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Branding ilustrado/ Branding illustrated

 2 Comments- Add comment Written on 22-Apr-2008 by julio.ferro

Marty Neumeier es autor de dos libros excelentes: The Brand Gap y Zag. Son unos ensayos increíbles sobre diseño, branding, MKT e innovación explicados de forma simple y rica. Aquí abajo, un extracto ilustrado de Zag donde explica las formas de trabajo de algunas disciplinas en una metáfora divertida.


Marty Neumeier is the author of two excellent books: The Brand Gap and Zag. They're incredible essays about design, branding, MKT and innovation and explained in a very simple and rich way. Here's an illustrated excerpt from Zag where he explains the way some disciplines work using a funny methaphor.

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