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Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom is a fun project bringing food bloggers, TrustedPlaces members, food photographers, food journalists & authors, everyday regular cooks, influential bloggers & senior members of leading UK based internet companies together for a meet up. See it as an interactive version of MasterChef.

Here's the place where you'll meet all of the above and eventually vote for the online side of their "cookery". When you come to vote, please base your votes on the overall online experience & how much it entertained and inspired you. If any of the participants give you any bribes to vote, please let us know, as then Bolli the cat will give them a good kicking err ... licking .... um .... stern talking to.


Team 7 - Cream Team


Jonathan and Kai came up with the awesomeness of 3 cream filled cuisines.
And, er, that's why we're called the Cream Team. It's like a 'Dream Team', except creamy.

We're really generous types, so as well as a description of each course, we also present some distinctly average haikus to go with them. Think of it as a poetic accompaniment, especially chosen, like a sommelier would choose a wine.

The starter, a mini tartiflette (or tinyflette), was a speciality of Jon's from a region of France that quite frankly evades my memory (that would be Grenoble, Kai), but not my taste buds. It's truly scrumptious and worthy of a place on the three cream course meal. Made with potatoes, layered with chorizo and topped with Reblochon, it puts the 'yum' into yummy.

Mini Tartiflette
What a starter for
Food 2 point 0, nom nom nom

Following on from this was the Mushroom kingdom. A succulent feta cheese and lemon thyme filled chicken breast wrapped in crispy prosciutto. Alongside an array of coloured peppers, sat elegantly beside on a freshly picked wild beef mushroom and then drizzled with a mushroom and brandy sauce.

The Mushroom kingdom.
Not a real place, but chicken,
Served with stripy veg.

The desert was a fruit salad surprise, which was layering of sliced and diced pineapples, raspberries, blackberries with further coatings of passion fruit and citrus and chocolate cream. Garnished by sharon fruit, a strawberry slice and a fruity sauce made from raspberries, blackberries and brandy. All with an side of cream filled strawberries. And in no way did we over-whip the cream at first and make butter. Not us, no (who told you that?).

Fruit salad surprise!
What is the surprise?
It isn’t a fruit salad.



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