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    Ranking of Online Money Making Methods for Thematic Blogs

     0 Comments- Add comment Written on 01-Feb-2016 by onlinemakemoney

    Depending on the theme of each blog, the most effective monetization methods vary widely. This is due to the types of traffic and followers with each market and the interest generated by their publications within the industry in which they are inserted. To see the best methods, we will discuss what the most effective methods for thematic blogs are. You can also find out more about making money at

    First of all, we have to distinguish two types of blog. On one side are the blogs that generate many visits with high numbers of new readers every day. This type of blog can be about movies, news, sports, food or health and are usually very attractive to massive advertising with the intention of seeking the imposition of image and brand and the tools for generating revenue from interaction or click. The commercial value of this type of blog has the massive power and exposure. The monetization methods that generate higher incomes tend to be advertising banners, affiliate marketing and advertising platforms such as Google AdSense.

    On the other hand, there are smaller thematic blogs, while may not have overwhelming numbers with regard to traffic if they have a community of followers which really identify with the brand is very active and showing trust in the brand. This is a public that provides a more specific segmentation with respect to the interests and tastes which make more directed and less massive advertising possibility. This is the profile most often repeated among independent blogs and therein the most profitable monetization methods usually accommodated in the following hierarchy;

    1 – Product Reviews

    The fact that the media is dedicated to a specific topics and the blogger have influence within the community of consumers of products and services industry, the blog becomes an attractive way of specified advertising. Sponsored reviews are a very common way used by manufacturers to advertise their products.

    2 – Sponsored Content

    The contents are not limited to reviews and can develop into all kinds of sponsored content that advertise any type of product and service, putting it in writing articles, videos or podcast that address and promote it openly without falling into the evaluation on it. This methodology is most commonly used and generates significant revenue for the bloggers.

    3 – Banner Advertising

    The same arguments of authority that lead companies to use the blog as a means of promotion will be attractive enough to buy their spaces of display advertising. The problem is that the prices of these spaces in the market for independent blogs are usually low.

    4 – Affiliate Marketing and Google Ads

    By not offering high levels of traffic, the prices paid by these platforms per click advertising are usually low. Therefore, the revenue generated is not as high and in many cases could be much smaller than those generated by other methods of monetization.

    Broadly speaking, this is the ranking of effectiveness of traditional methods of monetization for independent thematic blogs. To which can be added at the top the possibility of selling its own branded products or the provision of educational services, but which, however, are alternative options. Therefore, when you spend your energies on the monetary aspects of your blog, I recommend you to program your publications from this ranking to generate higher revenue for your blog.

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