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Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom is a fun project that brings food bloggers, food photographers, food journalists, food authors, everyday regular cooks, influential bloggers & senior members of leading UK based internet companies together for a meet up. See it as a Cook-a-thon for bloggers or like an interactive version of MasterChef.


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Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom Charity Prize Draw Winners

 1 Comment- Add comment Written on 20-Jun-2008 by londontube

Thanks to all who made donations to Action Against Hunger and you managed to raise just over £660 for the charity - which is absolutely brill. With Bolli the cat's help the prize draw has been made.

Can I haz fud now? How many mor winnerz?

So, drum roll, the winners are:

FP01 - a meal for two with booze at Konstam - Netwench
FP02 - a hands on workshop at Cookery School - Kathryn
FP03 - subscription to Delicious magazine - Lorraine
FP04 - subscripion to Food & Travel magazine - Tom Betts
FP05 - a single trip travel insurance policy anywhere in the world - Nom Nom Nom'er
FP06 - lunch for 2 in the Tube Carriage Office in the sky - Joanna Banks (lucky, lucky lady)
FP07 - handmade chocolate brownies - Nikki Tysoe
FP08 - Goody bags from Berocca including a month's supply of Berocca, glass, pen, post-it notes - James Whatley
FP09 - Cooking with Booze book by George Harvey Bone - aka James Bridle - James Whatley
FP16 - Nacho Libre DVD - Laura Cox
F17 - Sideways DVD - James Whatley
FP19 - SpinVox Mobster Chef Edition - James Whatley
FP20 - Gillian McKeith's Shopping Guide - Emilie
FP22 - Annual subscription to Men's Health Magazine - Peter Doyle

There's still some Berocca goody bags up for grabs, so if bid on something and didn't win a prize and fancy one or desperately want something from the list that didn't get won - leave a comment below and we'll sort this out. Must stress this is only if you made a donation.

Jeezus Nom Nom Nom at lasts
More pictures from Bolli selecting winners here

The team from Justgiving have your email details and will be getting in touch with you to arrange delivery of your prizes. Thanks so much for donating and raising almost seven hundred quid for Action Against Hunger.

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Winners of Nom Nom Nom are .......

 3 Comments- Add comment Written on 10-Jun-2008 by TrustedPlaces
The moment of reckoning has arrived as we announce the winners of the Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom event. First of all Annie, Mecca and I would like to thank everyone involved for your incredible dedication to this project. Thank you judges for your time, expertise, good humor, and presence. Thank you participants, you've all been so great from start to finish. Mecca, Annie and I had a really challenging time to determine who has won. We looked at the points the judges attributed to the cooking of each teams, the votes for the best photography and video, and especially the popular votes made online by internet users.

So without further ado... the winners are....
* In Third Place (best photography / video): Team 6 - Go Team Six by James Whatley and Antony Ribot

Your prizes are:
- 1st Prize (for the pair): 1 Magimix mixer, 1 Kitchen Aid mixer, 2 Courvoisier premium bottles, £100 to give to the charity of your choice via JustGiving, and 2 Packs of MOO Postcards - so you can turn your favourite recipe into recipe cards
- 2nd Prize (for the pair): 2 £150 travel vouchers, 2 Courvoisier premium bottles, and 2 Packs of MOO Postcards
- 3rd Prize Best Photography / Video Prize (for the pair): 2 Packs of MOO Postcards plus 2 Flickr Pro Accounts OR 2 TrustedPlaces Cards

Thank you to SpinVox for sponsoring this event, extra special thanks to Ros and all the staff at the amazing Cookery School (we could not have done this without you) thanks to all the other sponsors for their support, and once again thank you all for your participation in this event. We hope as many people as possible will blog about of this event, as we hope it will generate more donations for Action Against Hunger.

Kind regards,

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It's the final countdown - online votes close TODAY

 1 Comment- Add comment Written on 09-Jun-2008 by londontube

So you have until just before midnight tonight to vote for your favourite participants. At time of writing it's all very, very, close between the top three - so your vote can really make a difference:

Leaders so far are

Team 3: England Meets Italy

Team 6: Go Team 6

Team 7: Cream Team

But yesterday Team 3 were third, so it just goes to show how the teams can move.

Sara from Team 3 has written an excellent cryptic post on The Kitchen Pantry , so if this is the first time you've visited this site, it's a great way to discover what the whole contest is about.

"Sunday 18th May 2008 I was here, teamed with her, doing this.
We cooked all this.
We where among other people, all cooking astonishing meals!
Everything was organized by her in partnership them, with some outstanding sponsors!
I spoke about it here and here (Italian version) and there we published our entry even here (recipes included!!!And thanks to Julia for the wonderful job she did!)!
We had fun! Loads of fun!!!

Now, after the tasting competition (which we won!!!!! Yeah!), there is the on-line competition. And as you have just one food blogger in your mind, and you love her so much, GO and vote for us! We Need you!!!

P.S. I know this entry is kind of cryptic, but is there a best way to oblige you to go around the net than giving you cryptic hints???? ;)

Here's the prizes at stake as well as the honour of being winners of the very first event:

- 1st Prize (for the pair): 1 Magimix mixer, 1 Kitchen Aid mixer, 2 Courvoisier premium bottles, £100 to give to the charity of your choice via JustGiving, and 2 Packs of MOO Postcards - so you can turn your favourite recipe into recipe cards
- 2nd Prize (for the pair): 2 £150 travel vouchers, 2 Courvoisier premium bottles, and 2 Packs of MOO Postcards
- Best Photography / Video Prize (for the pair) Expert Judges votes only: 2 Packs of MOO Postcards plus 2 Flickr Pro Accounts OR 2 TrustedPlaces Cards
- Expert Judges Tasting Competition Prize as mentioned above this went to England Meets Italy who won some Amazon vouchers

So as Sara says - GO VOTE for your favourite teams

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WarriorGrrl's Video & Win some goodies

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 05-Jun-2008 by TrustedPlaces

Here's some footage of the day's events shot by our red headed camera-person, WarriorGrrl

Voting is now taking place and the participants are busy using every trick in the book to get your online vote (Voting closes midnight Monday 9th June). However, if you just want some goodies for yourself, head over the Charity Prize Draw page where you can snag some foodie booty AND raise money for Action Against Hunger at the same time. (little tip - bid on something no one else has or few other people have and you stand more of a chance of winning it)!
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Get Voting for your favourite Participants

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 30-May-2008 by londontube

IT'S LIVE ........................

So it's now over to you - you've got the lion's share of the vote in deciding which participant has given you the best online experience.

Please visit all of the cooks' pages and decide. (they're not all live yet - due to errr ..... no idea - but the vast majority are, so they'll have the advantage of getting your early vote)

No registration is required to vote, but the voting is set up so you can only vote once per team (unless you're tricky enough to work out a way to game the system).

While you're there, please, please, please consider making a donation to Action Against Hunger with just £4, that's the price of two sarnies in most places in the UK, you can not only help the charity, but also take part in a prize draw where you could win a fantastic food or drink related prize. We've got twenty one sets of brill prizes, ranging from a meal for two with booze at Konstam, a hands on workshop at Cookery School, lunch in the Tube Carriage Office in the sky and a single trip travel insurance policy anywhere in the world to DVD's like Nacho Libre and Sideways, books - Cooking with Booze & Gillian McKeith's Shopping Guide, subscriptions to Delicious and Food & Travel magazine, handmade chocolate brownies, food fridge magnets and more. Bobby Bargain!

Please note the prize draw is only open to UK residents - but anyone can vote.

What are you still reading this for get voting & donating now! Thanks

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Participant blogging cooks quietly preparing final posts

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 29-May-2008 by londontube

There's been a worrying quietness from a lot of the participating cooks over the past few days which I can only hope is due to concentration on their final blog posts, photos and videos.

However there's been A LOT of activity from The Avocadolls, Team 5, Team Cleavage call them what you like but the amazing L J Rich and Genevieve Ross aka Burlesque Blogger Tiara Diamond have edited their YouTube video and here's a sneak peek

Also Mr Tom Reynolds our absolute favourite blogging ambulance driver with a book has some rather errr... interesting captions and titles to his nom nom nom pictures. His and Sam's - Team 4 Nom Nom Nom page is also live now.

All being well and fingers well and truly crossed the voting will open for all participants tomorrow ... gulp!

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Nom Nom Nom was on BBC Radio 5 and is now a podcast

 1 Comment- Add comment Written on 28-May-2008 by londontube

On Tuesday in the wee small hours of the morning the cooks and organisers of Nom Nom Nom were broadcast on BBC Radio 5 as part of Rhod Sharp's award winning show.

If you're not familiar with the show it's described as: "The week's news as seen by bloggers, podcasters and citizen journalists. Every Tuesday, as part of the Up All Night programme, BBC Radio 5 live takes a look at world events from the perspective of the online community."

The lovely Jamillah joined us on Sunday and as the Pods and Blogs Producer Chris Vallance said "Are bloggers all mouth and no spatula's? The Nom Nom Nom competition invited bloggers to indulge in a MasterChef style, Olympian contest of gastronomy. Well Jamillah Knowles was amongst those deliberating, cogitating and digesting and began by talking to organisers Mecca & Ros who runs the Cookery School that was over run by the blogging chefs".

You can download the podcast here - it's about a third of the way (11 mins) in to the show. Thanks to Chris & Jamillah for this broadcast, it great to get the word out in such a comprehensive way.

And in other news James Bridle's and Ed Arthur's entry is up on this site so you can see the recipe for their Nettle Soup, Scotched Eggs and Grandma's Trifle - public voting will open in a few days time so watch this space.

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Blog while the rain falls

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 26-May-2008 by londontube

Looks like this vile Bank Holiday rain is set for the rest of today, so it's a good day to do net and web stuff.

Ged and Yumei have been very quick off the mark and have built their page including blog post, video and photos so are well prepared for when the public online vote opens on later this week. So if you're a participant you might want to use their page as some inspiration. Anyone else can see it as an early peek of what happened on the day - particularly from someone who really doesn't consider themselves a cook at all!

Ged wrote: "Behind an innocent-looking blue door and down a set of steps to a shiny gleaming version of my own personal room 101. Inside the room looked like an impromptu Apple store with the ubiquitous MacBook Pro, a bevy of Nikon DSLRs and a HD capable video camera with tripods and additional lens. ....... Its around about this time that I start to feel very out of my depth. We laid out our ingredients and after a quick pep talk about avoiding stabbing people with sharp knives by the organisers and then it was a relaxed take off from the starting line."

The Flickr html badge is a nice way of showing a random selection of photos as Ged and Yumei have done on the left hand side of their page.

Plus we wanted to say thanks to everyone who's been twittering and Facebook'ing about Nom Nom Nom as it certainly helped to create a load of interest about the event before voting has even opened.

The image above showed Mex's most recent Facebook Friends updates mentioning

Thanks all and just give us a shout if you've got any questions or queries - we're sure you will have :-)


PS Warriorgrrl our wonderful official red haired camera lady is going to run a 10K today in the rain - so she needs loads of support. If you feel like sending her a cheerful message and a quid or two on her sponsorship page I'm sure it would make splashing through the puddles for dogs and cats while it's raining cats and dogs even more enjoyable for her.

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What's been the most viewed photo so far?

 10 Comments- Add comment Written on 22-May-2008 by londontube

Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom is about fun and food. It's about the internet and food. It's about geeks and food. It's about being passionate about your food and showing that passion through words, photography, film and thoughts. So what would represent all of that in the best way?

The three pictures below have all had over 100 views in Flickr since this site went live. Have a go at putting them in order of popularity and try not to cheat by looking them up in Flickr first

Good luck!


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They came, they cooked, they videoed .......

 2 Comments- Add comment Written on 19-May-2008 by londontube

24 bloggers, foodies, reviewers, photographers, cooks, non cooks and most of all fun & interesting guys and gals got together at the Cookery School on the 18th May 2008 to share their love of food in an interactive version of MasterChef or a blogger's cook-off. But it's all only just started, over the next week and a bit, they'll be uploading photos, videos and adding blog posts to record their day. Then it's YOUR chance to vote for who gave you the best online experience.

You'll see the cooks adding more & more pictures to the Flickr photo stream on the left. In the meantime Whatleydude from GO TEAM SIX shot some fab "live" videos of the day and you can see them below. Later on I'm sure the cooks will be adding more edited videos, but his "live-ish-nearly" work together with the Flickr stream give you an early idea of what went on.



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Bolli The Cat - Chief Overlord

Still sum foodz on me noze - taken by Kradlum Feedz Me, Feedz Me Now Goes Awayz Nows, I iz Eating Willz they believez iz enjoyin this?

Bolli is running the whole event from his secret location in Surrey!

Voting is Now Closed

Congratulations to the Winners


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