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EYP London promotes links between business professionals within the UK and beyond. We welcome executives from across every industry, every nation and every age to attend our hugely popular networking events to make friends, establish valuable business contacts and to have fun. Check out some picture from our previous events in the Gallery or see where we have held previous events on the Events page.


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Introducing Podio

Written on 10-Nov-2011 by RonEll

Podio is an online work platform with a new take on how everyday work gets done. It gives people more power than they’ve ever had before to manage their work better, smarter and in their own way. Combining hundreds of specialized and flexible work apps with messaging, tasks, reporting, workflow and contact management, Podio lets you build and shape the online workplace most fitting to your role. It eliminates scattered, unorganized work routines, and replaces multiple products from different companies with a single environment and a single login. Podio is already trusted by thousands of teams, companies and organizations worldwide who use it to facilitate a particular work process or to connect all their work activity.

Visit to learn more about changing the way you work.

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    Recession Brings Unexpected Benefits For Britain's Food Entrepreneurs

    Written on 09-Mar-2011 by RonEll

    The recession has brought some unexpected benefits for Britain's food entrepreneurs.

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      EYP recommends a great talk for budding entrepeneurs

      Written on 27-Oct-2010 by RonEll

      The UK's most highly regarded business speakers come to the stage with brand new content and strategies that you have NEVER experienced before.

      The Mermaid Theatre has been secured to help create a magical atmosphere for big ideas, meeting the perfect person and seizing your next great opportunity. This event is Triumphant's most strategically planned event and will be beneficial for anyone who is looking to break through in their industry.

      .. Stop diverting your focus onto new things; find the industry you love and become a Key Person of Influence (KPI). Once you are a KPI, you earn more, enjoy more recognition, have more fun and get a chance to make a real difference.

      Find out more

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        EYP London returned to Mahiki

         1 Comment- Add comment Written on 24-Sep-2010 by RonEll

        Mahiki yet again set another great stage for an EYP social get-together at the end of September. As normal, it was a great way to meet and network with new people in London or catch up with old friends. From 7pm on Thursday 30 September was an evening with over 150 EYP members.

        Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


        • written on 17-Nov-2010

          christen1235 [] says:

          If you wish to have a just notion of the magnitude of this city london, you must not be
          satisfied with seeing its great streets and squares, but must survey the innumerable little
          lanes and courts. It is not in the showy evolutions of buildings, but in the multiplicity of human
          habitations which are crowded together, that the wonderful immensity of London consists.!

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        The End of Summer EYP Party was great!

         0 Comments- Add comment Written on 09-Sep-2010 by jcswanston


        The end of summer is here so we felt it was time for a few drinks and some good old fashioned networking. We decided to go for something different this time around so found ourselves a pub with a tree inside - as most pubs have trees on the outside we thought this was pretty unique!

        More than a houndred people joined EYP at the Cottage Bar in Waxy's (in the West End) on September 8th, from 7 and 10 pm. We did a couple of speed networking sessions during the evening, and a business card draw for a free dinner for four at the restaurant there. 

        A great social event all round. Stay tuned for the next event!

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          “If you have just landed to thrilling London life, or you are a regular of the secret treats the city has to offer, EYP events are definitely a must on your calendar”
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          I can thoroughly recommend EYP and the hugely beneficial events it holds. If you want to be re-energised, pick up valuable tips land more business, then get involved with EYP. Surrounding yourself with positive and talented people who have incredible ideas and experience can help you quickly reach your goals



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