start.


The NLWP had been faltering for a few months prior to its being scrapped. Despite this, the waste authority’s line has been that their multi-billion pound procurement to deal with waste in north London for the next 30 to 40 years will continue regardless.

So, despite it being the NLWP that contains some of the waste forecasts that supposedly justify the need for a huge waste plant at all, and that selects Pinkham Way as supposedly suitable, the NLWA claim it's acceptable for them to carry on without it.

It's not hard to see why they don't want these out of date forecasts and a laughable site selection to be subject to the complete and independent scrutiny of a planning inspector. We must therefore assume that they'll do everything they can to avoid waiting for a new NLWP and continue with their plans next year.

However, their big decision to select a contractor to put these plans – including building the huge waste plant at Pinkham Way – into action has been postponed. It should have happened in early December.

Usefully for us, the deadline for contractors to bid on building the plant is now March next year. The NLWA won't select a winning bidder until some time after thi

For the latest official statement from the North London Waste Plan, visit ( .

For a statement from the North London Waste Authority about their delayed procurment, visit the NLWA website ( .
PPM Christmas Party Sunday Dec 16th 2-6pm at the Virgin Active Gym

PPM Resident-Organised Christmas Event


A resident at PPM is organising a Christmas party for all residents on 16th Dec with proceeds going to the BRITISH RED CROSS, info below.


16th December 2012 2pm-onwards

This is a Christmas party with a twist...  We will be having a street (well, PPM grounds) Christmas party to celebrate Christmas and the end of 2012 while making a difference in the world.  There will be music, food and entertainment.  A section will be created as a Christmas market where you can buy and sell your unused stuff.  All proceeds will go to the British Red Cross.

PPM is truly international and what better charity to raise funds for.  You can bake cookies and sell them, you can bring unused clothes, accesories, toys or anything.  Or you can just come and enjoy mulled wine and music.  This is also an amazing opportunity to buy some Christmas presents for your loved ones.

Please come along with your family and friends.

We are looking forward to meeting and getting to know you!!

PS:  There will be a meeting on 2nd December at 4pm at flat 195 PPM, please do come for tea if you would like to be involved.  We would love to have your input!  Children are welcome as well.  If you would like to come to the meeting please email

Kind Regards

PPM Christmas Party Organisers

PWA website


Just a reminder of the Pinkham Way Alliance website, should anyone wish to visit it for further info:

Event at Friern Barnet Library


This Saturday Dec 1st there will be a 'Love Libraries' event at the Friern Barnet Library that some of our residents might be interested in attending, below is the schedule;


Saturday 1 December 2-5pm - FRIERN BARNET LIBRARY, A LOVE STORY, PAST AND PRESENT - Our love libraries event - everyone welcome, please contact other libraries that are under threat and invite them to this event. Poster attached. Timetable:                          


 1.30pm Introduction

1.35-1.50 Happy Birthday Friern Barnet Library – Presentation by Rosie Canning

1.55-2.10 Save Friern Barnet Library Campaign - Martin Russo (Chair) and Maureen Ivens

2.15-2.30 Slide show of Friern Barnet and surrounding area - Mike Gee

2.35-2.50 The Friern Hospital Story - David Berguer

2.50-3.20 BREAK - Food and Drink  

3.20-3.35 Ollie Natelson

3.40-3.55 BAPS/One Barnet

4.00-4.15 Direct Action/FBL Occupation – Occupiers: Tiffany/Mark/Mel

4.15-4.30 Local campaigns - Jamie KF/Pinkham Way/Other Libraries

4.35-4.50 African Prisons Project - Education Advisor, Maria Cotera                                  

4.50-5.00 Conclusion – Occupiers: Arun/Jamie KF

 5-late Music/Social/Share Food


PWA to speak at Haringey Council meeting
REMINDER: The Step hosts PWA Comedy Night
8pm this Thursday (15 Nov)
First, a final reminder about our first comedy night, this Thursday, but we’ve also got news of another important night for the PWA. Next Monday, we’ll be speaking at Haringey’s full council meeting.


Have a laugh this Thursday 15 November, from 8pm at The Step (101 Myddleton Road N22 8NE) in the Bowes Park conservation area.

Resident compere Chris Marco K will host a night of rising stars from the London comedy scene. There’ll be a variety of stand-up, including some musical and character comedy.

Tickets are £10 and will be available on the door from 7.15pm. For full details, visit our
events website ( .


This coming Monday is a milestone for the Pinkham Way Alliance - we'll be speaking at Haringey’s full council meeting.

There’s room for viewers in the gallery, so please come along if you'd like to see it.

Monday 19 November (7.30pm)
Haringey Civic Centre
High Road (N22 8LE)

As ever, your presence on the night will remind the council that these are issues their residents are deeply concerned about.

The Haringey Lib Dems have organised a debate on ‘Waste in the 21st Century’, to take place at the meeting. The PWA have a five-minute slot to speak half way through the meeting itself, followed by five minutes of questions.

We hope also to take part later on in the main debate itself, which will follow the routine council business.

The discussion will not be adversarial, but we’re calling into question some key assumptions. Unquestioned, these assumptions could leave all north London residents being financially penalised for not producing enough black-bag waste. And yet we're encouraged to avoid waste, and to reuse and recycle!?. Our short speech will be enough to make some very telling criticism. For more details, see below.

We hope we’ll see some of you there. There’s room for 60 or 70 in the gallery, and if it's full, it will concentrate the minds of the council. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to email us ( .


“In a few weeks the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) will be signing a waste contract for a total value of £4 bn. Haringey, as one of the seven NLWA member councils, will be participating.

As part of this, the council either has already, or will have approved in the near future, a contract with the NLWA. The contract will guarantee a Minimum Tonnage (GMT) of residual (black bag) waste to be delivered to the NLWA from Haringey for the initial 25 to 35 year term of the contract.

Residents commend the Council’s initiative on recycling, which has significantly increased the recycling rate towards the 2020 target of 50%.

However, in light of the fact that waste continues to decline and that the direction of policy is towards waste prevention and re-use, residents are deeply concerned that the Council, and by extension they themselves as Council Tax payers, will incur financial penalties under the GMT agreement – because they are producing too little residual waste. Thus the welcome gains from reduced landfill tax may be substantially eroded by compensation to the NLWA contractor for lost revenue.

The Pinkham Way Alliance, speaking on behalf of concerned residents, feels that these are questions which are too little understood and need open discussion.”
Pinkham Way Public Meeting

Public Meeting


Pinkham Way

The huge waste treatment plant still proposed for our area.

This will affect you - Find out how!


Thursday 22nd November

Meeting starts 7.45pm

St. John’s Parish Centre,

(Behind St. John’s Church)

Friern Barnet Road, N11 3BS


Speaking will be:

Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP, our local MP;

Andrew Dismore, London Assembly Member for Barnet & Camden;

Pinkham Way Alliance representatives;

Our Councillors Pauline Coakley-Webb,

Barry Rawlings & Kate Salinger.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) is still determined that thousands of residents here in Friern Barnet will be subjected to the smells and air pollution generated by a massive new waste treatment plant called a Mechanical & Biological Treatment (MBT) Plant, which they want to build at Pinkham Way next to the North Circular Road, opposite the Friern Bridge Retail Park.

Just some of the reasons why you will you be affected:

  • Refuse trucks from at least three boroughs will normally make two trips a day through Friern Barnet to reach Pinkham Way.

  • 300,000 tonnes of waste will be sorted and processed at Pinkham Way and then transported away, again by road, in many large heavy goods vehicles 7 days a week.

  • It is estimated that this double handling of the waste will mean around 600-700 additional heavy lorry movements through our already crowded streets each day. This will create even more traffic congestion and air pollution than we have now.

  • Waste treatment plants are vulnerable to fire. A major fire at Pinkham Way would shut the North Circular Road and the East Coast main railway line for hours causing gridlock throughout the area.

  • Pinkham Way is surrounded by thousands of houses, flats and many schools. It is not in an industrial zone.

  • The processing of the waste creates unpleasant smells which can easily be spread on the wind throughout a large area, especially in the warmer summer months.

  • Pinkham Way today is a pleasant grade 1 Site of Importance for Nature Conservation, one of only a few in this part of London. It would be destroyed by the development.

  • Sales of residential property in the area will be affected if this goes ahead.

  • We agree that our waste cannot be sent to landfill anymore, however total waste is reducing each year and this trend can be accelerated with your help.

  • The best cities in the world already recycle over 80% of their waste; Barnet today only recycles around 32%. There is so much more we could do!

  • It is far cheaper to recycle our waste than to process it and saves taxpayers’ money.

  • If waste levels continue to fall the NLWA already has many other sites which could be developed instead of building on new green land at Pinkham Way.

This meeting is jointly sponsored by the Pinkham Way Alliance, the Friern Barnet & Whetstone Residents’ Association and the Friern Village Residents’ Association.

Message from Save Friern Barnet Library


Save Friern Barnet Library is organising a musical event, details below.


PWA Comedy Night
The Step hosts Comedy Night to Support the PWA
8pm Thursday 15th November 2012
Just a quick message today. We’re very pleased to announce our first funny fundraiser...

It’s a comedy night in the heart of Bounds Green and Bowes Park, at The Step ( on Myddleton Road. If you’ve not been before, this is a great excuse to visit a venue that’s proving a real asset to the area.

We’re lucky to have the services of their resident compere, Chris Marco K ( . He’ll be hosting an evening that will include a variety of rising stars on the London stand-up circuit, and includes some musical and character comedy.

Joining Chris are Jenny Beake, Don Biswas, Kate McGann, Tony Marrese, President Obonjo and Andy Onions.

This PWA comedy night starts at 8pm on Thursday 15 November, at The Step, 101 Myddleton Road, N22 8NE. Tickets are available on the door only, at £10 each, and all profits will go towards our campaign.

We can’t promise it’ll be clean... but it will be funny.

For full details, please visit our events website ( .

Of course, there's a serious motive behind it all: there's an awful lot going on at the moment – more news soon – and we really need to keep the money coming in.

So, please come along if you’re able, and mention it to anyone you think would enjoy an evening of live comedy. Put it in the diary, and we'll remind you nearer the time.
Will Self book reading and discussion at Friern Barnet Library

2012 Man Booker prize nominee Will Self will be reading from his book UMBRELLA and available for discussion at the Friern Barnet Library (N11 3DR) on Wednesday November 14th at 7pm onwards.  It'll be a great event for fans of Mr Self, literature in general and it will help support our library.  Plus it's right on our doorstep.

PWA Update
Dear Supporters,

We've received a request from Chris Faulkner who is responsible for the Pinkham Way Village Green application. He received the letter (below) from the Open Spaces Society, he says It is vital that this matter is raised with local MPs by as many people as possible. Please send emails if you can to:

Lynne Featherstone -
Theresa Villiers -
David Burrowes

The Letter Chris received is as follows:

Dear Member

The Growth and Infrastructure Bill has its second reading in the House of Commons on Tuesday 30 October. Please write urgently to your MP to press him or her to speak against clause 13. This will make it more difficult, if not downright impossible, to register land in England as a town or village green once it has been identified for development.

The government wants to stop “vexatious” applications to register greens which, it claims, are being submitted solely to thwart development. In fact few applications are purely vexatious and the clause has the effect of killing genuine applications too.

The Bill says that a “trigger event” ”which includes first publication of a planning application or identification of the land for potential development in a local or neighbourhood plan” puts an immediate stop on any new application to register the land as a green. The trigger event may not even be public.

Furthermore, as soon as this part of the Act takes effect, no application to register can be made for land already subject to a trigger event unless that application has already been submitted.

When writing to your MP do, if you can, cite an example of a green in the constituency which has been registered in the last few years, is clearly being used and enjoyed by local people, and which might not have been registered had the Growth and Infrastructure Bill been law at the time. Send us your examples too.

The Open Spaces Society is briefing MPs to speak against this, and will be drafting amendments for the committee stage of the Bill. We shall keep you posted on progress.

Do contact me if you need further information. Please act fast, the second reading is on Tuesday.

Thanks for your help.

Kate Ashbrook
General Secretary
The Open Spaces Society (
25A Bell Street
Henley-on-Thames RG9 2BA
The Open Spaces Society is a registered charity (no 1144840)
and a company limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales (no 7846516).
La Paella Restaurant Southgate

In continuing our introductions to good local businesses that we recommend our residents check out we present La Paella.

La Paella is a little further away than the other establishments we've covered but it's well worth the short trip to Southgate.  Located a stone's throw from the Southgate tube and with ample metered parking on side streets this is a beautiful little Spanish tapas bar.

It's a family-run establishment that's been a mainstay of the Southgate scene for nearly two decades, great authentic food and drink that's reasonably priced, lovely atmosphere and good service.  Reservations can be made for intimate dining, larger parties and they do takeaway discounts, gets really full on weekends so do book early.

For further details and menu check out their website at

La Paella, 9 The Broadway, Southgate N14 6PH.  020 8882 7868.

PWA Workshop

PWA Workshop

7pm to 9pm - Sunday 21 October

Freehold Community Centre
9 Alexandra Road, N10 2EY

The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) are continuing at pace with a massive procurement to deal with waste in London for the next 30 years and more.

It's vital that we build pressure to halt the signing of huge contracts that could lead to the construction of the proposed waste plant on the Pinkham Way site.

This Sunday, we'd like our supporters to join us for a campaign workshop. We'll be working through the ways you can help spread information about the campaign and influence the people in power: emailing; letter writing; attending the surgeries of councillors, GLA members and MPs; press and publicity.

Working with the PWA's experienced researchers and committee members, you can play an important part in planning and launching this key part of the campaign.

The workshop will be from 7pm to 9pm, this Sunday 21 October, at the Freehold Community Centre, 9 Alexandra Road, Muswell Hill, N10 2EY. It’s the north end of Alexandra Road, right next to Hollickwood Park.

Help us reach out to a wider public and demonstrate that these waste proposals are not only wrong for the Pinkham Way site, but also costly and inappropriate for the whole of north London. We have the research to prove it, and to inform a better, alternative plan.

If you’ve got any questions, get in touch on

Please make an effort to be there. And thank you for your time in taking part in the recent consultation; we'll keep you updated.
PWA update
Melanie Masson has got The X Factor!
With no time at all before the deadline for the current consultation on changes that Haringey are trying to make to the planning status of the Pinkham Way site, we thought we’d send you a quick reminder.

If you haven’t already, please take a minute to use our sample response ( before this Friday, or sign your name in support of the PWA submission before this Thursday evening.

You can visit our webpage with consultation instructions ( , and the basics are laid out again later in this email.

Meanwhile, in case you’ve not picked up the story, it’s been an exciting few weeks for local resident and long-time Pinkham Way campaigner Melanie Masson. She’s thrilling the judges, crowds and home audiences in Bounds Green in the final stages of The X Factor!

Despite her new-found fame, Melanie has found time to continue her support, as you can see in this recent article from the Evening Standard ( .

Join us in wishing her good luck for Saturday (from 8.20pm on ITV1). Tune in if you want to see how she's doing and take part.

Still with music, and we owe Dame Emma Kirkby and lutenist Jakob Lindberg a sincere thank you for once again performing beautifully for us, this Sunday just past. With all proceeds going to the campaign, their continued support has now raised a substantial amount of money for what will continue to be an expensive fight.

Let's look forward to more fantastic fundraising events in the future (please get in touch if you've got an idea for one!). Here, again, are the details of how to respond to the consultation. Please act straight away.

How to respond to the consultation:

Did you respond to the 'reconsultation' (Nov 2011) on Haringey's attempt to redesignate Pinkham Wood as 'industrial', either with an individual response, or by giving your name in support of the PWA response?

If the answer is 'no': Please take two minutes to sign your name in support of the PWA response ( to this current consultation. (You are not eligible to respond individually at this point.)

If the answer is 'yes': Please use our sample reply to send an indvidual response ( . If this isn't possible, please be sure to at least quickly sign your name ( in support of the PWA response.

You can also read an overview of the PWA response ( .
PWA:Important consultation - Please help asap!‏
Emma Kirkby and Jakob Lindberg return - concert on October 7th
Despite over five years of preparation, the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) has been found legally unsound. And yet the North London Waste Authoirty (NLWA) has made it clear that it'll bludgeon forward with plans for Pinkham Wood regardless.

We must remain vigilant as ever; it's essential that we're out in force for every battle. There's a consultation ending in less than a week, at 5pm on Friday 12 October, that we really need everyone participate in.

Please act now, and ensure that any other adult members of your household do the same.

Consultation: Modifications to Haringey Strategic Policies

In November 2011, many of us responded to the ‘reconsultation’ that Haringey were forced to undertake over their attempt to redesignate the Pinkham Way site as ‘industrial’.

After his hearing in February 2012, the inspector has now suggested his changes to Haringey’s Strategic Policies. The consultation on these changes ends at 5pm on Friday 12 October.

Although the inspector agreed that there was no justification for redesignating Pinkham Wood as ‘industrial’ this time, the door may have been left ajar for Haringey to try again.

Also, it appears that our attempts to stop the council from deliberately weakening the strong conservation status that they have previously given Pinkham Wood have not yet been successful.

It is crucial, therefore, that we politely let the council and the inspector know that we're aware of these things and that we're not satisfied with the situation.

How to respond to the consultation:

Did you respond to the 'reconsultation' (Nov 2011) on Haringey's attempt to redesignate Pinkham Wood as 'industrial', either with an individual response, or by giving your name in support of the PWA response?

If the answer is 'no': Please take two minutes to sign your name in support of the PWA response ( to this current consultation. (You are not eligible to respond individually at this point.)

If the answer is 'yes': Please use our sample reply to send an indvidual response ( . If this isn't possible, please be sure to at least quickly sign your name ( in support of the PWA response.

You can read an overview of the PWA response ( .

Emma Kirkby this weekend - tickets still available!

A final reminder of this great opportunity to see Dame Emma Kirkby, who will perform Bach, Dowland and Purcell with lutenist Jakob Lindberg.

The recital is at 4pm on Sunday 7 October, at St Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road, N10 2DD. It's £15 for adults, and £10 for under-16s.

Find out more ( - the remaining tickets will be available on the door from 3.15pm.

Finally, we'd like to say a very big thank you to The Laboratory Spa & Health Club ( , for their generous donation. To have a major local business step forward at this critical time in the campaign is very important, and will hopefully be a catalyst for more to do so.

See you on Sunday, and please don't forget to take part in the consultation ( .
PWA update
The bad news first. As predicted, the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) are making it clear that they will push straight ahead with their plans to choose a bidder to develop Pinkham Way, who will then put in a detailed planning application for the site.

We did formally suggest to the waste authority that, with the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) derailed, now was the ideal time to take stock, and work together on a sensible and sustainable plan for north London’s waste.

However, they have taken no notice; they're going to forget the waste plan, and get on with their procurement anyway. If this sounds outrageous and ominous, that’s because it is both.

It hardly needs saying, but collective action and fundraising are more vital than ever to our chances of stopping them. News on responding to the current Haringey consultation will follow very soon, and we must push for as many responses as possible.

Moving on to fundraising , and the good news:

Emma Kirkby fundraiser on 7 October

It’s barely a week until we have another chance to see world-renowned soprano Dame Emma Kirkby perform right on our doorsteps.

Please make a real effort to come, and tell your friends (even the ones who don’t have the shadow of a waste factory hanging over them... ). Music lovers will jump at the chance to hear her in such an intimate venue, and at a bargain price.

Her recital will be at 4pm on Sunday 7 October, at St Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road, N10 2DD. It's £15 for adults, and £10 for under-16s.

Her last concert for us was a sellout - don't leave it to the last minute!
Find out more and book your tickets ( now.

Emma will be accompanied by lutenist Jakob Lindberg, and we are extremely grateful to both of them for their generosity.

See you on Sunday 7th, and, before that, our thoughts on responding to the consultation will be with you shortly.
Stop press! Waste plan decision made!

You wait all summer for a planning inspector’s decision, then two come
at once...

Last Friday was a big day. Inspectors reported back on two of the key
planning matters that so many of us have put time and money into.

1. North London Waste Plan (NLWP)

The NLWP, which fixes a waste strategy for the seven north London
boroughs for the next 15 years, has been more than five years in the

Nevertheless, as he suggested in June, the NLWP inspector has found the
submitted plan to be legally unsound. The north London councils have
failed to cooperate with their adjacent boroughs outside the capital,
who receive a proportion of their waste.

The councils must now withdraw the whole plan and start again, or try
to fix this problem in order to resubmit the existing version.

Even if it gets fixed, the plan will inevitably be delayed by months,
and we still believe that it’s fundamentally flawed in many ways
besides this failure to cooperate.

2. Haringey’s Core Strategy (now called ‘Strategic Policies’)

At a hearing on February 22nd, we fought Haringey’s move to redesignate
the Pinkham Way site as ‘industrial’. The inspector has agreed with us
on this main point and has not permitted the council to make the

It was clearly a specious attempt to make the land suitable for waste
management as required by the Mayor’s planning guidelines for London.
As we pointed out at the hearing, this was tried after bullying by the
North London Waste Authority (NLWA).

A consultation is now open on the inspector’s suggested changes to
Haringey’s Strategic Policies. We’ll be submitting a response before
the deadline of Friday 12 October. If the inspector allows, we’ll be
asking you to sign your name in support.

We’ll be in touch again with more detail on these two big decisions.

In the meantime, despite the positive news, we must all be very clear
that this battle is far from over.

The NLWA are very advanced on a huge procurement process that's
separate from the waste plan. With the Pinkham Way preparation already
done, they'll have nothing to lose by pushing on with the planning
application if at all possible.

Of course, as long as the fight continues, fundraising will remain
critical to our success.

The fantastic news on that front is that Dame Emma Kirkby will be
generously giving us another afternoon concert, on Sunday 7 October!

Keep the date free, tell your friends and we’ll let you know as soon as
tickets are available.
BBC Radio 4


Our very own PPM was mentioned on Radio 4;

Will Self has written a novel set in PPM about an epidemic of encephalitis lethargica after World War I that killed almost a million people and left many others in a catatonic state.  He spoke to Today programme reporter Nicola Stanbridge about it.

Link here:


Join the ‘PPM Social Club’!

The Princess Park Manor Social Club is getting its groove on! Be a part of this great community and join us on Facebook or by registering your interest on the email below!


  • URGENTLY CALLING ALL GARDENING ENTHUSIASTS! We are in desperate need to help a few hardworking residents tackle the bindweed problem that has broken out on the grounds. If you're not aware, bindweed completely takes over the plant and systematically kills it. 
    This is a great opportunity to get involved, meet follow residents, develop a new hobby and do some good -

  • Halloween at the PPM! We are looking to organize a Trick or Treat excursion for our little monsters, superheroes and princesses around PPM at the end of October. Please let me know if you’d like to put your child/children’s name down or would like to be a volunteer to accompany the group OR if you would be interested to have your name on a list where our little revellers can visit to get their hands on some candy!

  • We now have an active KNITTING CLUB that meets at Boyden’s Café every Monday at 10am! Knitters at every level including beginners are very welcome to learn, chat and have a well deserved cuppa! Feel free to ping me for more information

* Please join the PPM Social Club’ page on FaceBook and keep abreast of what’s happening at the Manor!

If you prefer to receive updates by email, please let me know and I’ll be happy to keep you informed of any events and exclusive deals!

Sameerah Siddiqui

Curry Night to support the PWA

Pinkham Way Alliance's first Curry Night is on Wednesday 1st August
from 7.30pm at ZaynZah Restaurant in Muswell Hill, 148 Colney Hatch
, Muswell Hill, 
London N10 1ER.

The lovely people at ZaynZah have been keen supporters of the PWA and
have been wondering how they can help us. They have kindly agreed to
donate 20% of the evening's food takings to the campaign, so this is
one occasion when you can eat masses and feel thoroughly virtuous about

They have provided a special fixed price menu
which will cost a very reasonable £13.50 per head.

If you fancy going out for a curry and are free on 1st August, please
contact the restaurant directly to reserve a table, either through
their website online booking form or by phone Tel: 020 8444 9855 or
020 8444 9808.

It would help us greatly if you could book early, as we need to keep
an eye on numbers. I very much hope to see some of you there.
Pinkham Way update


Haringey's consultation on a local application to make Pinkham Way 'Town or Village Green' ends this Friday 20th July.

If the application is successful, it will not be possible for anyone to build on this site.

Since our last newsletter in this subject, it has been confirmed that the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and co-owner of the land Barnet Council will be engaging an experienced legal team to fight the application.

Please help us to ensure that the case for preserving the land as open and accessible is as strong as it can possibly be.

If you haven't already, please respond before the end of Friday this week.  The more adult members of every household who reply individually the better.

Olympic Torch Relay


The Olympic torch will be passing by our front gates on Friern Barnet Lane on the 25th July at approximately 2.30pm.

For more information please consult this month's copy of Barnet First which you should have had delivered to you last week or check website for details


We don’t yet know whether last week’s suspension of the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) hearing will just delay it until autumn, or lead to the plan being thrown out.

However, either of these outcomes signal what is now a very dangerousperiod for our campaign. We absolutely must continue to be vigilant and work hard.

There’s now a real risk that the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) will try to push forward the planning application for a massive facility at Pinkham Way regardless of the waste plan. If this happens, it is likely to be soon.

The NLWA owns the Pinkham Way site, and has been forging ahead with a multi-billion pound procurement process for dealing with waste in north London, now at an advanced stage.

We must assume that it will use this momentum to steamroll towards completing its current plans. If the procurement is stopped, it’ll be hugely problematic for the authority.

There are also signs that Haringey Council may be trying to wriggle away from its public claim that this planning application is ‘on hold’ until afterthe inspector's final hearing for the NLWP. If so, it's not hard to imagine why.

We are taking immediate legal advice about how to approach this perilous situation. As ever, this is costing money. I’m sure you can appreciate that we must all remain totally engaged with the campaign, and, crucially, continue raising money as best we can.

On that note, we are very pleased to offer another fantastic fundraising concert.


Our next fundraising concert is on Sunday 8 July, at St Andrew's Church on Alexandra Park Road at 4pm.

The Galitzin Chamber Ensemble, which includes members of the quartet who gave such an exciting recital in February, will perform famous works by Strauss and Kodaly, and Schubert's magnificent Trout Quintet.

We are very excited to welcome pianist Sam Haywood, who made such an impression aged 13 as a finalist on BBC Young Musician of the Year. He's since gone on to an international career, and collaborates regularly with stars such as Joshua Bell and Stephen Isserlis.

This group has very strong links to the Muswell Hill area, and the Ichinose brothers, who grew up here, are joined by their sister, and by young British-American talent, violinist Shana Douglas.

For full details and to buy tickets (at £10 for adults) please visit our events website.

Please do come along; we must continue to raise money as fast as we possibly can. You can also donate here.

You can read our report on the suspension of the NLWP, Remember, this suspension could lead to the planning application being brought forward rather than being delayed further - don't hesitate to inform your friends and neighbours about this.

You can follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook Group.

Kind regards,
Bidesh Sarkar
Pinkham Way Alliance

PWA donations

The RA has donated £350 to the Pinkham Way Alliance as we feel it is a very important cause for PPM and these guys need our help.

If you can afford it then please make yourself aware of the issues and donate what you can, thank you.



A huge milestone in our campaign is here: an inspector’s public hearing of the North London Waste Plan (NLWP).  It’s imperative that we have as much public support as possible.

The NLWP hearing starts this week, but the two crucial days – regarding whether the Pinkham Way site should be put forward for waste usage – are on Tue 19 and Wed 20 June, near Euston.

Please make every effort to come to any of this that you’re able. It's not a demonstration; we'll just need to watch proceedings quietly from the public gallery.

Anyone at the Haringey hearing in February will realise that our presence will make a definite and important impression on the inspector.

As we all know, our local councils are stakeholders in the plan and they committed to the successful delivery of its current version a long time ago. This is a vital chance to show an official with a responsibility to be objective, and who's not tied up in the process, that we know exactly what has been going on and that we feel very strongly about it.

We realise that work days are difficult, but if anyone is able to get there, even just for an hour or so, please do. The view that the inspector takes will play a defining role in whether this massive waste factory gets built.

Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 June (10am – 1pm, 2pm – 5pm)
Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1H 9BD

For more details, click here.

A reminder that we need more people to support our response to Haringey's consultation about any difference the new planning guidelines (the NPPF) will make to our objections to their Core Strategy. Our deadline for collecting your details is 1pm, this Monday, 11 June.

Please take one minute to add your name to our response.

As ever, please add details individually for every adult member of your household and don't add yourself more than once.

If you have trouble with the web form (it's not accessible from some tablets and mobile devices) please email us and we will add your details ourselves.

You can visit our website for more detail on how the NPPF is relevant to our campaign.

Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook Group.

To help us pay the considerable cost of retaining the experts who will appear at the NLWP hearing on all our behalf, please donate here .

Kind regards,
Bidesh Sarkar
Pinkham Way Alliance

North London waste plan final deadline in June



Our final submission for the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) inspector was made last week. The NLWP hearing starts on 12 June.

A summary of our arguments and the key documents themselves are available on the website, details below.

Once again, we owe a huge debt to the small group of local experts who have given their time – and months of it – to prepare our case.

This lengthy voluntary work to guide the paid lawyers, planning consultant and waste expert is vital. Without it, our resources would fall well short of being able to ensure such compelling objections.

Although more than half way to our NLWP fundraising target, we’re currently £15,000 short of the amount needed to pay these professional advisors to fully prepare for and appear at the NLWP hearing itself.

We need to find this total quickly in order to pay for their services in early June.

Please donate now if you can. And if you’re able to raise some money for us, that would be great.

We'll be in touch soon with ideas about this, and news of more top class fundraising concerts.


You can read a summary of our objections to the NLWP.

You can also see our full NLWP submission documents.

Message from PWA re: Coppets Wood


As you may know, Pinkham Wood has a mirror site, north-west of and adjacent to the Colney Hatch Lane Tesco superstore.

Both sites were once sewage works; both closed as such in 1963. Interestingly, it’s precisely this past that’s given rise to such rich and diverse natural life on both.

In 1997, Barnet Council made Coppetts Wood a Local Nature Reserve, and it thrives as a fantastic bit of countryside for enjoyment and learning.

Run by volunteers, it is something of an inspiration for what Pinkham Wood itself could become. Local conservationist and valued PWA expert Ollie Natelson has just won a civic award for his work there.

On Sunday 20 May, from 2pm to 4.30pm, you can enjoy the Woodland Spring Festival at Coppetts Wood.  It’s a great time to see the site if you’ve never been. As last year, the PWA will have a stall there.

For details, including maps and flyers, visit our website.You can also find out much more on  the Coppetts Wood website.

Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook Group.

To contribute to the cost of experts who are helping us make the case against the North London Waste Plan at its forthcoming hearing, pleasedonate here.

Kind regards,
Bidesh Sarkar
Pinkham Way Alliance

The Royal Bengal

Another phenomenal Asian restaurant right across the street from us is the Royal Bengal.  Serving up authentic Bengali cuisine in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere, once again with excellent service and very friendly staff.

If you're looking for a proper restaurant setting then look no further.  They also do take aways and deliveries from their website

PWA benefit gig info

Dan Gillespie Sells, winner of the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for Songwriting and lead singer of The Feeling, grew up in Bounds Green. Along with local musicians and friends from the Toybox session band, he will be performing a fundraiser on Sunday 22 April at 4pm in Highgate’s famous Boogaloo club, on Archway Road (N6 5AT).
The Feeling are a multi-platinum selling band, and to have the frontman performing on his home turf along with other local musicians is a huge bonus for our campaign.
Please come if you can, and let your friends/children/friends’ children know. Influenced by some of the enduring songwriters of the 70s and 80s, it’ll be catchy melodic pop music suitable for all generations.
We really need to get the most we can from this great opportunity, and it’s only a week away, so please spread the word.

You can read more details and order your tickets here.


We are extremely grateful for all the help with leaflets, and for the donations that are coming in to fund our vital opposition to the North London Waste Plan (NLWP). We're a third of the way to our present target - please keep up the good work.

The NLWP inspector has published his initial agenda for the June hearing, and has asked that the Pinkham Way Alliance (PWA) speak at every session. It is essential that we pay for specialists to help us prepare for and present our case at the public hearing.

The inspector’s pre-hearing meeting was this Thursday (12 April), attended by local volunteers with relevant expertise who are generously giving their time to the PWA campaign. As ever, let’s support the brilliant work they’re doing on our behalf.

Pinkham Way Alliance benefit gig

On Sunday 22 April at 4pm we are holding a benefit gig at the fabulous Highgate live music venue The Boogaloo, 312 Archway Road, N6 5AT. Popular session band The Toybox, will be performing with special guest Dan Gillespie Sells  - singer/songwriter of the award-winning pop band,The Feeling.  
Dan grew up close to Pinkham Wood and is delighted to offer his support to our campaign, along with The Toybox, a collective of top session musicians. It will be a really unique event at a great venue. The funds generated will go towards paying experts to help us prepare our full case for the inspector at the public examination of the North London Waste Plan in June. It is in this plan that Pinkham Wood has been put forward as suitable for waste treatment and the examination may give us the best chance of stopping these proposals that we’ll get.

Tickets are £15 for adults and £10 for under 16s. They can be bought on the door on in advance, but there are only 180 tickets, so please book early to avoid disappointment!
Read more information and order tickets for this concert on our events website.

Good local businesses

Dear resident,

We've just put up the first of what will hopefully become a series of promotions for good local businesses, the first being The Boulevard Club.

The aim is to make residents aware of what local establishments or services are recommended and to keep them in business!  Since we may not all be aware of what we have in the area this will hopefully help us keep it local.

If you know of any business close to PPM that you would recommend to others then please contact us and we'll check them out and post about them here.


The Boulevard Club

The Boulevard Club

This place is a wonderful Indian gastro-pub located right on our doorstep just across the street from the main gate to PPM.

The food is superb, authentic and reasonably priced.  Drinks are served, they have lots of comfortable seating room, TVs showing live sports, friendly staff  and great service!

In addition to meals cooked fresh on the premises they also do take-aways and marinated raw food ready to go on your own BBQ.

If you ever need somewhere to go then this fine local establishment is it!

115 Friern Barnet Road, N11 3EU, 020-8368-2200.


Pinkham Way update


Looming very large for us all now are the final stages of the North London Waste Plan (NLWP). The plan is of huge significance, because it puts Pinkham Wood forward as suitable and necessary for handling waste.
We all know that the site is not suitable. Waste projections for London suggest that the massive facility intended for the site isn’t necessary. In fact, it may require waste from outside the capital to make it financially viable for the contractor that runs it.
We submitted strong objections last summer in a Pinkham Way Alliance response to the NLWP consultation, which ended on 8 July 2011. Over 850 of us put our name to the objections, with some making individual submissions.
The NLWP was submitted to the Secretary of State on 28 February 2012. An independent inspector has been appointed, who will examine the plan in public (EiP) for two weeks from 11 June 2012. In the run up to this, on 12 April, his 'pre-hearing meeting' will determine an exact agenda for the June fortnight.
This hearing may well give us the best chance of stopping these plans that we’ll get. If we don't make our case in the best possible way, the NLWP will be free to defend a plan that does not stack up and which could have a disastrous impact on this part of North London for generations.
Weeks of unpaid preparation by local experts are already underway, and these people wouldn’t be involved if they didn’t think we had strong arguments. But we estimate a need for around £35,000 to pay for the necessary professionals to add vital knowledge, and present it for us at the NLWP hearing in June.
Central to this will be our excellent planning consultant from the Core Strategy hearing. However, the NLWP will require much more of his time than the Core Strategy hearing did, and therefore cost more.
This is a lot of money to raise in a short space of time. Many thousands of fundraising leaflets are about to be delivered – thank you so much to all of you helping with this. Let’s all use word of mouth and our local networks to let everyone know how important it is that we raise this money.
Please donate – every penny will make a difference. The NLWP is much larger than the local issues we’ve fought on so far, and the opposition will be very well funded. We know we have a strong case to argue; it would be a real shame to have got this far only to fade away due to lack of money.
No one is going to fight this battle for us. We have been left, as a community, to do it ourselves.

Our website has more details on the North London Waste Plan.

Just a quick reminder that you can visit our website for details of how to lobby candidates for the London Assembly.

Message from the Pinkham Way Alliance


The Mayor of London will ultimately decide the Pinkham Way planning application. We need as many people as possible to write to the candidates for Mayor of London and let them know this is an issue they should be concerned about.

We have written to the main Mayoral candidates and to the local London Assembly candidates setting out our objections. Click here to see our letter.
To lobby the mayoral candidates all you need to do is click on the links below and add your message in the comments box. You're welcome to use any of our letter, or even just the following:

I am very concerned about plans by the NLWA to build a huge waste plant on greenfield land at Pinkham Way N10. DEFRA confirms this is unnecessary to meet the EU’s 2020 landfill diversion targets. It will worsen existing traffic congestion and air pollution in the area. Please respond.

An online form for Boris Johnson.(Conservative)

An online form for Ken Livingstone. (Labour)

An online form for Brian Paddick. (Liberal Democrat)

An email to reach Jenny Jones. (Green Party)

Please note that Boris is also running an online survey about what people want for London. Questions 2 and 3 are relevant to us (you don't have to answer all the others, but you will have to click through to the end to leave your name).

There is also another way to reach Ken Livingstone  -'Tell Ken' - the comment limit is 140 characters. We've gone with this:

I'm very concerned about plans by NLWA to build a huge waste plant on greenfield land at Pinkham Way N10 that DEFRA says is unnecessary.

Please visit our website for details of how to lobby candidates for the London Assembly, and for more information about the whole issue.

Please donate if you’re able.
Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook Group.
Benefit Concert for Pinkham Way Alliance

The following is a message from the Pinkham Way Alliance;

On Sunday 26 February at 4pm we are holding a benefit concert at St Andrew's Church on Alexandra Park Road, Muswell Hill, London N10 2DD. The Galitzin Quartet will be performing a very exciting programme:

Haydn - Quartet in G minor, Op.74 No.3 ('Rider')
Mendelssohn - Quartet in D major, Op.44 No.1
Beethoven - Quartet in B flat major, Op. 130 (alternative finale)
This award-winning string quartet met at the Royal Academy of Music in 2003, where they held the Leverhulme Chamber Music Fellowship. They have since performed all over Europe, and the first violinist, Pedro Mereiles (described as one of the most promising violinists from a new generation of musicians in Portugal), is flying in from Lisbon especially to perform.
Tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for under 16s. Refreshments will be provided as always. It’ll be an exciting event at a beautiful venue and a packed audience would give the campaign a much needed boost for the next stage of battle, which begins on 28 February when the revised North London Waste Plan (NLWP) is submitted to the government planning inspector.
It is in this plan that Pinkham Wood has been put forward as suitable for a waste treatment plant. The public examination of the NLWP is likely to be in June and we urgently need donations to pay for experts who can help us prepare our full case for the inspector and appear for us at the hearing.

For more information and to order tickets for this concert,

Also, you can donate here.
Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter, and join the Facebook Group.

We hope to see you all there!

Last minute consultation request from PWA


A quick, and very last-minute request. Apologies for the late notice, but we’ve only just found out about it. It's worth doing even if you slightly miss the deadline - the council are very likely to accept your submission.

Enfield Council has been asking for opinions on their North Circular Area Action Plan (NCAAP). It’s to gauge what people think of their plans for large regeneration around the North Circular (A406) in Southgate, Bowes and Palmers Green.

Please make a quick submission to this consultation (you can do so on the Enfield website or by email). Unfortunately, the official deadline is the end of Friday 24 February, so we’ll need to move very quickly. As mentioned, if this is too soon, it's definitely worth emailing them something quick after this date, even if the online form closes.

Whether you live in Enfield, Barnet or Haringey, with their boundaries so close, this is relevant to you. For full details, visit our website here. We have included a sample response to the consultation.

The online form for the consultation is here. NB: If this form is no longer open, please refer back to our website (see links, above), to find out where to email your response to.

Pinkham Way waste site public hearing


To recap, on Wed 22 Feb (and, possibly, Thurs 23 Feb), an independent planning inspector will assess our objections to last-minute changes made by Haringey to their Core Strategy in 2010. This will without doubt be one of the key days for this whole campaign. We’ve worked together to carve out a real chance to attack important groundwork that supporters of this waste plant probably expected would make it under the radar unhindered.
It's important that we fully reinforce how strongly we feel about this issue by filling the viewers’ gallery. It is rare that a community will get people in numbers to this sort of hearing, and it will not go unnoticed by the inspector. Many people have worked long and hard on the submissions that he'll hear on the day, and there’s no better way to show our appreciation for this than to be there.
We do realise that it’s a big ask on a weekday. However, if you are free for any part of it, please do come along. Some of us will be taking a little time off work (even if just to duck out early and catch the last couple of hours); we completely understand that this may not be an option for you, but please give it some thought.
As mentioned before, our role will simply be to sit quietly and listen. This is not a demonstration. Also, we shouldn't take children.
The hearing will take place on Wed 22 Feb, at  Wood Green Civic Centre. It will start at 10am, with lunch at 1-2pm, and finish at 5.30pm. There will be breaks half-way through the am and pm sessions.
It’s fine to attend only part of the day, but  we should really try and arrive/leave only when there is a break, unless absolutely necessary.
For more details about what this hearing is for, visit the PWA website here. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch by email.
If you are able to come to some of it (and bring a friend/relative/innocent bystander!), please let us know by email. We need to check numbers, to ensure that that there aren’t too many (or too few) of us. In the meantime, please try and persuade others to come along if you can.

Please note that if one day turns out not to be long enough (which is quite likely), the hearing will continue on Thurs 23 Feb - if you're able to be on 'stand by' for this, please let us know.


Tickets are now on sale for our next fundraising concert on Sunday 26 February at St Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road. It starts at4pm and the award-winning Galitzin Quartet will be playing a fantastic programme of Hadyn, Mendelssohn and Beethoven string quartets.

For full details, and to order tickets at £10 (or £5 for under 16s), please visit the concert website. All proceeds go to  the campaign, and it's a great price to see such accomplished musicians in an intimate venue. As ever, we'll provide refreshments during the interval. Please spread the word!
Pinkham Wood update

Following our unified response to Haringey's 're-consultation' on their proposal to redesignate Pinkham Wood as industrial, the government inspector will hold a further public hearing. It will take place on Wed 22 Feb, at the Haringey Council Chamber in the Civic Centre.

With your donations, the PWA have engaged a planning consultant to respresent us on the day. But it's very important that enough of us attend to fill the chamber, to show our support by listening quietly to the proceedings. You may also have been invited to speak yourself.

Some of you, however, may have been specifically told that your reponse is not valid, and that you cannot speak. If you've been told this, please could you let us know asap.

It's important that you visit our website to find out more about this key day for our campaign, how Haringey officials have replied to objections, and what best we can all do next.
Our press officer – a founder of the PWA who's contributed a huge amount over the past 10 months – is unable to continue in this role. If you have communications experience and are willing to help manage our relationship with the media (which includes PWA press releases), please can you get in touch asap by email.

We also need someone to prepare and file PWA accounts and tax returns - please get in touch if you can help.

It would be fantastic if we could have a single rep. for every road in the area, who'd be responsible for delivering our flyers (just to their own street). Please let us know if you'd be willing to do this for your immediate road; it will require very little time.

In general, If you have expertise in planning, traffic, air quality or, particularly, waste - of if you know professionals in these areas who you could speak to - then please email us.


We've had a positive repsonse to our requests despite the difficult times. So far, we've raised in the region of £30,000 - which is great. However, we estimate that we'll need at least a further £20,000 over the coming few months as we head towards the final examination of the North London Waste Plan, and to the waste plant planning application itself.

Please donate if you're able, and let other people know that this is a vital part of the campaign. Do you have contacts at any local businesses or oganisations we can approach?

We are again very lucky to have another high-class performance dedicated to us in order to raise money. The Galitzin String Quartet are a young, award-winning UK group with local connections - two of them went to Rhodes Ave primary.

The quartet are confirmed for the afternoon of Sunday 26 February atSt Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road, and will be playing a full programme, made up of three classic works from the repertoire.

Next steps for the PWA


I am writing to thank you for your support for the Pinkham Way Alliance. The successes we have had so far have been dependent on what you and your neighbours have done, whether this has been coming out in force at demonstrations, writing to local councillors or MPs, or submitting objections to public consultations. We are also hugely grateful to those of you who have made donations towards our essential campaign costs. 
So far we have submitted crucial evidence to the planning inspector’s Examination in Public of Haringey’s Core Strategy, which forced the council to re-consult the public about its attempt to designate the Pinkham Way site as ‘industrial’ land. More than 1,550 people endorsed our response to the re-consultation, and a further 100 people have submitted individual objections. 
We have kept up pressure on Haringey over their ongoing activities to move the waste plant planning application forward despite their proclaiming it to be 'on hold' months ago. We finally received confirmation this week that it definitely will not be validated until after the North London Waste Plan has been examined by the planning inspector next year.
We have galvanised the three local MPs, who all now support our cause and are working together to stop the proposed development. Our ward councillors are now fully in accord with our aim, which has always been to prevent the building of a huge waste treatment plant on Pinkham Wood.
Serious objections have been raised with the planning inspector by us over the North London Waste Plan - we have called into doubt its soundness and accuracy, again by putting forward accurate and extensive legal arguments. 
Thanks to your generosity, so far we have raised over £20,000, all of which has now been carefully spent. These vital funds have enabled us to: 
  • Secure expert legal advice
  • Secure expert planning advice
  • Print the many leaflets, flyers and posters that we have posted through people's front doors and distributed at our awareness raising stalls and events.

We have also had to set up Pinkham Way Alliance Limited, a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, so that we could open a bank account, raise funds and have a legal identity to contract experts.
Thanks to unpaid work by generous local people, we have managed to minimise the amount of money spent by using our own professional expertise wherever possible. However, the costs of legal and plannning advice will continue to be our major outgoing.
Although we have made some very good progress, there is still a great deal to do over the coming weeks and months. We need to:
  • Secure expert legal and planning advice to ensure we can make powerful representations at the Examination in Public for the latest consultation on Haringey’s core strategy.
  • Secure expert legal and planning advice to ensure we can make powerful representations at the Examination in Public for the North London Waste Plan.
  • Prepare to  fight the planning application for the waste plant and vehicle depot if Haringey go ahead and validate it.
  • Prepare to lobby local politicians and the mayoral candidates about Pinkham Wood.
  • Publicise what is being planned even more widely so we can mobilise public opinion and turn it into concrete action that will prevent this massive disruption to our lives.
To do all of this we urgently need to raise further funds. We will need another £30,000 to cover the next tranches of legal and planning advice, and in the longer term, we will continue to require funding to maintain the campaign.
Please give what you can using one of the methods below:
  • Online by PayPal 
  • Pay into PWA account at a branch of HSBC: sort code 40-04-37 account number 81689320
  • Write a cheque or postal order payable to Pinkham Way Alliance Ltd and send it to the Pinkham Way Alliance, c/o Hollickwood School, Sydney Road, Muswell Hill, London N10 2NL
All donation information can be found on the donations page of our website.

Meanwhile, please keep spreading the word to friends and neighbours. The more of us who collaborate, the stronger we’ll be. 

Kind regards,
Bidesh Sarkar
Pinkham Way Alliance
Thanks from the PWA.



A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in responding to the Haringey 're-consultation', which ended yesterday. More than 1550 people put their name to the PWA response, and Haringey receivedwell over 100 individual submissions.

How many responses did they get last time they consulted on this contentious issue, in late 2010? It was 10...

Thank you so much to everyone who responded, signed-up, delivered leaflets, donated money, contacted councillors, spoke to their community or did anything else to help.
As usual, further details on their official website.
Response needed for current reconsultation for Pinkham Way

Thank for your patience in waiting for our thoughts about the current re-consultation on Haringey’s repeated attempt to redesignate the Pinkham Wood site as industrial. Our outline of points you may like to consider in your response is now on our website.

It is important that as many of us reply as possible. By changing the designation, Haringey will make the site fit with GLA plans to use industrial land of precisely this type for waste treatment (outlined in the GLA London Plan, July 2011). The council also appear to be trying to diminish the conservation status of this rich woodland. This will make it much easier to grant planning permission for industrial development.

If you’re not able to respond, it's vital that you add your name and details to support the PWA response. Details of how are on our website - it will take you no more than a minute or two. Please don’t respond yourselfand add your name; just do one or the other. We've confirmed with the planning inspectorate that your input - whether you respond or add your name to the PWA response - will be valid.

It would be great if you could forward this request on to as many people in the area as you can. Let’s show the independent inspector in great numbers that we oppose Haringey’s attempt to pave the way for a highly inappropriate industrial process in our community. We have also attached one of our latest leaflets - please distribute some locally if you're able.

The final deadline for responses is Thursday 3 November, but if you’re adding your name to the PWA submission, please do so by Wednesday 2 November.

Details to help you write your own response to the re-consultation. Alternatively add your support to the PWA response by signing our form. If you don't see our online form when you click the link you may need to refresh your browser, or clear your recent browsing history and try again.

Upcoming concert for Pinkham Way Alliance, other updates.

Please visit for full info.


We are delighted that internationally acclaimed soprano (and Muswell Hill resident) Dame Emma Kirkby will be performing locally in aid of the PWA.
Her concert will be at 4pm on Sunday 20 November, in St Andrew’s Church, Alexandra Park Road. 


On 19 July, Haringey Council proclaimed on its website: “Pinkham Way application on hold”. Despite this, it transpires that Haringey’s planning department has been in contact with the applicants (Barnet Council and the North London Waste Authority) over the summer months about ongoing, major changes to this supposedly “on hold” application.

Haringey planners are insisting that they have to continue with this evolving planning application until they can ‘validate’ it (that is, confirm that it is legally complete). We have made clear our serious concerns about this attempt to validate the planning application in a recent letter to the Haringey Cabinet. There are legal questions that need clearing up; we’ll keep you posted.

Read more information on this worrying situation, and why it only benefits the applicants.

Please help us pressurise the politicians of Haringey right away to get them to do what they said they would do and not take this planning application forward until after the planning inspector has scrutinised the over-arching North London Waste Plan next spring.
Information for contacting Haringey Councillors.


If you've received an email invitation to take part from Haringey Council,please hold your fire. We are seeking expert opinion, and will circulate what we’ve learned in the week of  Monday 24 October - the reconsultation closes on 3 November. If you've already replied, there's nothing to stop you adding to your submission later.
You can help by printing out copies of a single A4 page (also available on our website) and delivering it to as many houses in your road as you can. It has a tear-off strip so people can send it to Haringey asking to be consulted. It would be great if we could all do this as soon as possible. We must let people who don't get this newsletter, and especially those who do not have access to email, know what is going on.
Haringey Council consulting again regarding Pinkham Way

There is a bit of positive news, but we’ll need your support right away to capitalise on it.

In June, the government inspector looking at Haringey’s new Core Strategy agreed with the Pinkham Way Alliance and our lawyers – that it may not be sound.

In the inspector’s view, Haringey’s consultation on certain ‘fundamental changes’ - including a change in designation for the Pinkham Wood site from ‘employment’ to ‘industrial’ usage - was not fit for purpose.

Visit the Pinkham Way Alliance website now for details of how to demand your right to be consulted.

For deeper context and explanation on the changes Haringey are trying to make, read more about the PWA and the Haringey Core Strategy.

Don't forget you can also follow us on Twitter, join the Facebook Group and access information from our partner website the Pinkham Panthers.

If you're able to donate to help with this, please do.

Help save Friern Barnet Library

Saturday July 16th, 2-4pm at the Friern Barnet Library.

Children's activities, free refreshments, allotlment stall, best 'Save our library' banner competition, local history and much more!

Contact the organisers at



Request from Pinkham Way Alliance for donations

Donations needed to stop a waste plant
in our community

Dear Neighbour,

The Pinkham Way Alliance is leading the fight against plans to build a massive waste treatment plant in our community, on the woodland just east of the junction of the North Circular and Colney Hatch Lane.

We need money to employ specialist lawyers, and planning, traffic and environmental experts, to deal with the highly technical aspects of our objections to the North London Waste Plan and the North London Waste Authority’s recent planning application.

In addition to considerable outlay by Pinkham Way Alliance members, a small number of initial donations have helped pay for leaflet printing, and for preliminary advice from lawyers specialising in planning.

Our fighting fund now needs a considerable boost so that we can present the strongest possible arguments, based on expert assessments of complex planning documents, to challenge the proposals through each stage of a lengthy planning process. This could cost tens of thousands of pounds over the coming months - but, without professional assistance, our chances of winning will be slim. We will of course continue to minimise costs as best we can by drawing on voluntary expertise available to us locally. .

We are asking you to donate generously so that we can preserve the unique nature of our local area, and protect the health of all its residents. The public bodies that have steered this proposal without making sure that those whose lives it will affect most understood what was emerging must not be left unchallenged to do as they please. They appear to be united in their intention to go ahead with this huge facility, and if they are successful, we will then be left in the hands of a huge and commercially motivated waste contractor for decades.

We have no choice but to organise and fund this campaign ourselves, so please give what you can, using one of the methods below:

  • Pay into PWA account at HSBC: sort code 40-04-37, account number 81689320
  • By PayPal
  • Write a cheque or postal order payable to Pinkham Way Alliance Ltd and send it to Pinkham Way Alliance, c/o Hollickwood School, Sydney Road, Muswell Hill, London N10 2NL
  • See full donation information on our Pinkham Way Alliance and Pinkham Panthers websites.

If you can send some money now or even set up a small monthly payment, that would be fantastic; whatever you can afford is valuable. Also, if you're able to help fund the costs of specific advice - for example, relating to a traffic assessment - but would like to be directly involved in engaging experts and overseeing the work, that would be welcomed; please get in touch.

We will of course keep you updated about how money donated to Pinkham Way Alliance is being spent.

Meanwhile, please keep spreading the word to friends and neighbours. The more of us to collaborate, the stronger we’ll be.

Thank you,
Bidesh Sarkar
Chair, Pinkham Way Alliance

NLWA Update

Please Respond to the North London Waste Plan

The deadline for responses on the soundness of the North London Waste Plan (NLWP) is very soon, on 8 July 2011.

If you have the expertise, we would urge you to respond to the plan yourself. We have some suggestions and examples to help with this.

Even if not, you can still act. The PWA is pulling together local expertise and professional services to make objections. To officially add your name to our submission, you can send us an email, just add your name to the bottom of the message.

Important News - Haringey Planning Consultation

Haringey Council has publicly confirmed that they will run a lengthy and comprehensive consultation on the NLWA/Barnet planning application. It will start in July, once the application has been validated, and continue until late October at the earliest.

The consultation process will also include public meetings, to be held in September.

Senior planner Marc Dorfman says that his team will take submissions from anyone whose opinion is "relevant", which therefore includes affected residents of all three adjacent boroughs - Barnet, Enfield and Haringey.

This means all of us... and it gives us time to carefully consider our thoughts and present them as best we can. Much more on this in due course.

Pinkham Way Alliance update

We reported last week that the North London Waste Authority submitted their planning application for the Pinkham Way site to Haringey Council [more]. Our source tells us that it could take Haringey Council another two weeks to check all the documents before they can make the planning application available online. Once it's online, and we've had a chance to take a proper look at it, we'll give you some info on how to object, who to object to and by when you have to do it. In the meantime, turn the kettle on and put you feet up. We'll keep you updated.

But, for those who can't wait, it will probably (possibly?) go online here somewhere.

Public meeting with MP, Friday 17 June

David Burrowes MP is holding a public meeting about Pinkham Wood on Friday 17 June from 7.00pm, at Broomfield School, Wilmer Way, London N14 7HY. Peter Storey and Colin Parish will also be speaking at this meeting on behalf of the Pinkham Way Alliance. [more details]

Up to date info can always be found on the main site covering this issue at

Demonstration cancelled on 23rd May

Please be advised that the demonstration being organised by the Bounds Green & District Residents' Association on 23 May has been cancelled.

The demonstration was to take place at the next Haringey Council meeting.

Instead, some of you may be interested in the special meeting of the Bounds Green Councillors to discuss Pinkham Wood which will be taking place at Bounds Green School on Wednesday 18 May from 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Proposal for new waste management facility at Pinkham Way.

The NLWA ( North London Waste Association) want to develop a ‘waste management facility ’ on the land adjacent to Sydney Road, Muswell Hill Golf Club and Hollickwood Park - with access from the slip roads between Colney Hatch and Bounds Green off the N CircularA406  (Pinkham Way).

For more information please follow this link


Pinkham Way Alliance update

Bookmark the following link for the Pinkham Way Alliance website and check regularly for updates about what's happening

Facebook and Twitter and!/nopinkhamway

Sign the online petitions and complete the survey!

Upcoming demonstrations;

Bounds Green Councillors - Wednesday 18 May
We have just heard that the Bounds Green Councillors, Haringey have organised a meeting for local residents at Bounds Green School from 7:00 to 8.30 pm on Wednesday 18th May. This is an opportunity to find out more about what is going on and to lobby your Councillors.

Monday 23 May in Haringey
Our friends at the Bounds Green & District Residents' Association are planning a demonstration - this time outside the next full Haringey Council meeting. This will be an important opportunity to show Haringey Council members the strength of feeling against the plans to develop Pinkham Wood, including those Councillors who are on the Haringey Planning Committee and have the power to stop this from going ahead.

The meeting starts at 7:30pm, so you need to get there before 7:00pm if you can.

Venue: Haringey Council, Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green N22 8LE

Please visit for further info.

Upcoming meeting to discuss Pinkham Way.

Pinkham Way Alliance

Dear Resident,
Our group, which is opposing the proposal by the North London Waste Authority to build an industrial site in our community to process waste from seven London boroughs now has a name - the 'Pinkham Way Alliance'.

We also have a website:

The address name is temporary until we find a better one. In the meantime, please come and have a look at it to find out a bit more and to see how you can help.

Public Meeting on Thursday 24 March
One of our allies, the 'Bounds Green & District Residents' Association' is holding a public meeting on Thursday 24 March which you are welcome to attend. It will take place in The Sheridan Hall, Scout Park, Gordon Road, N11 at 8:00pm.

Luke Foster
Pinkham Way Alliance organising demonstration at Barnet Council meeting

The Pinkham Way Alliance is organising a demonstration this Tuesday 29th March 6.15pm-7pm at the Town Hall in Hendon NW4 4BG to oppose the proposed waste site in our area.  More info can be found at

Enfield Council plan for regeneration of New Southgate

Enfield Council have put up plans for the upcoming regeneration of New Southgate, interesting reading for all residents

The plan is only available to be viewed and commented on until the 9th June 2010.




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