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 4 Comments- Add comment | Back to Hey! Written on 12-Jan-2009 by julio.ferro

Después de años de dominación Helvetica (la tipografía), las cosas parecen estar cambiando según este excelente artículo de Scott Billings en DesignWeek. Helvetica volvió con todo y se impuso como "la marca de pertenencia; es el emblema que dice que somos parte de una sociedad moderna", según Neville Brody en el film Helvetica. Pero que pasó finalmente? En mi opinión terminó siendo una solución tanto facilista como impersonal, en términos de branding. 

After years of Helvetica domination, things seems to be changing according this excellent article of Scott Billings at DesignWeek.
Helvetica returned and was adopted as "a mark of membership; it's a badge that says we're part of modern society, we share the same ideals." According to Neville Brody in Helvetica the film. But what happened? In my opinion it was an easy overused solution, an impersonal solution in branding terms.


Adrian Frutiger recientemente trabajó sobre una versión serif de su clásica sans Frutiger, lanzada por Linotype. Un buen ejemplo del regreso de las serifs, quizás por haber sido utilizada como una de las fuentes standard para identidad corporativa en los '90s.
Adrian Frutiger himself recently worked on a serif version of the classic sans serif Frutiger, released by Linotype. A good example of the return of the serif, perhaps after used as one of the corporate standard fonts of the '90s.


El mismo caso, Erik Spiekermann con la ayuda de los tipógrafos Christian Schwartz y Kris Sowersby, lanzó Meta Serif.
The same case, Erik Spiekermann with the help of type designers Christian Schwartz and Kris Sowersby, released Meta Serif.

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  • written on 12-Jan-2009

    msapoznik [] says:

    Muy bueno el aporte.


  • written on 13-Jan-2009

    russell.volckmann [] says:

    Meta is a great Sans. And I am even more thrilled by the slab serif version... nice. Thanks for sharing this Julio.

  • written on 13-Jan-2009

    julio.ferro says:

    I'm really tired of both of them. Maybe it's because they were a bit overused, but they're great. I prefer the Frutiger Next version, with true italics.

    Going back to the point, In this case I think this is really different to the usual megafamilies programs. Let's say Thesis or the Proteus Project for example.
    Both Meta and Frutiger are "traditional human sans" (and they've born like that), but since both gave birth their Serif children (let's face it: they're conservative children), it sounds like serifs are not a mere revival.

    BTW, I'm listening "Viva los Straitjackets". They rock!! Sorry, they Surf!!

  • written on 14-Jan-2009

    russell.volckmann says:

    Maybe you're right... Meta does get used quite a bit, but still fundamentally a solid face. But I am also weary of human sans faces like Lucida. Not sure if it gets overused but it just seems dated. I stopped using Frutiger about 8-10 years ago for the same reason. Sheer boredom. Speaking of Proteus, what sort of applications do you like to use that typeface with? Thesis is interesting, and to me looks like it almost borders on the slightly distressed--perhaps due to the narrow spines.

    ¡Viva! is my favorite Straitjackets album of them all... and "instrumental" in inspiring the Aquamarines :)

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