Food 2.0 Nom, Nom, Nom - London, July 12th 2009


Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom is a fun project that brings food bloggers, food photographers, food journalists, food authors, everyday regular cooks, influential bloggers & senior members of leading UK based internet companies together for a meet up. See it as a Cook-a-thon for bloggers or like an interactive version of MasterChef.


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So you have until just before midnight tonight to vote for your favourite participants. At time of writing it's all very, very, close between the top three - so your vote can really make a difference:

Leaders so far are

Team 3: England Meets Italy

Team 6: Go Team 6

Team 7: Cream Team

But yesterday Team 3 were third, so it just goes to show how the teams can move.

Sara from Team 3 has written an excellent cryptic post on The Kitchen Pantry , so if this is the first time you've visited this site, it's a great way to discover what the whole contest is about.

"Sunday 18th May 2008 I was here, teamed with her, doing this.
We cooked all this.
We where among other people, all cooking astonishing meals!
Everything was organized by her in partnership them, with some outstanding sponsors!
I spoke about it here and here (Italian version) and there we published our entry even here (recipes included!!!And thanks to Julia for the wonderful job she did!)!
We had fun! Loads of fun!!!

Now, after the tasting competition (which we won!!!!! Yeah!), there is the on-line competition. And as you have just one food blogger in your mind, and you love her so much, GO and vote for us! We Need you!!!

P.S. I know this entry is kind of cryptic, but is there a best way to oblige you to go around the net than giving you cryptic hints???? ;)

Here's the prizes at stake as well as the honour of being winners of the very first event:

- 1st Prize (for the pair): 1 Magimix mixer, 1 Kitchen Aid mixer, 2 Courvoisier premium bottles, £100 to give to the charity of your choice via JustGiving, and 2 Packs of MOO Postcards - so you can turn your favourite recipe into recipe cards
- 2nd Prize (for the pair): 2 £150 travel vouchers, 2 Courvoisier premium bottles, and 2 Packs of MOO Postcards
- Best Photography / Video Prize (for the pair) Expert Judges votes only: 2 Packs of MOO Postcards plus 2 Flickr Pro Accounts OR 2 TrustedPlaces Cards
- Expert Judges Tasting Competition Prize as mentioned above this went to England Meets Italy who won some Amazon vouchers

So as Sara says - GO VOTE for your favourite teams

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