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 7 Comments- Add comment | Back to Hey! Written on 22-Apr-2009 by julio.ferro

Harto de contratar profesionales para el nombre de su marca? Pruebe la Naming Machine y olvídese de los nombres sin brillo!

Tired of hiring naming proffesionals? Try the Naming Machine and forget about those dull brand names!

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  • written on 25-Apr-2009

    carolina.leal says:

    random wisdom!

  • written on 28-Apr-2009

    russell.volckmann says:

    I want one of these if it can (a) check the US Patent & Trademark Department for similarities, (b) pay the attorneys to fight any hostile litigation arising from potential naming conflict, as well as (c) negotiate settlements in infringement cases

  • written on 28-Apr-2009

    russell.volckmann [] says:

    Seriously, so many new boutique creative agencies sound like these names, don't they?

    So far, the machine came up with the following, all of which whose .COM domain names were taken... bad machine, bad

    Red Moose Media
    Red Bird Design
    Evil Dog (.COM)

    except for...

    Green Parrot Labs... guess no one wants a name that sounds like animal experiment abuse!

  • written on 28-Apr-2009

    julio.ferro says:

    hahahah. Good point!

  • written on 28-Apr-2009

    chickerino says:

    Crazy Dragon Design!!! YHUSSSSSSSS!!!

  • written on 29-Apr-2009

    luchaa.lg says:

    me salio
    voy a empezar a ver como puedo hacer un alce

  • written on 30-Apr-2009

    Federico Diaz Mastellonr [] says:

    Excelente link...

    pero por favor, no se lo contemos a nuestros clientes... )

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