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Since the first running on Sunday 28th September 2003, the Ham Hill Hash House Harriers have been meeting on a roughly monthly basis, trailing their flour and blobbing where no hash has blobbed before across South Somerset and North Dorset, and Sunday saw the 100th hash taking place back where it all started – the Fleur de Lis, Stoke sub Hamdon and a run over Ham Hill itself.

Back in 2003 the Ham Hill Hash (H5) had been inspired by a trip to the Lundy Hash by Martin “Major Clanger” Monaghan and Martin “Mixy” Chaffey, members of the Yeovil Town Road Running Club, and the mix of laid flour trails, shouted instructions and more laid back type of running quickly caught on as a supplement to the “proper” running of the Club’s training nights. The first hash was laid by Mixy and Major Clanger for a group of    , including members of the Bridgwater, Taunton and Blandford hashes who came to help celebrate the inaugural hash. It was good to see a number of the originals back in place on Sunday – Fred “Midflow” and Sue “Grotbags” Fox, Nicky “Flasher” Adcock and Andy “Warthog” Goodman amongst them and we were also joined by Rowland Stibbards, who came out of running retirement for the occasion.

Of the other usual hash suspects, Brian “Sanatogen” Mountjoy-Row, Adam “Dumbledore” Hawkins and Pete  “Hands On” Jakeman were joined by Phil “Fossil” MacQuaid and Mel “Lackov” Dodge, whilst Richard “Janus” Dodge, Deb “Woody” Neal and Deb “Sugar Plum” Stanfield were all apparent in the field of over 40 runners – a cracking turn out.   

Eight years on and H5 100 was led by Mixy and a special “secret hare” – unknown to the members of hash, Major Clanger was back! Years ago Martin Monaghan moved to the Far East (Suffolk to be precise!) but made the pilgrimage back to home ground for the celebration. On the day the weather held fair – temperatures stayed above freezing, although things underfoot were much more interesting for the runners at 11am once the mud had defrosted!

The hares had laid a cunning course across Stoke recreation field – making sure that runners made their way all round the bike track – and then up into the woods on the side of Ham Hill itself. A couple of naughty circular routes later – that Major Clanger has a bit of an evil streak and the course snaked round a bit - and the mud saw a number of people fall over spectacularly – most spectacularly was Matt “Two Skin” Blencowe – wearing his trademark two pairs if socks was no good as he fell flat on his arse and ended up with a perfect circle of mud on the back of his newly shaved head! The jelly baby stop was at the bench we’d run past ten minutes before, overlooking Norton sub Hamdon, and then it was on to Tinker’s Bubble and a quick trip through the waterfall before the climb up Witcombe Valley and a celebration beer stop. With time ticking, the pack headed over towards Hedgecock woods, dropping down to skirt the Prince of Wales pub and around to the Pinnacle atop Ham Hill – a fitting end to Hash 100!

Sliding down the hill (literally in some cases – Karen Edwards, we mean you!) back to the pub the hares apologise for not coming in to join the group for lunch but Clanger had to drive through the snow to Suffolk and I had to get back to my babies – if I’d known about the H5 100 cake, I’d have been in like a shot!

Jon and Matt “Duke” Crane have offered to lay the next hash from the Fleur de Lys, Mudford Road, Yeovil on Sunday 4th March at 11am – let Jon know if you want to eat there so he can inform the pub.

ADDENDUM TO HASH REPORT: Matt Blencowe's falling ais documented; he has just been diagnosed (2 months later) as having suffered whiplash... which shouldn't really be funny, but....!

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