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This is the unofficial site of the Ham Hill Hash House Harriers, run by Martin "Mixy" Chaffey and will  be the new home of various photos and bits and pieces...


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 0 Comments- Add comment | Back to HOME & NEWS Written on 30-Jan-2012 by MartinChaffey

Website update – and again it’s been months since last coming on here, during which time there’s been a couple of things happen like a few hashes, Christmas – oh, and the safe arrival of baby William Chaffey on 19th January! The new year resolution is once again to get on this thing and update on a more regular basis so watch this space, but don’t hold your breath!

I write this with just a week to go until H5 100 – the 100th running of the Ham Hill Hash, and I’ll be laying the course with the help of a Secret Hare; I’m trying to remember where the course of the inaugural hash went back in 2003 to see if we can recreate it! The Ham Hill Hash came out of a trip with Martin and Tracey Monaghan, Fred and Sue Fox and Steve Church to the Lundy Island Hash, and a cracking weekend later, we realised that this hashing lark was something that would fit in well with the Yeovil Town way of running – though we agreed that perhaps we would dispense with the “down downs” of the true hashers and simply incorporate a beer stop on each run instead. 

The hash names tradition has been upheld – I’m Mixy, due to an unfortunate habit of looking like a rabbit in the headlights, whilst the origins of fellow hash-originator Martin Monaghan’s “Major Clanger” moniker has nothing to do with that funny noise he makes! Many of the names are obvious – Phil “Fossil” MacQuaid, Pete “Hands On” Jakeman – whereas some, like Chris Hurrell’s “CB” or Fred Fox’s “Midflow” take a bit more explaining!

Watch this space for a report of the 100th hash in due course – about June should do it!

PS have done a recce of the Hash 100 course this morning and it's wet & muddy; only fell over the once, and that was on a walking bit! 



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