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Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom is a fun project that brings food bloggers, food photographers, food journalists, food authors, everyday regular cooks, influential bloggers & senior members of leading UK based internet companies together for a meet up. See it as a Cook-a-thon for bloggers or like an interactive version of MasterChef.


A word from some of our sponsors

Lead Sponsor of Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom 2008 - Spinvox

Written on 08-May-2008 by TrustedPlaces

SpinVox is already changing the way some 100 million people use their mobile phones and is set to become one of the biggest communications trends of 2008.

SpinVox™ is built on a system known as D2 (The Brain), a combination of artificial intelligence, voice recognition and natural linguistics that, simply, converts speech into text. It works in English, French, Spanish and German – with more languages to come.

SpinVox Blog is an award-winning service available for free worldwide. SpinVox works on any mobile phone and on any network and SpinVox Blog is free to use straight off the company's website. SpinVox Blog works with any blogging tool - such as Blogger or Wordpress - so it is available to more than 150 million active bloggers around the world. Current users of SpinVox blog include The London Paper, and individuals like LJ Rich and 'Symbian Guru' aka Ricky Cadden.

One of the key breakthroughs for SpinVox Blog was the agreement signed with LiveJournal to make SpinVox available on all 12 million of its accounts. There are in excess of 10,000 active SpinVox Blog users on LiveJournal with new active users being added at the rate of over 1000 a month. SpinVox currently has

SpinVox Blog was named the winner of the 'Best New Service' category at the 2007 World Communication Awards ceremony. The judges described SpinVox Blog as "truly innovative and capturing the Zeitgeist". So if you fancy a free trial visit and see how your voice looks when converted into text.


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Cookery School - The Kitchen - Host & Sponsor

Written on 08-May-2008 by TrustedPlaces

Cookery School has something to offer all food lovers from classes for beginners and experienced cooks through to cooking parties and corporate events.

Our approach to food is simple, modern and imaginative. We love sharing our ideas for delicious home-cooking and are constantly finding fresh sources of inspiration to bring to our classes.

The atmosphere is informal and the emphasis is on making cooking easily accessible. There is always plenty of opportunity to ask questions and try things out. Every session involves tasting - the idea is that you do not leave hungry!


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San Lorenzo - Wine, Cheese & Dried Food Sponsor

 1092 Comments- Add comment Written on 08-May-2008 by londontube

We are an Italian food company selling on-line high quality Italian food. San Lorenzo was founded in Imperia 1985, along with an extraordinary passion for olive oil of outstanding quality just from Liguria at first, then selected from all over Italy.

Here's a sample of some of our food & drinks Olive oil Basically, we love the stuff. Pasta Only from artisanal producers. Fresh foods We’re unbeatable for cheeses, charcuterie, fish. Wine The character of each region, in a glass Liqueurs & distillate To be sipped slowly, a short list but a good one


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Courvoisier - Drinks & After Dinner Party Sponsor

 1155 Comments- Add comment Written on 04-May-2008 by londontube

COURVOISIER has enjoyed an international reputation for producing the finest Cognacs for centuries.

This reputation is well earned. Everything about the production and crafting of COURVOISIER® Cognac ensures the highest possible quality, that many consider perfection.

COURVOISIER has a traditional French Cognac heritage, but it also has many colourful and opulent associations. Throughout its early history, COURVOISIER was the official supplier to the Imperial Courts and is known as the Cognac of Napoleon.

It is also the only Cognac to be awarded France’s highest award for excellence – the Prestige de la France – in recognition of its outstanding quality.

COURVOISIER® Cognac has therefore earned the right to the ultimate respect.

We will be providing COURVOISIER® cocktails at the After Dinner Drinks party & our mixologist will show how he makes them.  There will also be samples of COURVOISIER in the goody bags.

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Prizes & Goody Bags provided by .....

We'd like to thank the following for really supporting Food 2.0 - Nom Nom Nom and they will be providing some fantastic prizes and goody bags for the participants. This list of supporters and friends is incomplete as we're still getting sponsors coming in every day. So watch this space & come back after the event to see the full list.

Kitchen Aid has spent decades creating innovative products for the well-equipped kitchen. From commercial grade cooktops and wine cellars to stand mixers and an impressive assortment of cookware, bakeware and accessories, we offer virtually every culinary essential you could need. The Artisan® Series model (one of the prizes) features a tilt-head mixer designed to give you easy access to the bowl and beaters.

MagiMix Welcome to the world of Magimix where style, design and functionality go hand- in -hand. The all new MagiMix 3200 (one of the prizes) is the next generation of Magimix food processors. Following extensive research all the improvements, big and small add up to new standards in technology, efficiency, ease of use and reliability. All the developments made enables the professional home cook to produce even more exciting dishes. Unlike other food processors, this machine is the ultimate kitchen tool - not only does it look great it performs. As with all Magimix products it is manufactured to the highest standards. That is why, top chefs choose Magimix in preference to other brands. The striking design is the ultimate style statement and all you need to create anything from a simple puree to an impressive quenelle

MOO is a printing company. We print beautiful products, using images you've uploaded directly, or designs from our designer galleries. If you're curious and you'd like to know more about the company, we've written about that over here. If you're a journalist and you'd like to write something nice about us, then the press section is for you.

MOO will be giving a discount to all participants & judges plus some postcards to five winners who can turn a recipe of their choice into some very nice recipe cards.

Justgiving We look after thousands of fundraising pages and build social tools that make it easier for people to raise lots of money for their favourite charities. We’ve been doing this for over seven years, which in internet-years makes us wise and distinguished. So if you’re wondering what this Justgiving thing is all about, you’re in the right place.  Justgiving's blog will also show highlights from Jon & Kai who are participants in Nom Nom Nom

Crips are all the things you love about traditional crisps, but better. We bake them with just a suggestion of sunflower oil and heaps of natural flavour for a tasty crunch with nearly four times less fat than potato crisps. Designed to appeal to health-conscious crisp lovers with an appetite for something special, Crips have been voted number one in independent tests…beating leading-brand low-fat snacks Walkers Baked, Kettle Baked, Snack-a-Jacks and Ryvita Minis on taste, texture and appearance.

Divine Chocolate Divine is the Fairtrade Chocolate Company co-owned by the cocoa farmers cooperative Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana, who not only receive a fair price for their cocoa but also share in the company's profit. New Divine Mini Cookies, Muffins and Brownies will be available in Waitrose nationwide from 19th May 2007!

Liberation The farmers and gatherers who provide the nuts for Liberation products own 42% of the company, so they care about selecting the best nuts for you to enjoy. Their ownership of the company means they have a real say in decisions the company makes and will receive a share of the profits when a dividend is paid. With Liberation the nuts are bought direct from the farmers, so no one in the middle takes a slice of the money.

Everything Nice






Bolli the Cat - Chief Overlord

Still sum foodz on me noze - taken by Kradlum Feedz Me, Feedz Me Now Goes Awayz Nows, I iz Eating Willz they believez iz enjoyin this?

Bolli is running the whole event from his secret location in Surrey!
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