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s1ni5t3r wrote:
17-Apr-2014 - 18:59

A single female Variable Damselfly at Amberley Wildbrooks today just before the clouds came. TQ030139. Also a total of 19 Large Reds seen.

s1ni5t3r wrote:
17-Apr-2014 - 5:52

Single Blue-Tailed Damselfly at Southease Station Ponds. TQ431053

MikeRiley wrote:
13-Apr-2014 - 14:26

8 Large Red Damselflies 3 with wet wings, and 1 Hairy Dragonfly in the woods at Herstmonceux Castle.

jonwood wrote:
13-Apr-2014 - 7:38

Post botanical wet woodland survey yesterday a teneral beautiful demoiselle flew over us and landed in some goat willows from the Plumpton Mill Stream.

jonwood wrote:
11-Apr-2014 - 21:39

One recently emerged large red damselfly and one separate exuvia on my neighbours pond today. Will now be looking for Demoiselles as well.

NeilHulme wrote:
11-Apr-2014 - 20:10

Immature male Beautiful Demoiselle at Wiston (TQ144142) today - by far my earliest record.

jonwood wrote:
10-Apr-2014 - 21:00

Well done Julie! I thought it would be early but that's impressive. Out of interest what is the earliest record for Sussex Penny?

redfordjulie wrote:
08-Apr-2014 - 15:32

2 Large Red Damselflies seen at Warnham LNR dipping ponds this morning. Both looking very new.

redfordjulie wrote:
27-Nov-2013 - 21:21

Meant to add the grid ref. TQ05981618 for the Pulborough Brooks sighting. Julie

redfordjulie wrote:
27-Nov-2013 - 19:27

Common Darter female seen at 1pm in warm sunshine on Tuesday 26th November at Pulborough Brooks - basking on a log next to Julie Snook's bench on the Tumuli. This seems quite late in the season? Julie and Malcolm Redford.

redfordjulie wrote:
05-Nov-2013 - 9:34

We can't match Dave Sadler's exciting find but we saw a female Common Darter at Sheffield Park yesterday on the small lake closest to the car park TQ41522386.

PennyGreen wrote:
04-Nov-2013 - 16:22

Wow! Just when we thought that the dragonfly season was coming to an end...Dave Sadler spotted a beautiful male VAGRANT EMPEROR at Shoreham Old Fort on 30th October and then again on 2nd November! A photo has been uploaded in to the photo gallery and you can read more about it in the forthcoming dragonfly autumn newsletter which will be with you soon! This is only the second record we have for this species in Sussex - the last time was in 2011 in the Pannel Valley. Good spot Dave!

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
25-Sep-2013 - 14:05

To my suprise and delight this morning I saw (and snapped with my phone - see Photos) a male Emperor at Widewater, a saline lagoon, nr Shoreham. The salinity of this waterbody is higer than sea water at the moment so I don't know why it was hanging around there - I saw two around the margins of the site a month ago.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
23-Sep-2013 - 14:53

Several Migrant Hawker were on the wing in Stanmer Park on 22/09/13 taking advantage of the warm weather.

redfordjulie wrote:
19-Sep-2013 - 19:46

From Julie and Malcolm Redford
On the 4th September we visited Lower Lake at Gravetye Manor TQ366340. The weather was bright, calm and 25C +. The banks are very overgrown with reeds and for the most part lined with trees. We saw a large number of Migrant Hawkers, 6 Brown Hawkers, 6 Southern Hawkers along with large numbers of Common Darters and Common Blue Damselflies. The path around the lake is accessible to the public in the summer months.

redfordjulie wrote:
02-Sep-2013 - 21:22

Visit to Knepp Castle Estate - 22nd and 27th August.
The first day was dull and windy - not good for dragonflies. The second, on Tuesday last week was perfect 24C, sunny and calm. In all we found 9 species. They were: Damselflies - Common Blues, Blue-tailed, Banded Demoiselles and Beautiful Demoiselles. Dragonflies seen were: - Migrant Hawkers, Southern Hawkers, Brown Hawkers, Common Darter and Ruddy Darter. By far the most numerous at this time were the Migrant Hawkers, Common Darters and Common Blues. A fruitful and enjoyable day in beautiful surroundings. Thanks to Charlie Burrell for allowing us to visit the various areas i.e. the Adur from Pound Lane to the A24, the Bothy Lake and the Hammer Pond. Our 4 best photos from Knepp will be in the photo gallery.
Julie and Malcolm Redford

redfordjulie wrote:
29-Aug-2013 - 21:51

A Beautiful Demoiselle was seen flying along the road near the entrance to Sainsburys in Haywards Heath (TQ 329246) on20th August. Luckily there was no traffic coming in this busy part of the town.
Julie and Malcolm Redford

PennyGreen wrote:
09-Aug-2013 - 9:56

A mature male Club-tailed Dragonfly (Gomphus vulgatissimus) was spotted by Paul Stevens whilst out fishing on 8th August. This is the latest record we have in the database for this species - the latest date we previously had on record for Sussex is 3rd July, and that was in 1991! If you're out and about in the Arun Valley area this weekend, keep an eye out! Paul sent in a splendid picture which you can see in the photo gallery...

PennyGreen wrote:
06-Aug-2013 - 11:05

Lovely pictures, thank you Julie and Malcolm!

redfordjulie wrote:
01-Aug-2013 - 16:27

Have posted some photos from Penny's Buchan Country Park and John Luck's Old Lodge and Moorlands trips - both very enjoyable days with many species seen. Purple Thorn moth included for variety - well spotted Penny!

PennyGreen wrote:
30-Jul-2013 - 15:57

John Luck reports back from the Old Lodge/Moorlands Field Trip on Sunday 28th July, please look in the photo gallery for his shots of the day:

Again, the gods were on our side on our field trip to Old Lodge and Moorlands on Sunday. Eleven of us headed through the heather to explore the various ponds. At the 1st heathland pool, we were treated to 2 pristine male Emerald Damselflies (see group photo). A Four-spotted Chaser buzzily merrily around. Quickly, a Small Red Damselfly was located, then an Emperor flew nearby. A female Emperor was seen egg-laying appearing as blue as a male, which they do in warm weather. Onwards downhill towards the stream at Keeches for lunch to find a remarkable number (10-20) male Keeled Skimmers (see photo of one of them) + a female briefly seen. Then an Emperor decided this was his patch and patrolled the stream with Keeled Skimmers attempting to take him on. One became rather too bold and finished up on the emperor's luncheon menu. The Emperor landed with its prey in the heather but moved away before we were able to take a photo. A couple of Golden-ringed Dragonflies finally appeared perhaps deterred by the nearby presence of the Emperor. Also seen - Brown Hawkers, Azure Ds, Common Blue Ds, Common Darter, Broad-bodied Chaser, Large Red Ds - thus finishing with a site total of 12 species, but no sign of Black Darter, which was out at Black Down a week ago so I had expected to find a few here.

At Moorlands, we were greeted by Lucy & Mark Love, who had once again invited to visit their idyllic garden ponds. 10 species were found with 5 new ones for the day - White-legged Ds, Red-eyed Ds, Blue-tailed Ds, Beautiful Demoiselle and Downy Emerald - thus 17 species were seen on the day, but no sign of Brilliant Emerald. There was strange goings-on at one pond where a male Blue-tailed Damselfly was seen attached to a female Large Red Damselfly which appeared to be egg-laying into a pond lily (photos were taken and may be posted later). To finish the day we returned to the house to be treated to a sumptuous tea. Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Love for their continuing generosity.

Several genuine photographers were in the group so we should be able to post further photographs in the near future.

PennyGreen wrote:
24-Jul-2013 - 22:38

Fifteen 'big game' hunters joined us for the quest for Emeralds at Buchan Country Park today, and I'm pleased to say that it was a sparkling success...

We got off to a good start as we waited for the sun to appear, when we found 16 Southern Hawker exuviae around two of the small ponds near the visitor centre, a few Large Red damselflies were spotted here too. The next stop was Douster Pond where we spotted our first Emerald - a Brilliant Emerald at that. Here we also bagged Common Blue, Blue-tailed, Large Red and Red-eyed damselfly and just as we were about to move off, we noticed a Marbled White butterfly fluttering towards us, which several of us were watching through our binoculars, and just as it got close....chomp! an Emperor dragonfly ate it for his elevenses. Game over for the Marbled White, but for us it added no.8 on to our list. Moving on around Douster pond we added Azure Damselfly, Brown Hawker, Black-tailed Skimmer and much to our delight, an ovipositing Downy Emerald - which brings us to 12 species so far....

At Boundary Pond we stopped for lunch - what a spot! Amongst the huge array of dragons and damsels copulating and engaged in aerial battles, new for the day were Four-spotted Chaser, Banded Demoiselle and White-legged Damselfly. This brings us to 15 species. But hang on a minute, we haven't seen any Darters yet, surely we can find one on our way back...

We were easily distracted by two freshly emerged Purple Thorn moths, Lemon-scented Buckler Fern and a White Admiral, but just as we were getting close to the end a Common Darter was spotted, bringing us to a very satisfying 16 species.

We were also pleased to see an immature female 'drab form' of the Common Blue damselfly.

Thank you to all those that came along and made this a very enjoyable day out in the field. Hopefully some photos will be posted over the next few days by some of the people that attended. Buchan Country Park is an excellent place to see a wide range of Sussex's Odonata species, let us know if you find more than 16 - it's a challenge!

All the best, Pen

grahamjenner wrote:
17-Jul-2013 - 23:08

Regarding the comment about scarce chasers in West Sussex, they have been at Burton Mill Pond for at least 4 years.

redfordjulie wrote:
13-Jul-2013 - 17:51

Julie and Malcolm Redford
12th July
Visitors to our garden pond: Broad Bodied Chaser F ovipositing. Common Darter F. Still getting several Azures and Large Reds.

redfordjulie wrote:
13-Jul-2013 - 14:30

Julie and Malcolm Redford
On the 11th of July (25C+ and little breeze) we visited our survey lakes to the south of Cuckfield for the 2nd time. It was even more like a lost world than our last visit - a paradise for dragonflies. The banks are tree lined and overgrown with nettles, reeds and bracken. Again we found huge numbers of Azures but fewer Large Reds and Blue-Tailed, around a dozen Downy Emeralds and several Brown Hawkers and Emperors. On the 2nd and 3rd lakes there were many Red-eyed Damselflies on the lily pads.
We shall visit again in August to note any changes.

jonwood wrote:
12-Jul-2013 - 18:02

Tuesday the 9th, good mix of species seen while pond surveying near the Surrey border; Downy Emeralds, Black-tailed Skimmer, Broad-bodied Chasers, Emperor, Southern Hawkers, Azures, Common Blues, Large Reds, Red-eyed and a Banded Demoiselle.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
10-Jul-2013 - 13:26

On the 3rd July, I observed a fresh looking male Southern Hawker hunting along a heathland ride at Lavington. Yesterday (9th July) I saw a rather lost looking male Beautiful Demoiselle flying along the seafront in central Brighton - one can only guess to how it got there! Chichester seems to be overrun by Common Blue Damselfly; I suspect a mass emergence from the nearby Gravel Pits.

markivan wrote:
29-Jun-2013 - 22:43

29th June. 2 Brilliant Emerald near the police training area on Ashdown Forest.
Then at the Old Lodge 2 Golden-ringed Dragonfly, another Emerald of some sort and a Keeled Skimmer amongst the Emperors, Broad Bodied and Four-spotted chasers.

Tim_W wrote:
27-Jun-2013 - 9:39

I had a very enjoyable afternoon at the Old Lodge yesterday (June 26th). Many Large Red, Common Blue and Azure damsels were seen.
Also 8 Four-spotted chasers (including one ovipositing), 4 Broad-bodied chasers (2m,1f &1teneral), 8 Emperors (5m,3f, including one ovipositing, one mating pair and one which chewed the abdomen from an unfortunate Brown Silver-line moth and dropped the wings and head still flapping into the pool below in a mater of seconds!).
Also seen: 1 teneral Keeled skimmer, 1 male Beautiful demoiselle (which passed through quickly and proved to be surprisingly agile when intercepted by an Emperor).
The stars of the show were 2 Emeralds, one was seen briefly over the stream tangling with a Four spot' (going by jizz almost certainly 'Downy') the other was hawking high up and obligingly landed 25 or so feet up in a Scots pine! (small chance it could have been 'Brilliant'). I took a record shot or two of the later, but the results were really terrible and unfortunately no use at all for identity purposes.
Tim W

redfordjulie wrote:
21-Jun-2013 - 14:54

We went to the recording weekend at Knepp Castle Estate at the beginning of June. The conditions were good for dragonflies to be out and about. We saw many Large Reds, Blue-taileds and Azures throughout the estate with a lot of ovipositing taking place. We also recorded a Red-eyed, 2 Emperors, an immature male Scarce Chaser, 12 Beautiful Demoiselles and 4 female Broad-bodied Chasers.

On the 5th of June (a hot day) we visited our survey lakes near Cuckfield. We found huge numbers of Large Reds and Azures and many Downy Emeralds.
Julie and Malcolm Redford

NeilHulme wrote:
06-Jun-2013 - 20:16

6th June. Scarce Chaser male on Knepp Castle Estate this morning.

06-Jun-2013 - 11:03

5th June
Old Lodge. 14 Emperor exuvia, 2 newly emerged Emperors drying out, several Broad-bodied Chasers, male and female, and several Four-spotted Chasers. Also, several Large-red Damselflies.

Piltdown Pond
Lots of Red-eyed Damselflies and one female Beautiful Demoiselle.

tonywilson wrote:
05-Jun-2013 - 21:52

Two Scarce Chasers in Edburton today, including one in my garden - a new species for Edburton. Also Beautiful Demoiselle, Broad-bodied Chaser, Hairy Dragonfly and Blue-tailed Damselfly.

NeilHulme wrote:
05-Jun-2013 - 21:29

Club-tail seen munching flies in the northern part of Rewell Wood this morning. Will add a couple of images to the gallery.

BaronBirder wrote:
03-Jun-2013 - 23:02

First Emperor dragonfly of the year for me at Old Lodge. A female only just emerged which was still hanging out to dry this moring and provided a great photo opportunity.

Tim_W wrote:
03-Jun-2013 - 20:34

I saw my first Four-spotted chaser today at Balsdean (See photo page), also 2 common blue, and and 1 azure damselfly. On 1st June a walk along the south bank of the Ouse between Southease and Rodmell produced several Variable damselflies and one Large Red. Also two dragonflies which were too quick for me in the wind!

PennyGreen wrote:
28-May-2013 - 15:31

The Club-tails are out! Thanks to reporters who have sent emails in, sounds like many teneral individuals were seen hardening off on the bank-side vegetation over the weekend, and a couple of males in the woods. One unfortunately made it on to a Pied Wagtail's menu. See Pete Hughes' great photo in the photo gallery. Committee members were planning a kayak trip this morning to look for exuviae but the weather soon put a stop to that!

David15 wrote:
27-May-2013 - 20:23

Hairy dragonfly and male & female broad bodied chasers at Woods Mill today

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
25-May-2013 - 15:55

Update: According to the British Dragonfly Society Recent Sightings page, the Scarce Chaser at Burton Pond appears to be the first record of the year for this species in the UK.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
22-May-2013 - 10:05

Yesterday afternoon (22nd May 2013) I was delighted to see two freshly emerged Scarce Chasers and a Downy Emerald drying their wings on bankside vegetation at Burton Pond. I managed to collect exuviae from both species making these useful breeding records. Has anyone else recorded Scarce Chasers this far west in Sussex? With their gradual spread across Sussex they are not living up to their namesake! I also saw Variable and Blue-tailed Damselfly.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
17-May-2013 - 13:53

This afternoon (17th May 2013) I spotted my first Blue-tailed Damselfly of the year, near a pond at Clapham, Worthing. I've posted a photograph on out photos page.

PennyGreen wrote:
13-May-2013 - 19:53

We were really pleased to see a female Broad-bodied Chaser amongst the heather on Ambersham Common yesterday (12th May 2013). I have just uploaded my photo of it in the photo gallery. It was spotted by Ruth and Rich Black when were out for a walk with them.

nicklear wrote:
07-May-2013 - 11:53

A Hairy Dragonfly in Knowlands Wood, Barcombe, yesterday (7th May)

nicklear wrote:
07-May-2013 - 11:49

About late Darters, I have a photo of a pair in tandem taken at Knowlands Farm on 8th November.

jonwood wrote:
05-May-2013 - 12:03

Thursday 2nd May. My first adult sighting of the year, teneral Large Red Damselfly fluttered over the hedge from my neighbour's pond in Plumpton.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
04-May-2013 - 22:10

On the Friday 3rd May, Pauline Chandler reports a Hairy Dragonfly on the wing at Burton Mill Pond, as well as lots of Large Red Damselflies.

redfordjulie wrote:
29-Apr-2013 - 11:52

More Large Red Damselflies.
28th April. 11 Large Reds emerged from our pond near Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield TQ304245. The first this year. Julie and Malcolm Redford.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
23-Apr-2013 - 22:14

And they're off!
A 'wet-looking' teneral Large Red Damselfly flew from the pond at Lords Piece onto a nearby tree this afternoon, 23rd April. I managed to take a picture before it flew off - see the sightings page.

jonwood wrote:
22-Nov-2012 - 21:37

I spotted a male Common Darter on the seventh of November in Plumpton and 5 coupled pairs of Common Darters at Sheffield Park on the 11th. Anyone else have any late sightings?

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
19-Oct-2012 - 13:41

I spotted 2 Migrant Hawkers hawking for insects around the edge of Weir Wood Reservoir yesterday, despite the cooler conditions. Their usual vivid blue colour appeared more drab.

NeilHulme wrote:
21-Sep-2012 - 13:42

Yesterday (20th September) I found a very fresh looking female Red-veined Darter in the northern part of Rewell Wood, close to Duchess Lodge. Thanks to John Luck for correcting my initial Darter errata. I've previously only seen this species in The Canaries. Two images uploaded to gallery.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
12-Sep-2012 - 12:48

We had a fabulous end to the Sussex Dragonfly Group's field events at Cuckmere Haven on Sunday. With glorious weather, we saw lots of Migrant Hawkers, Common Darters, Southern Hawkers and a few Blue-tailed Damselflies. A good number of Migrant Hawkers were flying around in pairs - see the picture on the photos page.

PennyGreen wrote:
10-Sep-2012 - 15:25

Tom Forward from the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership has posted this great video of a Golden-ringed Dragonfly munching its prey. Please visit the Gatwick Greenspace Facebook Page to view the video: ... 38185

JohnnyWilson wrote:
09-Sep-2012 - 7:38

Super weather Saturday 8/9/12, so off to Burton Mill Pond. Photographed and confirmed 9 species notably Migrant Hawker in a tree and first time spot of Black Darter at nearby Lord's Piece- John

PennyGreen wrote:
06-Sep-2012 - 17:01

Hi All,

As the weather is looking good for this weekend, we thought we lay on a bonus dragonfly field trip this Sunday (9th September). Please look on the event's tab for more details.

All the best, Penny

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
03-Sep-2012 - 14:06

4 Brilliant Emerald dragonflies were still looking radiant in the late afternoon sunshine at Buchan Country Park on the 28th August.

PennyGreen wrote:
29-Aug-2012 - 16:25

Hi All,

in the last couple of weeks a couple of exciting species of dragonfly have been recorded in the county. The first was a Common Hawker (which despite it's name is quite unusual in Sussex!) a week ago at Iping SWT Reserve. It's a moorland species which was last recorded in Sussex in 1995 in the same spot. The recorder, Dave Sadler, got a nice photo of it - I will be adding it to photos page shortly.

The other unusual species recorded is Lesser Emperor, a male and female seen in tandem and ovipositing at West Langney Level in Eastbourne. Recorded by Ian Whitcomb whose brother found one in almost the same spot 12 years ago, almost to the day! Again, a photo will be available on the photos page.

There will be more about these two finds in the autumn newsletter, so watch this space!

All the best, Penny

BobKennedy wrote:
16-Aug-2012 - 6:57

Yes Ben , i had 6 migrant hawkers on a small pond on the estate last week, its the only place on my patch where i have seen them before, but this week in the odd sunny spells i have found them on two of the fishing lakes and a couple hunting on the forest rides. One of the 6 on the pond was very fresh, just hatched by the look of him. We also seem to have good numbers of brown hawkers at the moment. cheers Bob

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
15-Aug-2012 - 12:06

Is it just me or have a lot or Migrant Hawkers turned up recently? I'm seeing quite a lot hawking around not far inland from the Sussex coast.

JohnnyWilson wrote:
14-Aug-2012 - 9:25

Lovely sunny warm afternoon on Thursday 9th August went on impromptu hunt to Fittleworth and Stopham, and was instantly rewarded with two species new to me in abundance, Banded Demoiselle and White-legged Damselfly, male and female and the latter oviposting. First sight of a Demoiselle is instantly most of you no doubt remember. Great afternoon.

PennyGreen wrote:
03-Aug-2012 - 12:42

hi All, Just a reminder that we have a field trip coming up on 11th August in the Brede Valley. Please take a look at the events page for more details. If the weather forecast is iffy on the day and want to check if the event is still going ahead, then please check the events page to see if it's been cancelled or call Phil on his mobile (number on the same page) to find out.

Thanks, Penny

alexifrancis wrote:
27-Jul-2012 - 20:27

Hi, is anyone going to the Old Lodge dragonfly event this Sunday from Brighton who could give me a lift? Just thought I'd ask.

JohnnyWilson wrote:
27-Jul-2012 - 14:57

Yesterday 20120726 in that searing heat...I encountered a number of dragonfly in the ditches alongside Amberley footpath to Amberley WildBrooks..the brooks itself being a little dissapointing. Other than my first clear sight of a female broad bodied chaser, I saw several emeralds incl. female, blue-tails, a ruddy darter, large red damselfly, azures oviposting and a particularly elusive feamle brown hawker, which finally settled high in the canopy where i could just get a reasonable shot. Great fun...only troubled by the sting of a couple of 'orrid 'orse flies. I will now use my jungle insect repellent factor 4! JW ps attended my first organised 'hunt' with Ben Rainbow on Sunday 22/7. Great fun and much appreciated.

alexifrancis wrote:
26-Jul-2012 - 18:10

I saw quite a few Brown Hawkers, Large Red Damselflies, Blue-tailed Damselflies and Ruddy Darters around the lake and on the rides in Abbots Wood (Monday 23rd July). Ruddy Darters also seen on the field ditches beside the Arundel Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
22-Jul-2012 - 22:32

With the sun shining we saw a good variety of dragonflies at our SxDG Burton Pond trip today, despite a cool breeze. We saw Brown Hawker, Azure Damselfly, Southern Hawker, Large Red Damselfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly, Migrant Hawker, Beautiful Demoiselle. Then at Lords Piece: Four-spotted Chaser, Broad-bodied Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, Emperor and Emerald Damselfly. Thank you to everyone who came along, we hope you enjoyed the day.

PennyGreen wrote:
19-Jul-2012 - 15:14

It looks like the sun might shine for our Burton and Chingford dragonfly event this Sunday (22nd July). Please look on the events page for more details. Hope to see you there! All the best, Penny

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
18-Jul-2012 - 9:48

I witnessed a large emergence of Brown Hawker on the edge of a private pond near St Leonard's Forest on the 13th July. Several specimens were mid-emergence at 11am and a few were drying their wings on vegetation. White-legged Damselfly and Red-eyed Damselfly were also on the wing - braving the weather!

Sherie wrote:
16-Jul-2012 - 16:11

Fairly good weather yesterday so I trundled off to Botany Bay woods near Chiddingfold and saw one male Emperor, one Southern Hawker and one White-legged damselfly. All were near the parking area by the road.

PennyGreen wrote:
07-Jul-2012 - 16:45

Please note that the Amberley field trip for this Sunday (8th July) has been CANCELLED due to the bad weather forecast.

PennyGreen wrote:
07-Jul-2012 - 16:45

At Woods Mill we saw 1 White-legged Damselfly and 1 Common Emerald Damselfly in the top mill leat opposite the mill building in the sun on Thursday. Southern Hawker on the lake and two Black-tailed Skimmer spotted on the leat next to the reedbed.

Linda_B wrote:
01-Jul-2012 - 23:15

Hi - first post here. Ventured into Sussex today, first to Burton Mill and had very brief sightings of 3 possibly 4 male Scarce chasers - a bit too windy I think. Moved on to the canal at Loxwood, no dragonflies seen but the odd damsel, an Azure, a couple of Blue-tailed, a Red-eyed and a female demoiselle (not sure if it was Beautiful or Banded). Hope to get to Woods Mill this week, sounds like its pretty active there :-)

PennyGreen wrote:
28-Jun-2012 - 16:24

I recorded nine species at lunch today on a walk around Woods Mill with Mike Russell. The species included many Azure Damselfly (some in tandem), Blue-tailed Damselfly, Large Red Damselfly, Broad-bodied Chaser, Black-tailed Skimmer, Red-eyed Damselfly, Small Red-eyed Damselfly, Common Darter and Emperor. That's the most I've seen in one go this year!

Adam.B wrote:
27-Jun-2012 - 18:45

my sightings were for the 25th, just late posting.

Adam.B wrote:
27-Jun-2012 - 18:44

Burton Mill pond.
4 very active scarce chasers, one was an over mature female. There were also handfuls of Variable, common blue and large red Damsels.
Met up with a great couple who were also spotting. Brilliant day.

Adam.B wrote:
18-Jun-2012 - 5:44

Had quite a good day at burton Mill pond on Saturday.
I wasn't too sure what I would find due to the wind etc... But I was delighted to see a beautiful Black-Tailed Skimmer freshly emerged with exuviae, which was lovely to watch and photo for a while. I also manged to see about 5+ variable damsels, and a small handful of Blue Tailed too some were teneral.

So glad I made the visit!

Sherie wrote:
05-Jun-2012 - 8:33

At Goring-on-Thames yesterday one Club-tailed emerged from the river (my thanks to Geoff who pointed it out) and spent some time on river bank vegetation drying off its wings and being photographed before flying strongly along river towards Pangbourne. Also one Blue-tailed damselfly plus lots of Banded demoiselles.

DS2133 wrote:
03-Jun-2012 - 17:22

At Black Pond Pulborough RSPB yesterday, up to 30 4-Spotted Chasers,male & female Hairy Dragonflies mating and ovipositing, my first Emperor Dragonfly this year, also Large Red, Azure, and Blue-tailed Damselflies.

p.erridge wrote:
30-May-2012 - 18:02

Weirwood LNR Explosion of Azures between 24 and 26 May until then mainly Large Reds. Up to 7 Beautiful Demoiselles starting 19 May. First Broad Bodied Chasers on 26 May 2 males 1 female. A few White Legged.

Sherie wrote:
30-May-2012 - 17:34

On the 26th May I visited Rowland wood and Old Lodge. At Rowland Wood I saw Azure damselflies, a male Beautiful demoiselle and a teneral White-legged damselfly. At Old Lodge I spotted a female Broad-bodied chaser. The following day I wandered along Beeding Brooks for a short distance and saw lots of Blue-tailed damselflies (with at least one female form rufescens among them) and Azure damselflies. There was also at least one female Red-eyed damselfly at the same location. I didn’t know what I was looking at the time or I would have checked for more. Later on the same day I popped into Woods Mill where I saw several male Red-eyed damselflies on the lake. There were also Blue-tailed damselflies, female Broad-bodied chasers (2), a male Black-tailed Skimmer, lots of Beautiful demoiselles and 2 or 3 Hawkers (I could not get a decent look at these to get an ID).
I am not hugely experienced with odonata so please excuse any errors. Usually I take photos and look them up when I get home. I am keen to see Hairy Dragonfly if anyone can give a good location for these. I've seen them mentioned at various sites on this message board so will visit some of them but have already not seen them at Woods Mill where they are present. Any tips for actually seeing them when I get to a site where they are present?

BobKennedy wrote:
28-May-2012 - 19:29

Had our first dragonfly sightings at pippingford park today, 2 male 4 spotted chasers and a large number of large reds and azures, looks like we finally have a bit of odonta action after a very damp start to the season.

BobKennedy wrote:
28-May-2012 - 19:27

Found 3 beautiful demoiselles at harrisons rocks hunting in the woods above the rocks when we where out for a family walk on saturday, its got to be a good half a mile or so from any streams, which i guess are beyound the railway.

victoriahume wrote:
28-May-2012 - 12:50

I'm sitting working in my kitchen, and a pesky Large Red Damselfly keeps zooming inside the house - and then not being able to get out again when it gets baffled by the windows! Not sure where the nearest pond is, but it's a nice treat to see one in my back garden.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
15-May-2012 - 11:56

There were a good number of Large Red Damselflies and freshly emerged Azure Damselflies at Burton Mill Pond on Sunday drying off in the sun.

Have a look at our 2012 Events Page for some great field trips to Burton Mill Pond and other great dragonfly-spotting sites.

redfordjulie wrote:
27-Apr-2012 - 22:03

The 4 photos of a Large Red Damselfly emerging are a sequence from 1 damselfly in our pond in Cuckfield, W Sx. We have counted 26+ emerging over the last month.

redfordjulie wrote:
02-Apr-2012 - 19:06

5 Large Red Damselflies emerged from our pond today from 11am. 1 was quickly eaten by a spider but the others, once they had warmed up flew off successfully. We are next to Holy Trinity Church in Cuckfield, W Sussex. Photo posted.

redfordjulie wrote:
01-Apr-2012 - 22:10

We meant to add to our previous sighting that we live next to Holy Trinity Church in Cuckfield, West Sussex, RH17 5JZ. Julie and Malcolm Redford

redfordjulie wrote:
01-Apr-2012 - 21:14

1st April 2012 Our 1st damselfly of the year, a Large Red Female, emerged today in our garden pond. It basked in the sun for some 25 minutes before flying off. Our 2 photos are posted on the photos page. Julie and Malcolm Redford

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
07-Mar-2012 - 13:19

See our 'news' page for details about our exciting competition "1st Sussex Dragonfly sighting of the year competition 2012"

p.erridge wrote:
28-Nov-2011 - 21:38

C Darters in wheel position on 13 November at Weirwood Reservoir meadow pond. Photographed by Derek Washington and shown on There were 5 others all rather faded.
Peter Erridge

AdrianT wrote:
21-Nov-2011 - 20:31

Hi Ben
Two late sightings: the first a Common Darter male at Southease Bridge on 14 November; then a frustrating hawker sp at Pound House Farm, Upper Beeding, on 20 November, but not giving me a close enough or long enough view for certain ID, although Southern seemed most likely from the size. Both very active in sunshine.

Best wishes


BobKennedy wrote:
26-Oct-2011 - 17:19

Hi Ben,

had a couple of aged common darters one ovipositing and a female southern hawker ovipositing on one of the more sheltered ponds on the estate where i work on monday 24th, but the hail and rain put pay to any sightings today.

26-Oct-2011 - 15:53

Saw a migrant hawker yesterday Ben!

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
26-Oct-2011 - 12:05

Has anyone seen any late season Hawkers recently? I was seeing migrant hawkers and southern hawkers up until last week, but now it just seems to be the occasional common darter.

alexifrancis wrote:
22-Aug-2011 - 12:01

I saw several Brown Hawkers and Migrant Hawkers and an Emerald damselfly at Amberley Wildbrooks yesterday, 21/08/11. Also many Southern Hawkers up at Hollingbury Woods/golf course on Friday 20/08/11

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
15-Aug-2011 - 11:39

During the Sussex Dragonfly Group walk around St Leonards Forest on Sat 13th Aug we observed Brown, Migrant and Southern Hawkers feeding in the sheltered forest rides and clearings. There were still one or two large red and azure damselflies around a pond. The highlight was a superb male golden-ringed dragonfly holding a territory along a section of partially shaded stream. It was very obliging, settling nearby so we could all get a good look.

Sherie wrote:
26-Jul-2011 - 14:21

Hi Penny, sorry for the late reply to your post. I have been busy or out and about a lot recently and am spending today at home trying to catch up with things. I have just registered with Living Record. I'll enter the details for my Club Tail sighting as I soon as I receive user name and password.

In the meantime....first, thanks for the information about Woods Mill. I've visited Woods Mill many times and did not know there were so many odonata species there. In particular, I've wanted to see Beautiful Demoiselle for a long time now and didn't know they were there so that was a great bonus for me. As a direct result of your information I've seen them several times now so thanks for that. If you follow the stream that goes through the reserve across the road opposite Woods Mill you'll find lots there too but I expect you know that already.

Secondly, on the 25th July I visited Amberley Wildbrooks where I saw two Brown Hawkers (TQ 022131). Again, I'll post the sighting details on Living World when I get the necessary user name etc.

Best wishes,

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
12-Jul-2011 - 9:09

On the 8th July I observed a 'mass emergence' of southern hawker dragonfly on a small pond at Buchan Country Park. 6 newly emerged adults with wet-looking wings, 5 exuviae and one larvae poised on a reed stem ready to transform.

PennyGreen wrote:
03-Jun-2011 - 8:44

Hi Sherie, Thanks for your post. I'm glad you got to see a Club-tailed Dragonfly. I was planning to go at the weekend but it was so overcast it wasn't worth it. Hopefully I'll get over soon though. At Woods Mill at the moment, there are quite a few species about. I've seen Banded and Beautiful Demoiselle, Emperor, Hairy Dragonfly, Azure Damselfly, Red-eyed Damselfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly and Downy Emerald. If you've not been to Woods Mill before it's a good place to see dragonflies as there is a large lake, woodland rides and two dipping ponds. Don't forget to enter your records on to Living Record - click on the 'Recording' tab to see how to register. All the best, Pen

Sherie wrote:
01-Jun-2011 - 19:47

This is my first post so I'd like to say 'hi' to everyone. I went out to Fittleworth bridge today looking for Club-tailed Dragonflies. I did see one but only one and I was there between 11am and 5pm. I also saw Emperor, Large Red damselfly, Banded Demoiselle, Azure damselfy, Broad-bodied Chaser, Scarce Chaser and Black-tailed Skimmer.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
25-May-2011 - 9:17

On Mon 23rd May, Pauline Chandler saw a fresh looking Male Golden-ringed Dragonfly near Burton Mill Pond resting up on some Butcher's Broom. Good spot Pauline!

There was a good diversity of Odonata around St Leonard's Forest yesterday. Sunbathing and feeding in glades away from the water (what water?!) were female downy emeralds, male emperor, and male & female white-legged damselflies. male four-spotted chasers and broad-bodied chaser were fighting for territory over what was left of a boggy pool! Join the Sussex Dragonfly Group for a walk here on Sat 13th August 2011 - see events pages shortly.

PennyGreen wrote:
24-May-2011 - 12:06

Hi All, I went to the river at Lower Fittleworth to look for the Club-tails a couple of weekends ago with Graeme Lyons, and bumped in to Ben Rainbow there - it was a bit windy and overcast but there were lots of banded demoiselles on the wing. Just as we were leaving we had a glimpse of one Club-tail over the river. I think another visit this weekend coming would be good to see them as the males return to the river to hold territory and find a mate. Looking back at the records, the river at Stopham Bridge is also a good place to spot them. Let us know if you have any luck, I'll report back after the weekend! All the best, Pen

16-May-2011 - 18:11

One broad bodied chaser, 100+ Banded Demoiselles, 20+ large red damselflies and 20+ white legged damselflies by the Arun in Broadbridge Heath

BobKennedy wrote:
14-May-2011 - 8:04

Hi everyone, I wonder if there is anyone in the group who could ID this hatchling.. I guess its an azure but any help would be appreciated, i have posted two pics neither very good in the photos section and i think this should be a link. ... x1873)__1954__.jpg?ViewState=d8025002-2e23-498a-baf2-b6b6c970ac25

BobKennedy wrote:
14-May-2011 - 7:53

Hi Penny, sorry cant help on the Club Tailed , bit of a bogey for me too as i have yet to see one on ashdown forest. I have had sightings of broad bodied chasers males and females , a couple of four spotted chasers, plenty of large reds and azures and a stream full of beautiful demoiselles.

PennyGreen wrote:
13-May-2011 - 11:33

Has anyone seen a Club-tailed Dragonfly yet? It would be interesting to here where and when you saw them, I was thinking of going out looking for them this weekend as I've not caught up with one yet? They're my bogey dragonfly! Thanks, Pen

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
10-May-2011 - 15:36

Today I observed a fresh looking female broad-bodied chaser laying claim to a small pond at West Grinstead. Also lurking in the rushes was a male azure damselfly.

victoriahume wrote:
23-Nov-2010 - 15:15

Apologies to Damian Pinguey, I should have posted his sighting sooner but I've been a bit busy! On the 16th of November, he spotted a Male Common Darter at Buchan Country Park. Thanks for sending the record in. I wonder if we'll have many more sightings this year...

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
20-Oct-2010 - 11:50

On 14th October I spotted about 50 common darter (males & females) basking amongst bracken in a large sunny woodland glade near Pulborough.

BobKennedy wrote:
22-Sep-2010 - 19:25

Hi Ben, although its on private land, i had a fair showing of common emerald damselles on the park last week , a lone red eye which i thought where over for the season. just a couple of emeralds today but found one of our more secluded ponds and had a couple of southern hakwers.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
22-Sep-2010 - 11:33

Well, it certainly looks like the 2010 dragonfly season is far from over yet! (although my sightings of damselflies have now dried up). The warm September sun brought a flurry of activity to several ponds near Henfield yesterday, I spotted a mature female brown hawker (see pic), copulating pair of southern hawker and an egg-laying pair of common darter. Has anyone else seen a damselfly recently?

victoriahume wrote:
02-Aug-2010 - 11:42

Michael Grace spotted a lone female golden ringed dragonfly, in a woodland (TQ818312) last Friday. Thanks for sending the record in.

BobKennedy wrote:
13-Jul-2010 - 16:28

First sighting of small red damselles , a couple of emeralds, other than that the much needed rain stopped play

BobKennedy wrote:
12-Jul-2010 - 14:46

me again, i have posted a poor picture on the web site gallery. I think its a keeled skimmer given the yellow pterostigma, the tail looks black in the image but thatsa shadow from vegitation..whats confusing me is the yellow makings down the length of the body as all the ids show keeled skimmers as blue bodied. any guidance would be appreciated.

BobKennedy wrote:
12-Jul-2010 - 14:43

Hi all, I have recently joined the society and thought i shouold post a quick hello. Im the warden for pippingford park in the heart of ashdown forest. ALways been a keen photographer but since taking post im more and more into my wildlife. The area i warden has many ponds and lakes and we are blessed with many of the Uk dragon and damselleflys, i have managed to learn enough to ID most of our species but would love some help with the more unusual visitors. Im not online a lot but look forward to being part of the society.

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
08-Jul-2010 - 21:52

On Tuesday 6th July I spotted a female brown hawker ovipositing into decaying wood at the shady edge of a weald pond. Three large stripey brown hawker exuviae were also present in the pond edge vegetation. Lots of black-tailed skimmers were holding territories around the pond edge and white-legged damselflies were mating.

victoriahume wrote:
29-Jun-2010 - 10:36

Yesterday, whilst out at Ashdown forest, M D Reed watched a brilliant emerald out hawking along a ride, above the gorse. The vulva scale was clearly visable. Thanks for the record.

victoriahume wrote:
25-Jun-2010 - 10:11

Whist out in her garden, Jenny Stewart spotted a migrant hawker (on the 19th). Thanks Jenny!

Badgerbob wrote:
22-Jun-2010 - 17:54

A Black Tailed Skimmer at Birling Gap yesterday was a pleasant surprise. In the new ponds between High and Over and Littlington an Emperor was egg laying, also a male patrolling along with 4 Broad Bodied Chasers and 2 Four Spot Chasers. On the river were many Banded Demoiselles.

IanSeccombe wrote:
16-Jun-2010 - 22:09

Hi, I'm new to dragonflies and am trying to record what I can on Chailey Commons in East Sussex as it seems to be an under-recorded area. Tn an hour today I've seen large numbers of common blue and large red damselflies, two male broad-bodied chasers, a 4spotted chaser and one emperor. I also saw what I think were white-legged damselflies (10+) and a few azure damselflies. Will post some photos - perhaps someone can confirm the identities for me.

victoriahume wrote:
08-Jun-2010 - 10:27

Sarah Matthews had a great view of a magnificant Emperor Dragonfly on sunday the 6th, flying amongst the trees at Verdley Wood - thanks for the record Sarah.

victoriahume wrote:
07-Jun-2010 - 9:37

On saturday 5th at BioBlitz in Stanmer Park Ben Rainbow and I spotted a broad bodied chaser ducking and diving amongst some scrub. It was a great recording day for plants, though the dragonflies were a bit thin on the ground!

Ben_Rainbow wrote:
04-Jun-2010 - 16:31

Today, the 4th of June, I spotted a fresh looking female Scarce Chaser hawking in a young plantation woodland, near Shipley. Yesterday I spotted a Large Red Damselfly snatch and then consume a cranefly the same size as it!

victoriahume wrote:
03-Jun-2010 - 9:26

Hi there,

I've been away for a bit and I had a spate of records sent in whilst I was gone. So here's a recap of what's been seen over the last two weeks:

On the 20th of May, Matt Bramich spotted an immature female Broad-bodied chaser basking in the sunlight at Black Down.

Richard Lowe spotted a Small Red Damselfly at Millbrook West on the 21st – he tried to take a picture but it refused to settle.

Graeme Lyons saw a Large Red damselfly at the Mens on the 22nd and a Broad-bodied chaser and Beautiful Demoiselle on the same day at Ebernoe.

Down at Edburton, Tony Wilson saw a lone female Beautiful Demoiselle on the 23rd.

Two Scarce Chasers were sighted by Susie on the 30th. The first was seen by the River Arun in Broadbridge Heath and the second in her back garden during a barbecue!

Thanks everyone for sending in your sightings,


Badgerbob wrote:
02-Jun-2010 - 21:55

3 Broad Bodied Chasers including a male turning from brown to blue at TQ5020 0047 Frog Firle. 1 Hairy dragonfly also below High and Over.

PennyGreen wrote:
01-Jun-2010 - 10:45

Hi Everyone, thanks to all of the sightings you've been sending in so far this season, they're much appreciated. It would be great if you could provide grid references so I can put the records in to the database here at the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre. Please also make sure that you don't post any sightings for private land as this could encourage trespassing and damage relationships we have with landowners. Please send any records for private land straight to me at the Biodiversity Record Centre: Thank you.



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