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parkrun #10 - 10 up!

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 17-Nov-2013 by MartinChaffey

We’ve made it to run #10! Many thanks to all of you came out on Saturday to
join us for our “10th anniversary” – I’m pleased to say that we had
129 runners come and enjoy the course, of whom 35 were here for the first time;
welcome, and hope you enjoyed it and will be back many more times in the

On the day Ben Pitman of Lordshill Road Runners was first over the line in
18m25 on his  first appearance at
Montacute, holding off the battle to the line between Stuart Amory (19m14) and
Crewkerne’s Nick Sale (19m19). Special mention must go to Gareth Ashmead who
finished in 19th place – this despite running with an unhappy collie
Monty who didn’t want to be on a short lead! Monty is much more used to running
free on the hills but dragged Gareth to a time of 23m24.

In the Ladies competition Melissa Holmes of Yeovil Olympiads was another
course-debutant as she finished first lady in 22m17, with Linda Still of
Crewkerne RC, second (18th overall) over the line in 23m20 and
Yeovil Town RRC’s Laura Coppard third (21st overall) over the line
in 23m47.

The crowds go wild!

It is good to see that the local running clubs are taking the opportunity to
use our weekly timed 5km to encourage their runners to try a bit of
cross-country running. This week we had representatives of 11 different clubs
and it is good to see the different vests amongst the throng!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovilmontacute
parkrun Results Page

You might have noticed that the sweeper runner was lagging behind a bit – I
was trotting round safe in the knowledge the Adam Hawkins was looking after the
back runners, and have taken a photo trail of the course which can be viewed


This has everything – the massed start, the “moment” that you round that top
corner and see the House at the end of the Avenue, a shower of rain mid-course
(you’ll see the drops on the camera lens) – what you won’t see is the 100 metre
sprint for home, which I thought would be spoiled by stopping to take a photo!

Sprint for home - and the wife's welcoming arms!

I know that a lot of you have indicated that you would be willing to
volunteer at future runs. Can you please take the opportunity to “Opt In” on
your personal parkrun profiles – in this way the week’s Volunteer Co-ordinator
can send you an e-mail if we need assistance on a forthcoming event. It is easy
done – go to your parkrun links and you can amend your e-mail options (I’ve
just done mine!). Speak with a core team member on Saturday if you have any
queries about this or want to volunteer.

See you all on Saturday.

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parkrun #9

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 17-Nov-2013 by MartinChaffey

7.30am at Montacute House yesterday was fantastic – the
sun was out and the House looked fabulous.. that hamstone positively glows in
the right light. The course set up team were glowing too –but with pride, as
Steve’s new system means we had 4 teams working in tandem, laying different
sections, and the course was up within 30 minutes. If you fancy coming and
seeing the course from a different view, feel free to come out an hour early
and wander round with us! (we meet at the garages to the far right hand side of
the car park – just let the Volunteer Co-ordinator know if you want to come
along, so we can look out for you; Tom Alsop did this week and then went and
ran a PB, so it could happen for you to!)

The event relies on Volunteers so if you can help one
week, this would be appreciated – we have a “Core team” who have organised the
first 9 runs but who are all runners and if you marshal, we can have a go
too!  There’s various roles you can have
a go at – have a look at the Future Roster http://www.parkrun.org.uk/yeovilmontacute/futureroster/ and you can contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator from

One of parkrun’s sponsors is Lucozade Sport is offering 2
Virgin Money London Marathon places in its “Chase the Place” competition – if
you have run or volunteered for each of the past two weeks you are one of
35,442 determined parkrunners in with a chance of winning a spot on Team Lucozade
Sport at the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon. You just need to take part in
each of the next 6 weeks’ parkruns and the places will be drawn from those
still standing at the end of that period! 
You can keep in touch with Lucozade to let them know how you’re doing
over the next seven weeks on Lucozade Sport Facebook and Twitter
using #ChaseThePlace.

Of course, we did have a run as well – I nearly forgot!
The conditions underfoot were perfect – damp enough that the runners with even
the dodgiest knees could get round with ease, but not wet enough to require
wellies yet! First across the line this week was youngster Ben Lloyd who ran a
storming 18m49 to lead home Matthew 
Lewis (19m12) and Neil Biss (19m31). Mike Biss finished fourth on the
day with his time of 19m54 but this was enough to take the lead in the overall
Points standing with 745.

(You get 100 points for finishing first, 99 for second –
so Mike got 97 on Saturday. Every marshal who volunteered got 100 points if
this was one of their first three times – so like winning three times over!)

In the ladies’ run, Matilda Woodard finished as first
lady as she crossed the line in 12th place overall and time of
21m50, ahead of Yeovil Town clubmates Anna Lloyd (22m44) and Laura Coppard
(24m10). Current Ladies’ points leader is Kate Fryer with 739 points.

In all we had 123 runners, of whom 38 were first timers
and 42 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different athletics
clubs took part. Since we started just 9 weeks ago we’ve had 445 different
runners, including participants from 40 athletics clubs, who between them have
completed 1,007 runs – here’s to many more thousands to come! Today's full
results and a complete event history can be found on the Yeovilmontacute
parkrun Results Page

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It's Official...

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 13-Oct-2013 by MartinChaffey

.. I now have a certificate to say that I can shout at Runners!

Yesterday I completed the Leadership in Running & Fitness course in Taunton, so it was back to school for the day - unfortunately no photos of the demonstration of core muscle exercises or the organised chaos of my speed training session... 

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Parkrun #5 0510 2013

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 06-Oct-2013 by MartinChaffey


It was interesting to see a new phenomenon on Saturday – one which seemingly is common to other Parkruns – in that 5 minutes before the 9am run start, there were hardly any runners! Having started well, with an average of 90 runners for the first 4 runs at Montacute, when there were only about 30-40 runners there at 8.50am, it was a case of “oh well, it was going to be quiet at some point” – but minutes later the numbers had swelled and we ended up with 118 runners!

What is good to see is that we had 49 first time Montacute runners (and thank you to the rest of you for that nice (unexpected) round of applause!), meaning that more than 300 people have now taken part in the 5 runs (that’s a total distance of 2,700 km and counting). Only one person was heard to say at the end that she
wasn’t go to do that again – I suspect her Dad might have something to say about that!!

On Saturday first across the line was Philip Bridge of Wells City Harriers in 17.48, narrowly winning an epic sprint with Yeovil Olympiads’ Sam Sommerville – I know it’s a run not a race, but when you smell the finish as you round that last corner, something animal kicks in!! It may be of some consolation to Sam that
he did top the age graded rankings with 78.18%.

Neil Biss (Wells City) showed it is possible to come and help set the course at 7am and then still record a top three finish as he crossed the line in 19m40 – if you
want to see if helping has the same effect on you, please feel free to offer!

First lady was Charlotte Baker, also of Wells City Harriers, in an excellent 9thplace overall and a time of 21min35, whilst Yeovil Town’s Rose Harvey cemented
her place at the top of the Womens’ points competition with a strong second place (23m53), with Yeovil Olympiad Amy D’Arcy third lady over the line in

A couple of special mentions – first dog finished in 26th place and sprint of the day was Sam Pollard who pinned his ears back and shot past about three
people as he finished in 66th place.

It was good to see so many members of the local Yeovil Town Road Running Club and Crewkerne Runners out in force, and the Wells City & YOAC crowds did well at the sharp end of the field. It would good to get a bit of inter-Club banter going, so do tell your members to come and join in – if you need an
incentive, Richie has got his Yarlington runners coming out and tells me they’ll skin you all! (he didn’t actually, but thought I’d try to get things going!!)

National Trust 

If you are coming to the Parkrun and you are a member of the National Trust, can you please show your card to the House staff on the way out – they get about £3.40 for each of us who does this, so it helps them. I can also personally vouch for the very nice post-run (or marshalling!) coffee and bacon sandwiches that they do at the Courtyard Café!


You will have seen that the course is marshalled at various points and in fact it wouldn’t be able to go ahead with volunteers – if you normally run but can help out at any time please contact us to offer your services (we are a bit short of marshals for next Saturday, 12th October actually!); likewise if you bring a family member to watch you run and they wouldn’t mind watching from the comfort of a fluorescent jacket on a different part of the course to the one they normally stand on, let
us know!

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The Last Hash? Fleur de Lis, Stoke sub Hamdon - 29 09 2013

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 06-Oct-2013 by MartinChaffey

Thanks to those runners who came out to Stoke sub Hamdon for what was billed the last Hash of the Ham Hill Hash (H5) – the sun came out (it does always
shine on the righteous!) to lighten the sombre mood; members had taken up the message to wear black to mark the occasion, and Kat Hurford excelled by turning
up in full mourning veil and black armband! (It should be noted here that Kevin “Blimey O” Riley, whose idea it was, arrived in.. white t shirt and fluorescent
yellow top!)

The group headed off towards Norton, making a full circuit of the cracking new BMX track – much to the bemusement of the group of the children sat on their
bikes atop the last jump, who all had to move as Mel “Lackov” Dodge came steaming up the final slope – and then up into the woods.

Andy “Warthog”
Goodman led at the front, after receiving confirmation that there were no fishhooks, with Brian “Sanatogen” Mountjoy-Row close behind & being kept
under control. We stopped for a nice Jelly baby stop on the way up the hill – just to break things up again – and then up to Ham Hill park itself.

There the group headed across a field covered in mushrooms – the conversation with Hazel “COYS” Ford went; “do you remember the advert, “Make Way for the
Mushrooms?” “What was that for?” “Mushrooms!”. We worry about those school children! Paul “Mountain Goat” McNeill ran gaily ahead of us, fun-gi that he is…

Brian brought under control - about time!

Thereafter followed the usual pointless running up and down hills in Hedgecock woods, before out – the warning that Lynda “Fairweather” Chaffey had
never been up Montacute Tower gave a fair idea of where we were heading, and It seemed only right that we went up the really steep bank of the Monty course to
get there! A nice beer stop at the top with views of the Ham Hill Pinnacle is always good, even if it did then start raining. Talk turned to YTFC and how the
Vice Presidents have padded seats – Hazel discussing hers at length (and we have the photo to prove it!).

The Vice-President's Padded Seat!

From there it was a case of heading down the hill towards Stoke, with Debbie Keeble and children Bryony and Cameron to the fore, and then back through the
woods to the Ice Cream Stop – although unfortunately Mixy had forgotten to mention that we should bring money, so instead we had a wee stop at the Wardens’
toilets (thanks Paul for building the Grandstand from which to watch Warthog emerging..) and back to the Pub. Matt “Two Skin” Blencowe managed to get round
unmuddied this time – thoughts of the mud spot on the back of his bald head last time live long in the memory!

Back at the Pub it was agreed that we’d all had a good time and that whilst there won’t be one for a couple of months we will have the HAM HILL HASH CHRISTMAS SPECIAL HASH – which will be in Sherborne (pub tbc) on SUNDAY 22ND DECEMBER AT 11AM. See you there!!


RunReplay at: http://www.runreplay.com/replay.aspx?event=2095

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Montacute Parkrun

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 07-Sep-2013 by MartinChaffey

This morning saw the first Parkrun take place at Montacute House - free timed 5km over a set course, which will take place at 9am every Saturday.

A cracking turn out saw 152 runners turn up - which surpassed all the organisers' hopes and expectations - in glorious weather. The House really looks fabulous in sunshine and to see that many runners hurtling down the Avenue was quite something.

Here's to many more!!

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Jon Crane's Stag Hash - Pen Mill Hotel, 24/08/2013

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 07-Sep-2013 by MartinChaffey

Sunday saw Jon Crane’s Stag Hash from Pen Mill Hotel – and whilst the crowds hardly flocked to take part, the select few who did turn up
enjoyed it!

The course was laid by Mixy and Duke to a route that Matt had recce’d during the week, leading round the back ways of Yeovil, including
several paths that I didn’t know about. Only one lady accused us of laying poison for cats – as I pointed out, if I was poisoning cats, I would wait until
after dark & not wear fluorescent socks… missed opportunity, I should have told her, "when" I go poisoning cats…

It ended with a run along the path to Flushing Meadow and a very nice sighting of a kingfisher!

Andy “Warthog” Goodman was first to arrive, followed by Richard “Janus” Dodge – who had thought that I was joking when I text him back
the night before and told him he was doubling the numbers! Jon “Windy Bottom” Crane then arrived with daughter Emily and step-daughter-to-be Alyssha, and
with the party complete, and after a photo including Duke looking forlornly out of the window since he’d started work, we were off..

The route took us round the back of the Royal Marine and up St Michael’s Avenue, before disappearing through the car park of St Michael’s Hall and the churchyard, where the vicar had a nice chat with Warthog (didn’t hear all of it, but sure heard the words “eternal damnation” in there..) It was then through Grass Royal and some of the more salubrious parts of Yeovil (cue the obligatory “Jon on Swing” photo in the play area) .

A sudden burst of speed to the Shop (in order to quickly buy the replacement sweets, having left the jelly babies at home!) and on to the
Jelly Baby stop between the allotments – the photo of Matt’s “J Loves J” sign unfortunately didn’t come out, but at least the Stag got to see it! With a
quick diversion round the back of the industrial estate it was out on to the old tip site, which is now really nice – although after several pointless
meanderings whether the runners agreed is another thing – and collecting the beer stop bag, we headed down to the river for a rather pleasant celebration
with the blushing bridegroom.

Luckily I hadn’t put down a K (Kingfisher stop) as despite the silent running mode (Janus having been told to stop laughing!) the blue bird
was nowhere in sight second time round, and it was then “ON Inn” – warning here, never try to sprint against Emily for money; she’s like lightning!

RunReplay for hash:


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Forrester's Arms Hash - Sunday 26th May

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 04-Jun-2013 by MartinChaffey

The latest running of the Ham Hill hash took place on Sunday May 26th from the Forrester’s Arms, Holywell with a select band of
runners assembling at the Pub. There is something to be said when the only Yeovil runners were Julie and Kerry who had no excuse as both live within
spitting distance of the pub and the two furthest flung, Andy Scard coming from Henstridge and Kevin Riley from Stalbridge. It would be nice to have a few more
Club members from Yeovil joining us at the next one! Bolstering the numbers were Taunton H3’s Rob “Desert Tw&t”, Andy “Warthog” Goodman from
Shaftesbury and John Robinson and Gail Coverley who were committed and cycled to the Pub from Weymouth in order to run!

[John was lucky to run - his kit, including shoes, were with Barnacles who had got his Holwells confused and was walking round the one near Evershot until long after we'd got back to the pub!]

The trail had been laid by Mixy and Dave Rees, the amazing memory man (it’s usual to have the hare run the hash itself to point runners in
the right direction if required – not much use when that hare has forgotten where the route went!). It is always gratifying when the entire pack, including
the two locals were all convinced that we’d be heading over the fields to West Coker – forgetting the footpath round the back of the pub to East Coker, and we
headed off. After a bit of the dashing through the undergrowth and fears of the runners that I’d be making them run along the main road to Crewkerne, we
crossed over the road and came out on Camp Road, turning left to the promised Yeovil icon – the Bull! Sadly Phil wasn’t present to confirm whether he’d been
there or not, but we had a very pleasant beer stop (note – Bombardier is very nice , Old Tom not so!).

From there it was down through West Coker and the lanes of Lanes, before heading up and over to Hardington Moor for impromptu sweetie
stop. We thought our prayers had been answered and that we’d lost the Andys – but we found that the SCBs had made their way back to the pub and got the beers

The next Hash will be on Sunday 16th June from the Fleur de Lis, Stoke Sub Hamdon at 11am – please let me know if you are interested
in coming along – martinchaffey@hotmail.co.uk / 07929 054576

RunReplay at: http://www.runreplay.com/replay.aspx?event=1927

PS Next time you're at Cartgate Rounabout, try a game of "Spot the Bull"!!


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And we're back..

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 07-May-2013 by MartinChaffey

Sorry for delay in updating this website - I have been stuck in a virtual Traffic Jam for the past few weeks! It seems to be fixed now...

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Prince of Wales Hash - 29 04 2013

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 07-May-2013 by MartinChaffey

The latest hash organised by the Ham Hill Hash attracted just a small but elite group of hashers to the Prince of Wales atop Ham Hill as
the regulars were mostly either running in the London Marathon (note to self; don’t organise one for Marathon day again next year!) or finishing off training
for the North Dorset Villages Marathon (in Stretchy’s case, she was looking for pot hunting opportunities at small local races!).


The course was laid by AOT and Mixy on a promise of 5 runners coming along, and a devious one was set – however as one by one they
sent texts of excuse, the realisation dawned that only Warthog was a definite, and the hares rather lost interest in doing anything other than getting back to
the pub, plan of action being to take Andy for a beer if he was the sole runner.. In the event 118 118 turned up from Chard with two friends and 4 was
deemed quorum, so off we went!

The course went round the ramparts to the Pinnacle and then off down the side of the hill – the group were confused by the small diversions
round trees as we dropped down to Norton but regrouped through the village. Across the Rec earlier in the day we had bumped into Club member Ian Mathieson who realised that we were doing our “flash running” but declined the offer of the hash as he was duty solicitor at Yeovil Police station and it might not have
gone down too well if he was standing on top of a hill having a beer stop!


Here we met a young lad, Phil, who just finishing a run but who knew AOT through Duke of Edinburgh awards and was talked into turning round
and doing another 3 miles! It was a case of on up through the woods to the top of one of the Monty hills – no Jakko here, but there was a beer stop, looking
down through the valley (Bombardier is a nice drop if you were interested…) We headed back to the Tinker’s Bubble, avoided the waterfall and headed straight
up the side of the hill – back to “Shagger’s Hump” (see Jon Rowe for details!) and On Inn.

We got back to find that the heritage tractor society were at the Pub in force, so wasn’t even chance for a beer – on to the next one, I reckon!

Photos at:


RunReplay at:


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