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e-book: Cómo cocinar tu marca/ How to cook your brand

 1 Comment- Add comment Written on 07-Apr-2009 by julio.ferro

"Vivimos en un Mundo dominado por Marcas, pero curiosamente el Branding es un gran desconocido incluso para muchas de las empresas que basan en ellas sus negocios...
Es como si todo el mundo se limitara a comer y a montar restaurantes obviando la existencia de... ¡La Cocina!."

Así abre Joan Jimenez su interesante e-book "Cómo concinar tu marca".


"We live in a world dominated by Brands, but Branding is curiously the great unknown, even for many companies that rely on them their business ...
It is as if the whole world was limited to eating and mount restaurants ignoring the existence of... The Kitchen!."

That's the way Joan Jimenez opens his interesting e-book "How to cook your brand" (sorry, in spanish only).

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