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 Hey! It's a bilingual blog. Scroll down! » Olimpiadas de diseño para 1/ Design olympics for 1

 1 Comment- Add comment | Back to Hey! Written on 20-Aug-2008 by julio.ferro
  1. 10 posters
  2. 1 brochure en inglés/ 1 brochure in english
  3. 1 brochure en chino/ 1 brochure in chinese
  4. 1 tríptico en inglés/ 1 triptych in english
  5. 1 tríptico en chino/ 1 triptych in chinese
  6. 5 literaturas de 12 pags/ 5 12 pages literatures
  7. 1 tapa y centro de DVD/ 1 DVD sleeve and disc
  8. Estás retrasado! You're late!

Estoy corriendo preparando todo este material para la presencia de Argentina en la Feria Internacional de Inversiones y Comercio de China (CIFIT) que se realiza despues de los juegos olimpicos en Xiamen. Y yo me estoy volviendo chino!

I'm running against the clock preparing all this stuff for the Argentina's presence at the China Int'l Fair for Investment and Trade
(CIFIT) after the olympic games in Xiamen. I'm already becoming a chinese (local expression for when you're overwhelmed).

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  • written on 21-Aug-2008

    cristian.saracco says:

    Tiririririrín.... Enjoy it... we are also in a similar situation.... Welll, nos similar... Actuañlly, in a middle of a huge chinese mess... But in Beijing!

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