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 3 Comments- Add comment | Back to Corinne in London Written on 06-Sep-2008 by Co_inne
Little incest boy gets personal!  He must have no life whatsoever since he knows what his parents are up to all the time, has time to aimlessly surf the web and find my blog, and be rude and annoying!  He's also not a very good reader, since he thinks I am the one that wrote the blog and hence practicing all that is mentioned IN the blog.  I wish! ;o)  I simply reposted it because I agree with what's in it.  So little nerdy boy can continue his love triangle with his parents, I'll continue to lead my fun-filled life with my amazing family and friends, whom I LOVE.  Which they deserve to be because they're awesome.  Not that Titanic "I met you, now I love you forever"-relationshippy kinda love.  Forever is pretty easy on a sinking ship by the way.

Here's his last rant:

I know what my father gets up to. I know what my mother gets up to.

You might not have known what yours did, but do not judge others by your own grubby standards.

How dare I? If you don't like it personal, don't make it personal.

You do not believe in love so do not make love. You do not make love so you fuck. You fuck, so you are fucked.

I do know how full your life is. You have plastered it across your profile. It isn't very full.

You cannot have friends either, as friendship is as intangible as love - true friendship being a kind of love.

Do argue that point, because I shall then use the "logic" that supports your idea of friendship to support that love exists.

You must admit that you are indeed hollow or defeat your own argument and accept that love might exist.

Some of "them" cannot be monogamous. True enough. You wisely do not use absolutist terms.

Some of "them" can be monogamous. Most of us have risen above purely primal instincts and come out of our caves.

Another study has just been released that shows divorces at their lowest for twenty years.

http://img. photobucket. com/albums/v732/enigmachine/ScreenHunter_08Sep052146. jpg

Take a good look. I have covered nothing. Learn to use your browser.

05 Sep 2008, 14:18 - Your "Right, that's what you think..." message was sent.

05 Sep 2008, 17:04 - Your "Oh and by the way..." message was sent.

That was 2hrs 46min between the two. Not only were you unable to leave well enough alone, you were stone-cold wrong.

You do not want a response? Do not send a response. It would also save you undermining yourself further.

No wonder you do not believe in love. You must have driven away anyone who could ever have loved you.

You can choose not to believe in love and to die alone, but I know that love exists and prefer the company of friends.

Good luck.
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