1. Letters or words, in writing or speech, that have no meaning or seem to have no meaning. 2. An untrue statement. He says that I stole his computer, but that's just nonsense. 3. Something foolish. * 2008, "Nick Leeson has some lessons for this collapse", Telegraph.co.uk, Oct 9, 2008 and central banks lend vast sums against marshmallow backed securities, or other nonsenses creative bankers dreamed up. 4. (literature) A type of poetry that contains strange or surreal ideas, as, for example, that written by Edward Lear. 5. (biology) A damaged DNA sequence whose products are not biologically active, that is, that does nothing. ...

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    My Blarg


     0 Comments- Add comment Written on 22-Aug-2010 by Deleted svenmoose


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    Amen to that

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     2 Comments- Add comment Written on 28-Mar-2009 by Deleted svenmoose

    Whats going on right now?

    A few months left on the degree, which means many projects to tie up; a radio drama, a few animations, a national gallery installation, a film with the university of Sussex, a documentary, a live performance to direct and organise and duties as head of post production in the run up to the Rave on Air event in July. I guess I had better start planning my time a little better and getting on with it all.  Sometimes motivation is a hard thing to find, how do you get yourself back in gear when you feel so comfortable sleeping as much as you can? My thoughts are gathering around joining the gym, cycling more and trying to propogate some pro activity.

    I'm planning on setting up a site where I document sound design techniques for various projects, at the moment for instance, i'm trying to create the sound of a 50 foot tall monster made of stamps. I'd like for this to be part of a larger site for creative audio types to post their work up, promoting their work and hopefully gaining some collective attention. If you'd like to be involved let me know.

    I'm also getting in the xc/dh, ales in the evening, much guitar playing, tune writing, hippy book reading and trying to ween myself off of facebook.

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    Another year, another draft

     0 Comments- Add comment Written on 27-Dec-2008 by Deleted svenmoose
    We're all about to embark on the new year, most people are looking into how to make this one better than the last. I'm suddenly finding myself in this set and I'm wondering how on earth I am going to get through the next 6 months and come out the other end in one piece. The rediculous point, is that  we all choose the end of December in which to do it, when really we should have been setting more time aside for planning and rediculous over self analysis throughout the rest of the year. The best way I know how to deal with this, is to put my thoughts into writing and assemble a logical jigsaw of desires and solutions on paper so I can see what I'm dealing with without the constant poppingand crackling of neurons that continually changes the direction of my thoughts. I want to get more exercise in the new year, i know it makes me feel great but i don't get more, because frankly, going to the gym or out for a run is masochistic and takes a special kind of fetishist to enjoy. So why not take up a sport that I actually enjoy, with people i actually like to spend time with. Hell I like cycling but london isn't exactly inspiring for it and everyone i know seems to become aggrophobic as soon as I'm motivated to leave the house. I want to get deeper into sound design so I plan on buying a copy of reaktor and upgrading my field recording kit so I can experiment with as many different ways of manipulating and synthesizing sound as possible, this could prove to forcibly eat all time for other things in my life, but that's ok, for now. I still intend to get a first in my degree, i really need to sit down with the syllabus and write the deadlines in my diary.. and buy a diary. I definately need to drink less when i go out, maybe i should try alternating beer with water.. i know, this sounds rediculous, but i genuinely worry for my kidneys, we have been through alot and before you accuse me of exaggeration, i say 'you weren't there man, you weren't there'. tbc..
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    Why working in audio potentially sucks balls

     9 Comments- Add comment Written on 09-Nov-2008 by Deleted svenmoose
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    I love Bjork, but she really does need looking after, by the state, till she's better..

     2 Comments- Add comment Written on 03-Nov-2008 by Deleted svenmoose
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    New wallace and grommit !

     1 Comment- Add comment Written on 03-Nov-2008 by Deleted svenmoose
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7706 ... 8.stm
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    Church of Jungle

     1 Comment- Add comment Written on 02-Nov-2008 by Deleted svenmoose
    This had me in stitches.. there's a whole series of these ecumenical church/drum and bass vids on youtube - brilliant
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