The NCJLT Board of Directors

The NCJLT board is a nine-member volunteer organization interested in promoting the mission and vision of NCJLT. The NCJLT board manages key programs that are targeted at promoting Japanese language and culture at the pre-collegiate in the USA. These programs include:

  • National representation
    NCJLT actively participates in ongoing support and promotion of Japanese language education at the K-16 levels in conjunction with the Alliance of Associations of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ), with our sister organization Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ), and ties with other organizations such as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The NCJLT Board of Directors works continuously to promote Japanese language education at various meetings, conferences and presentations.
  • Teacher Awards and Recognitions
    Each year, NCJLT offers an ACTFL Participation Grant to teachers to attend the ACTFL conference. Additionally, there are two Teacher Award presentations, one of these is for a K-12 teacher of Japanese, and the other is for a post-secondary teacher of Japanese.

  • Oshirase Newsletter
    Members receive newsletters six times a year (four digital and 2 print (color). The Oshirase hard-copy newsletter contains national and regional Japanese language field news, upcoming events, special awards announcements, lesson ideas, product advertisement and job posting.
  • ACTFL Conference Sponsorship
    NCJLT organizes and sponsors numerous sessions at the ACTFL Conference exclusively tailored for Japanese teachers

  • Classroom Contests and JNHS
    The Nengajo contest for K-12 students and the Yon Koma Manga contest for levels 6-16 (new for 2010, elementary level, "Ichi-Koma" Manga Contest!) are yearly contests where member teachers can send in submissions for their student work. Teacher members of NCJLT can submit winning Nengajo cards from their school to be considered for prizes and recognition. The Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS) promotes interest in Japanese language study and recognizes high achievement of Japanese language students of secondary schools.

  • Website
    NCJLT maintains their website  to provide continuous support, answer questions, provide up-to-date news and information which is important for the field. Currently the NCJLT maintains a discussion forum, as well as a document database and photo gallery hosted by Google. If you have any questions, please email the webmaster at

Board Member Requirements:

  • Board Members are asked to serve a three-year term, which starts in November at the ACTFL conference and ends three years from that date at the ACTFL conference.
  • Board Members are asked to serve by fulfilling the duties of at least one of the board positions listed at the end of this document and complete the necessary requirements of the position in a timely manner. When available, the board will attempt to match job position on the board-to-board member interest nd talents but it is essential to note that this is not always the case.
  • Board Members are required to attend three meetings a year. The first meeting is in September; the second meeting is the Thursday prior to ACTFL (this conference is always the third week in November); the last meeting is in March or April. The Board pays the travel expenses and accommodations for these meetings. Board members are asked to cover the cost of their food at these meetings except the working dinner held the Thursday before ACTFL. Additionally, board members are asked to have their school districts cover the cost of subs when required to miss school, which is approximately three to five days per year.
  • Board Member's participate in discussion about the daily operations of our programs with other board members or our members primarily through email communication. It is essential that board member's read their email daily when possible and respond to necessary emails in a timely manner.

  • Board Member's need to work collaboratively to promote NCJLT's mission and vision.

Benefits to being a Board Member

  • Insight into Japanese education throughout the USA
  • Chance to network with teachers from all levels of Japanese
  • Professional development and access to language leaders from all over the country
  • Attendance at the ACTFL conference and travel opportunity to other parts of the country

To apply:

  • You need to be a member of NCJLT (you can join and then apply.)
  • Send your resume and a cover letter to



Upcoming Board Meeting

September, 2011 in Chicago


Current Board of Directors

Kurt Thompson
Eckstein Middle School, WA

Mamiya Worland
Great Falls Elementary School, VA
Vice President, Public Relations Direcotr, Professional Development Director


Nana Suzumura
The Woodlands College Park High School, TX
ACTFL Coordinator

Junko Fujimoto
JNHS (Japanese National Honor Society) Director, Teacher's Award Director

Miyuki Johnson
Elkins Pointe Middle School, GA
Teacher's Award Director|
Membership Director, Secretary, NJE (National Japanese Exam) 

Julie Cain
Washington High School, IA
Nengajoo Director, Yon Koma Manga Director

Nobuko Hasegawa
Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, NY
NJE (National Japanese Exam) Test Administrative Coordinator, ACTFL Assistant Chair

Fukumi Matsubara
North Central College, IL
Treasurer, NJE (National Japanese Exam) Test Assistant Coordinator

Emi Ochiai Ahn
Mesa Community College, AZ
Web Master, Oshirase Editor


Board Responsibilities

To read about the specific responsibilities and duties of each board member, please click on the link below:


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