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Several "learning holes"

 3 Comments- Add comment Written on 17-Dec-2008 by jjno

...I was able to fill in the V UOC UNESCO seminar:

  1. Self organized systems theory can be applied to children education and digital divide.
  2. The idea comes from Sugata Mitra and it is tagged: Self Organised Learning Environments
  3. Becoming fluent in the digital world is also a matter of becoming visually literate
  4. Wiki platforms can be used to allow the collaborative creation of very simple and effective learning objects.
  5. Some ICTs (e.g. e-mail) do not let time enough to think creatively and take action: take control of technologies and take control of those who control the technologies.

All those are useful bits for my own digital building, token from the Ismael’s Blog. Thanks again for your incredible lifeblogging of the conference.

The UOC UNESCO Chair in E-Learning Fifth International SeminarFighting the digital divide through education, took place in Barcelona, on November 2008.

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