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 3 Comments- Add comment | Back to Hey! Written on 24-Nov-2008 by julio.ferro




Ahora con temas, se puede jugar con la apariencia del Gmail. Lo divertido es que en diversos temas el logo va sufriendo mutaciones. Identidad 2.0?

Now with themes, you can play with the look & feel of your Gmail. The funny thing is that in different themes the logo suffers mutations. Identity 2.0?
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  • written on 24-Nov-2008

    chickerino says:

    the logo mutations being a good thing since the original gmail logo (imho) is *shocking* !!
    gmail ftw!!

  • written on 24-Nov-2008

    kylie says:

    I saw this on the weekend too. Interesting that they are willing to change the design of their logo - does this mean that their brand is so strong it can be mutated and still be recognised in any form. Quite a risk isn't it?

  • written on 24-Nov-2008

    julio.ferro says:

    I do agree with you Kylie. I think it's because they think the brand is the product experience and seems they manage the identity as open source.

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