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 60 Comments- Add comment | Back to Domestic Adventures Written on 05-Aug-2010 by albertob

Based on the previous post, I decided to move Lindsay into the realm of the alternative realities, transforming her into a character of a nonexistent Richard Linklater movie:


Lindsay K. is a Hollywood actress and one of the most popular faces on screen.
When trying to isolate herself in a remote island, she receives a script from an unknown producer. The role was about an actress that falls in a spiral of paranoia and self-destruction after the death of her best friend, also an actress.
She reads a few pages and told her agent that despite the offer, she wasn't interested in playing the role.
From that day she felt things were not quite the same (animated rotoscoped sequences start here).
A few days after, she goes back to LA just to find out that Brit, her best friend, was dead.

.... it will continue





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