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 1 Comment- Add comment Written on 20-Jun-2007 by Bryan

Recently returned from a trip to the US of A. I go out there a couple of times or so a year to visit my parents who are based in Houston, Texas. This trip however was a little bit different - we all decided to go to Vegas. What an experience and what a place.

 The Strip by day, Paris(could be Blackpool) can be seen on the horizon.

Vegas is mostly made up of these immense hotels, each like a town in its own right. You can easily just spend most of your day in just one of these arenas!

Is that San Marco Square in Venice? This is what I mean about these hotels, the picture above was taken at about half nine in the evening.

The Bellagio and the lake that contains the famous Bellagio fountains (yes, the setting for the film Ocean's Eleven). Every 15 mins they put on a little show which has to be said, is quite impressive. One show in particular had us all singing out loud...here's the song (including video for your pleasure).

You have to see it to really appreciate it. Wonderful.

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Life of Bryan

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 05-Jun-2007 by Bryan

A month into my tenure at Webjam it is about time I added some content to my site....

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