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Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom is a fun project that brings food bloggers, food photographers, food journalists, food authors, everyday regular cooks, influential bloggers & senior members of leading UK based internet companies together for a meet up. See it as a Cook-a-thon for bloggers or like an interactive version of MasterChef.


Judging Panel


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Meet the judges .....

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 10-May-2008 by londontube

Susan Low is editor of the award-winning BBC Food website. She is a previous editor of two magazines - Wine and Business Traveller (US edition) - as well as being a prolific freelance writer, contributing to newspapers and magazines in the UK, US and Australia.

Although she spends much of her working life slaving over a hot computer, her preferred environment is the kitchen, which she likes to fill with delectable aromas and lots of friends.

Her other main habitat is the restaurant. If forced to live on a desert island, she'd insist on two things: a lemon (makes everything taste better) and her library of food books, the theory being that, if you can't eat it, you can at least dream about it.



James Cridland is Head of Future Media & Technology at BBC Audio & Music Interactive. He contributes to the development of pan-BBC non-linear/new media strategy and provides strategic focus for new media technology within BBC Audio & Music. James also prioritises investment and resource relating to new media technology in that group as well as across the BBC's portfolio.

James has worked in radio since 1989 as a copywriter, presenter, and internet advisor. After working at the Metro Radio Group and Emap Radio, he left to concentrate on his own dot-com company, Media UK, for a while before joining Virgin Radio in 2001, where he was Digital Media Director. In 2007 he joined BBC Audio & Music Interactive, the division that looks after new media activities across BBC national radio networks, and music output across the BBC.

James lives in North London with a big black cat, and is a committed member of the Campaign for Real Ale. He blogs about the future of radio, and beer, on his own website at

Jenifer Hanen is a web designer/developer by trade, a photographer, moblogger and professional art weirdo for the love of it, Ms. Jen started her art career in the high chair with her love of personal food art and food wall art at the age of 11 months. Her love for photography took off when given a Nikon FG-1 film camera for her 15th birthday. Many concerts, birds, trees and people photos later, she usually carries her camera phone, a Nokia N95, in her purse at any given time - all the better to moblog with.

Ms. Jen is the owner and founder of Black Phoebe Designs, a web & mobile design firm. Ms. Jen has has a Masters degree in Computer Science in Multimedia Systems from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and taught web design at an LA area university from 2001 - 2005. She has participated in two Nokia mobile blogging projects, Wasabi Lifeblog (2004-2005) and the Nokia Urbanista Diaries (2008). Ms. Jen can always be found online at or


Jo Hemmings is the UK's No. 1 Dating and Relationship Coach. She is a trained Behavioural Psychologist, author and broadcaster most recently seen on Channel 4’s Big Brother on the Couch.

Jo is the author of four successful books, writes regularly for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Men's Health and Glamour as well as the national press and makes regular appearances on numerous radio and TV shows. Jo is also in demand as a corporate speaker.

Jo coaches singles and couples, dealing with all sorts of issues from love life coaching and confidence to flirting, style and body language. As well as coaching on a private basis, she holds regular workshops and warm-ups at singles events and has been described as the most intelligent, fun, sensitive and effective Dating Coach in the business.

She is currently writing four sex books for Random House, including her personal favourite Never Mind the Sheets: sex, seduction and food. Jo’s website is

Warren "Waz" Murray is half of the cult-hit online cooking show Crash Test Kitchen, which he makes with his partner, Leanne "Lenny" White. They have been videoblogging and podcasting their kitchen adventures since 2005, and featured in Time magazine's Person of the Year 2006 issue, which was dedicated to "You", meaning independent content creators on the web. They write and videoblog for Observer Food Monthly's Word of Mouth blog, and have appeared on BBC3's Kill It, Cook It, Eat It as well as UKTV Food's Market Kitchen. Their website is at

Nicky Williams is the co-grooming editor and staff writer for Men's Health magazine, the UK's best selling quality men's magazine and former food editor for Men's Health Website.

Although she doesn't get to write about food as much as she would like nowadays, she does eat an awful lot of it, and still regularly writes restaurant and food reviews online.

Her passion for food began with her Bluebird A La Carte Kitchen where she would serve up Mr Kipling Fondant Fancies – a slight improvement on the breakfast served up on the advert – Swiss roll and cold baked beans.

When not experimenting in the kitchen (salmon chilli con carne being her greatest failure to date), Nicky can be found searching for obscure 80's cartoons on the internet, reading anything from Truman Capote to the back of a cereal packet, or enjoying a nice cup of tea and a sit down with her cats Mav and JuJu.

Nicky's website is

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Bolli The Cat - Chief Overlord

Still sum foodz on me noze - taken by Kradlum Feedz Me, Feedz Me Now Goes Awayz Nows, I iz Eating Willz they believez iz enjoyin this?

Bolli is running the whole event from his secret location in Surrey!

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